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Paxton is an antagonist from the series Enos.


The Hostage[]

While on his yacht he receives a phone call. He answers the phone asking ‘yeah’ and Burt informs him that it’s him calling. He asks if Burt has his plates and Burt explains that they were pulled over by the cops and forced to abandon the plates. He says they don’t want to lose a half million dollars, asking ‘do we Burt?’. Burt apologizes and says there was nothing they could do. Paxton says there is now and to get back there before hanging up.

Al and Burt come to him after kidnapping LT Broggi under his orders. He ties Broggi up before calling the police station. Turk Adams picks up the phone and he tells Turk to get his ‘buddy’ on the other line as it is important. When Enos picks up, saying ‘Officer Strate here’ he says he’s going to make this short. He tells them that they are the officers who found his merchandise in the van. He says he has some merchandise of theirs too, namely their lieutenant. He says he is willing to make a deal, his merchandise for their lieutenant. Turk asks how they go about doing this and he says that is their problem. He adds there is one more thing, he will call them at a phone booth at 6th and Maple in three hours. He says if any of this leaks out, Broggi dies. Enos asks how they know he has Broggi and he laughs, saying it’s very logical. He puts Broggi on who tells them not to make deals. Angry he pulls the phone back, reminding them the next call will be in three hours from now. He hangs up and tells Broggi that one thing he doesn’t like is a brave cop. Broggi says him too. He tells Broggi that he better hope his officers disobey his order and Broggi tells him ‘count on it.’

While eating a sandwich for lunch, Al comes over and informs him he accidentally left a credit card receipt with his name on it in the van. He nods saying ‘I see.’ He informs Al they have his address and he is to stay there until all that is over. He walks over to Broggi, seeing him eating his sandwich and comments ‘you have a good appetite.’ Broggi says ‘waste not, want not’. Paxton shakes his head and walks away.

When he goes to look around, Broggi says he doesn’t suppose it would do any good to tell him he won’t get away with this. He sits next to Broggi saying ‘no’. Broggi asks what if by some ‘cruel twist of fate’ Paxton doesn’t get his plates back. He says then on the way to Mexico they will drop off ‘a little fish bait’ before getting up and walking away.