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"People's Choice" is the eleventh episode of the second season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.

Bo and Luke become campaign managers for Thelma Claire "T. C." Rogers (Pat Klous), who is running against Boss Hogg for the office of Supervisory Administrator of Hazzard County, a position that Boss cheated her father, Jim Rogers, out of 15 years ago. Boss tries every dirty trick he can think of in his efforts to stop T. C. from winning, let alone registering to run. Bo and Luke help T. C. in her efforts to counter Boss's dirty tricks. T. C. wins by one vote, proving that at least half of Hazzard County is not afraid to vote against Boss.

Balladeer: Now I know what your thinking. It ain’t natural to see General Lee losing a race like this to cousin Daisy. But the last time Bo and Luke beat Daisy into town, she put starch in their undershorts, and it gave them a little something to think about. In most big cities the airport is an exciting place. But in Hazzard County to bus station can provide as much excitement as anybody could want. Get my drift?

Town of Hazzard

Bo and Luke race with Daisy, losing on purpose due to Daisy putting starch in their underwear the last time. Bo says next time his pride will come before his shorts, but Luke says not him. T.C. gets off the bus as Bo and Luke come into town. Luke announces he’s in love but Bo says he saw her first. Luke says she isn’t Bo’s type and Bo argues she is. The boys stop and approach her. While the boys talk to T.C., Rosco approaches them to give them a ticket for illegal parking. Bo gives Rosco the fake fire hydrant and Luke rips out the ticket as it wasn’t legal. They talk to T.C. before remembering who she was from growing up with her and learn she is competing against Boss in the upcoming election for the Supervisory Director of Hazzard. Rosco is stunned. T.C. tells Bo and Luke that she needs to be registered for the election by 6 pm.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco tells Boss about what happened and Boss says that she wants revenge and Rosco reminds him that he won the last two times. Boss says no one had been running against him. Rosco asks what that job does and Boss admits he doesn’t know because it doesn’t get much money. Boss says he needs to stop her from registering. Boss decides to get rid of Emery for the day.

Town of Hazzard

Emery and Mabel meet for lunch. Mabel asks when they are going to be married and Emery says when he has saved more money. Boss arrives saying he is giving Emery a raise, a cash bonus for his wedding, and going to loan them his summer cottage at Lake Chicamahonee for their honeymoon. Mabel accepts and they leave.

Bo, Luke, and T.C. go in to register and Enos greets them. After giving her the form he explains Emery is getting married but he is the only person who can sign the form. Bo, Luke, and T.C. leave to go find Emery, Rosco listening in.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco goes to see Boss and tell him what the boys are doing. Boss looks up the position to see what it does, learning it includes the County Air Pollution controller, County Sanitation Advisor, the Earthquake advisor, water sanitation coordinator, and county probation officer. Boss realizes that Bo and Luke were supposed to be reporting to him and they haven’t been.

Balladeer: Now, most everybody in Hazzard County loves getting married in the rustic setting of Chicamahonee. That includes the reluctant and the eager


Emery and Mabel are set up to be married but Bo, Luke, and T.C. arrive and explain they need Emery to sign the registration form. Emery does but explains that it needs to have the Seal of Hazzard on it. Bo, Luke, and Emery rush back in the General, followed by Mabel and T.C. after Mabel tells the preacher they will be back on Thursday to be married. Bo cuts across country as the time between the two places is ‘21 minutes as a crow flies’. They made it in 16 minutes.

County Building

The boys all run into the building and get Enos to give Emery the county seal. He stamps the papers, making them approved just in time. Rosco arrives to arrest Bo and Luke for violation of their probation. Luke says they last heard that their probation officer was transferred and were not told who the new one is. Bo asks why didn’t Boss tell them it was him and Luke realizes Boss probably didn't know himself until just then. Bo decides he isn’t moving until Rosco reads them their rights. Bo and Luke distract Rosco and then run, telling T.C. to tell Jesse to meet them at Still Site 4. Rosco follows them. Enos leaves the county building as Rosco calls him asking where he is. Enos says he was going to eat at the Bisbee Café and Rosco orders him to go to Harvey Mills Crossing where it intersects with Route 104. Enos agrees, singing as he does. Bo and Luke turn around where Enos is to find Rosco. They hide off the road and watch Rosco pass by.

