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Peggy is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


R.I.P. Henry Flatt[]

Peggy is a member of the Capitol City Youth Center. While practicing her self defense she is approached by Bo Duke. She and her friend show him a few kicks and she tells him to ‘Kiss me if your man enough’. Bo remarks he’s kissed every girl in Hazzard County and why should she be any different. He moves to kiss her and she flips him onto his back. She asks him if he wants to try again and he quickly say no. Henry comes in and tells her not to hurt the man now and she quickly says ‘yes Sir’. Bo gets up and comments not to blame him if she grows up to be an old maid.

As Gail and Henry leave, Gail asks her to watch the center which she agrees. As Bo walks by she calls him saying ‘handsome’ and asks why doesn’t he practice up on his kissing while he’s gone and she’ll try to forget her defenses. Bo says ‘yes ma’am’ and nervously agrees. She holds out her hand to shake his and he tells her no thank you. He trips on a chair on his way out and tells her to take care.