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Parker is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Witness: Jesse Duke[]

While robbing the Capitol City jewel store with Rick, they rush out to see Jesse Duke and an older woman in front of the store. Jesse grabs ahold of them to wrestle him for the gun. During the scuffle, Jesse manages to pull his mask off. Alarmed he hits Jesse in the head hard before getting into the get away car.

They arrive at their hideout and celebrate over the stollen loot. As they go through the look, Rick praises him saying he done good, that they done good. Parker tells him ‘except that old man getting a good look at me.’ He says Jesse could pick him out of a mugshot if he saw him again, but Rick says that is if he’s even alive since he hit his head hard. Parker says he better not be alive.

They turn on the radio and listen to it, learning that the witness who saw them was named Jesse Duke and he was currently hospitalized. They also learn that he was blinded in the attack and not likely to regain his eyesight. As Rick turns off the radio, he says Jesse is still alive. Rick points out he can’t see so he can’t identify Parker and he wants to get out of the country like they planned. Parker says not while Jesse is alive as he can describe Parker to anyone.

The next morning they read a newspaper article that Jesse assured the police he would be able to identify the crooks. They go to a payphone and while Parker calls, Rick waits outside keeping watch. He has the operator connect him to the Duke Farm, where Daisy answers the phone. He claims to be a reporter from Nashville and asks if he can talk to Jesse. Daisy hands over the phone and he tells Jesse that he is quite a celebrity and his editor wanted him to do an interview and a layout of the family. He says he and his photographer could be there as early as tomorrow but Jesse declines. He thanks Jesse and wishes him luck before hanging up. He tells Rick that the man is there and they should go get him. Rick tries to get him to leave it but he says they are going and that’s final.

They head out to the Duke Farm, getting directions along the way. He checks his gun and puts on his mask, telling Rick that if the directions were right they should be at the Duke Farm. They arrive and park before moving up to the house. They look in the window to see Daisy reading to what looks like Jesse. As they get ready to go in, they hear a horn and see a cop car approach. The two flee. In the car he notices the General Lee and the cop car following them. He tells Rick to put it to the floor. Rick says he is and he yells for him to push it harder. He shoots at the Dukes before telling Rick to go faster. They swerve around the Mobile Home Park.

Having lost the Dukes they go back to the farm to find ‘Jesse’ was a doll. He removes his mask in frustration and tells Rick they will search every inch of Hazzard until they find the orange car and follow it back to Jesse. He adds that first they need to ditch the wheels.

After stealing a new car, they go to Town and drive around. He see’s the General Lee as Coy, Vance, and Daisy get out and points it out to Rick. They park and get out, subtlety following the Dukes to Boss Hogg’s house. He tells Parker that his bet is Jesse is hiding there. Rick points out the Sheriff’s car too. He says they will wait as he wants the old man. A few minutes later they see the Duke kids run out and speed out of town. A few minutes later Boss and Rosco come charging out and he gets excited saying if Jesse is in there it will be easier than he thought. He tells Rick to get the car and meet him inside.

As Rick leaves he heads into the house, making sure no one sees him. He approaches Jesse who calls out for Coy, Vance, Rosco, and Boss before asking if they changed their mind. He comments ‘no sir, I’m not exactly one of your friends’ before hitting the gun off the table and saying he’ll give Jesse one guess. Jesse asks if he has blonde hair and the blue eyes of a wild dog with a scar on his left cheek. Jesse says he doesn’t have to guess as he is the scum of the earth. Parker looks out the window for Rick and confirms what Jesse says saying he is right on the money and that is why Jesse has to come with him. He says Jesse has too darn good of a memory. Rick comes in and he tells him that they are leaving. Jesse suddenly flips a table on him before calling for help on the CB. They pull the radio off Jesse.

Rick and Parker force Jesse out to the car but as they do the Sheriff returns. They jump into the car and speed off, nearly getting hit by a truck. They loose the officer and head out of town, keeping Jesse covered with a pistol as Rick drives.

They arrive at the cave and he has Rick help stand Jesse up by the cave entrance. Rick asks if he’s going to do it in the cave but he says no, right where they are is just fine. Parker says if Jesse has a quick prayer to say, now is the time. He says he is sorry about this and Jesse snaps ‘sure you are’ before asking if he gets a few last words. Parker says that he does and he just told him to say whatever he likes. Jesse says for him to ‘think fast’ before slapping his gun away and running. He reclaims the gun and yells for Jesse to come out of the cave as he doesn’t have a chance and he likes to see what he’s shooting at. He asks Rick is there is another exit to the cave. Rick admits he doesn’t know and they go to look.

Not finding him, they exit the cave and split up to see where he went. He decides to go back and they see their car has a number of wires ripped out. He concludes they missed Jesse in the cave and Rick tells him that is enough. Rick wants to fix it and he asks if Rick can fix the ‘hunk of spaghetti’. Rick says he can try and he tells him to go ahead. He concludes that a blind man on his own like that won’t stand much of a chance and he won’t lead anyone back to them anyway.

He checks on Rick’s progress, who tells him a few more minutes. After a bit, Rick says that should do it and he turns over the engine. He praises Rick saying ‘Nice work Rick old boy’ before moving to the passenger seat. Rick points out the Dukes are back and he asks how Jesse managed that before they speed off. He watches the cars behind them, and becomes concerned when the General turns off. He tells Rick and asks where it is only to learn it’s over top of them. When the General lands, they are forced to stop and attempt to flee on foot. Vance dives on him from behind and knocks him out. He is arrested by Enos and Rosco.