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Patch Laurel is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Jude Emery[]

Patch is wanted for armed robbery, felonious assault, and suspected homicide.

A member of Snake Harmon’s gang. He has been barred from every race track in the county. When Willie goes to recruit Bo and Luke for Snake, he goes along. When Willie asks if he’s heard of the Duke boys, he says no. He laughs when Willie makes fun of the boys. When Willie introduces him, he gets out of the car. Luke says he’s heard of him and he didn’t know they piled dirty driving that high. After they leave. As they leave, they laugh about tricking the boys into a test.

The next morning he waits on South 104 until Bo and Luke pass before he chases after them. He starts ramming into the back of the General to agitate the snake inside it. He continues to ram the General until Bo slams on the breaks and Luke throws the snake at him. In alarm he leaps into the back seat and the car flips. Furious he gets out of the car, throwing Luke’s jacket at him. He yells that he will stomp Luke into mush and advances on him. Willie and Bo push him back and Willie asks where the snake is. He tells him that Luke threw it at him and Willie demands to know that he let Luke loose Elmer. When Willie says that some cars were following and one must have been Jude, he leaves with Willie to the swamp.

After arriving at the hideout, they get out to stand with Snake and the rest as Bo and Luke stay in the General for a minute. He listens to Bo and Luke insult him before launching himself at Luke. Luke dodges him and he gets back up, attacking Luke from behind. Bo tries to pull him off. He continues to keep going after Luke despite the others and Bo trying to pull him off. He and Bo manage to get up and Bo tries to punch him. He throws Bo aside to turn his focus back to Luke. They all stop when Jude breaks up the fight however Coy flips the situation back to their side. When they decide to tie up Jude, he grabs Luke saying ‘this one’s mine’ and Snake comes over asking if he thinks he can take Luke arm wrestling. He agrees.

He and Luke sit down and prepare to arm wrestle over poisonous cactus. They allow Willie to tie their arms together. Luke gains the upper hand but when he told by Snake to stop playing, he starts to over power Luke. When Daisy comes flying up in her car however, he and Luke have to move out of the way to keep from being hit. Daisy gets out and volunteers to drive for Snake. He listens to Willie suggest Daisy drive against him and Luke says that isn’t a test and have her arm wrestle Patch. Annoyed he tries to attack Luke again but is stopped by Coy firing his gun. Bo cuts him and Luke free under Snakes’ orders and he announces that Luke has been doing all the talking while Bo has been doing all the driving and nobody is testing anyone until him and Luke finish it. Snake asks what he has in mind and he says chicken on the bridge. Luke and Bo laugh and Luke says it’s too stupid. Luke proposes jumping cars and suggests he uses Daisy’s car. He agrees and shakes Luke’s hand. He listens to Snake agree to ride shotgun with him.

The next morning he gets ready for the jump but before he can, Cooter and Jesse put ropes around his and Snake’s necks from the back seat. Jesse tells him to take it easy or he will string him up like a hawk. Cooter tells them to get ready to move. Jesse tells him that when he tells him to jump, he gets from the car or he will be known as the guy who lost his head in a race. Jesse yells and he is tossed out of the car and is forced to watch them leave. When the Dukes and the others come back through, he and Coy goes to shoot them but Grady shoots at the ground in front of them, making them surrender and they are arrested by Enos who says they have some nice wanted posters of them in the men's room.

After everyone is arrested he is taken by Jude back to Texas along with Snake, Willie, and Coy to face the law there. They all tease Jude when he kisses Daisy goodbye.