Still Site 4

Jesse meets with the boys, Daisy, and T.C., lecturing them and saying they knew they were supposed to report to their probation officer. Bo says they did and they were never informed who the new one was. T.C. considers giving up but Jesse tells them all that it pays to fight the system and it’s the younger kids turn now to do it. She agrees to keep fighting and Bo and Luke leave for Cooter’s, Luke saying for them to come in about an hour.

Town of Hazzard

Boss and Rosco hang posters for Boss’ election. Boss says for him to catch the boys before storming off. Cooter arrives at his garage to find Bo and Luke waiting for him. They tell him about the election and that T.C. is back and wants to run, making Cooter happy. Cooter agrees to help them, enjoying Luke’s plan. In the square, Boss starts his speech but is interrupted by the boys driving around the square with T.C. making a speech through a radio from the back seat. Boss and Rosco try to silence her and Rosco chases after them, forcing them to run. Boss falls down a set of stairs. They head out and Rosco chases them in his car, telling Enos to cut them off. Rosco spends more time telling Enos to get out of his way. Enos finally does but Bo and Luke lose them by jumping.

The next day Luke tells Bo and T.C they are headed back toward town. Cooter had adjusted the frequency of the boy’s CB to be the same as the radio station. They head to the radio station while at the Farm, Jesse and Daisy listen to Alex introduce Boss. Boss reminds many of the listeners that he owns their mortgages and loans. T.C. takes over the radio and Boss tries to have her cut off while others, including Cooter, happily listen to what she says. Boss has it all cut off.

Boar’s Nest

Election day, Thursday, all the polls are located at the Boar’s Nest. Emery is running the voting poll and Mabel votes while reminding him they are to be married later. Daisy and T.C. look over the election. In Boss’ office, Boss and Rosco talk about the boys. Rosco says he’ll scare them out of town and Boss doubts that, deciding he is going to cheat. He says its two minutes to six and explains that they are closing the election an hour ahead of time. Enos arrives to vote. T.C. and Daisy see Bo and Luke in the kitchen. Two men, Wheeler and Peters, arrive to collect the box explaining they are from the state election board. Daisy and T.C. argue there is still an hour left. Wheeler, Boss, and Rosco all say their watches are six o’clock and the polls are closed. Emery says pretty much everyone voted so they can close down. They leave. Bo and Luke follow the men, suspicious. They find the men in the Boar’s Nest trying to switch the ballots and they take the box and flee. Wheeler follows them and calls Boss as he arrives at the county building, informing him what happened. The two decide to cut their losses.


Bo and Luke arrive and deliver the ballot box to Jesse, Enos, Boss, Daisy, and T.C. The boys try to flee but Jesse tells them to hold it as they haven’t voted yet. They do before running with Rosco following them. Rosco narrowly misses them and the boys find the General is flooded. Seeing Cooter, they run over and jump on the truck. Cooter agrees to let them borrow it, getting out while the truck is still moving and letting Bo drive. He watches them leave and tells them to put in some gas when they are done, which they agree. Jesse and Enos count up the votes to find it’s a tie. Enos checks the books to find that Emery didn’t vote. Jesse radios the boys to go get him as Boss tells Rosco the same all over the C.B. and that they have 40 minutes.


The boys cause Rosco to wreck and arrive at the wedding. The preacher and Mabel are against it but Emery wants to vote. To compromise Luke has Bo drive the pickup with the wedding occurring on the back of it on the way to Hazzard. Rosco meanwhile fixes his tire and follows them into town. They go inside and Emery votes. Rosco reaches the boys and goes to arrest them. The votes are counted and T.C. is named the new supervisor. Boss fires Emery but T.C. says he can’t do that as Emery falls under her. Rosco goes to arrest the boys but T.C. stops him again as the probation officer. Jesse reveals that Boss Hogg would have won the election except Rosco had forgotten to vote. Boss chases after Rosco and tries kicking him but Rosco got too much of ahead start.

Balladder: That’s the Hazzard tale about the time Boss Hogg lost and honest election, and how Bo and Luke found out that T.C. wasn’t about to celebrate with neither one of them. She’s married. Well she never did tell that she wasn’t did she. Now you would have figured Bo and Luke would have checked up on that. Looks like a simple case of them caught with their checkers down.

The Dukes and T.C. pick up her husband and young son at the bus stop.


  • Boss received the position of Supervisory Director of Hazzard County 15 years before. However until this episode he did not know what that job entailed
    • He researched the job to find that it also includes being Bo and Luke's probation officer in Hazzard County.
  • Bo and Luke explain that sometime just before this episode, Roxanne is no longer their probation officer and they were assigned a new one but had never been informed of who that person was.