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Percy, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


High Flyin' Dukes[]

Percy and Hector meet Boss and Rosco at a field Boss recently purchased. While Boss explains his plan, he records it. Boss explains that they are to mix lye into a pesticide mix so Joe Ward will dust the field with lye and ruin the field. As Boss leaves, he turns off the tape recorder and yells for Boss not the forget their thousand bucks. Boss assures him he won’t. After the two are gone he tells Hector to head back to the hotel to wash up for supper. In the car, Hector says he wishes they got the money upfront. He shows Hector the tape saying he knows about Boss’ reputation and he isn’t about to cheat them out of what is theirs, not as long as they have the recording.

The next morning, Hector and Percy mix lye into the pesticide. As they finish up they see the Dukes coming. They take off and lose the General quickly. Hector asks if they should skip out of town and have Hogg mail them the money but Percy asks what for. He says the guys back at the airfield didn’t see anything and even if they did there is no way they can prove anything. He adds they can’t go to the Sheriff anyway.

As Hector drives, he comments they could have made more doing their own thing. He asks how and Hector says they could steal the crop duster and use it to threaten all the farmers, running up a protection program. He remarks he forgot Hector can fly and agrees.

As they drive they spot Bo and Luke Duke coming toward them with the Sheriff following them. A moment later Bo turns and chases after them. He tells Hector not to worry about a thing until he tells him to. Bo overtakes them and forces them to pull over. As he gets out, Bo rushes over and stands next to him. Bo and Luke accuse them of putting lye in the pesticide. He asks why would they want to do a thing like that. Boss denies it but Luke opens the trunk, showing the lye. He says there is no law of having a few bags of lye. Bo reminds them that they have enough to arrest them and Boss refuses until the boys threaten to make a citizen’s arrest. Rosco agrees and the boys leave.

Boss says they are dumber than Rosco for leaving the evidence in the car. He reveals to Boss and Rosco the tape he made and threatens to play it. Boss wants to see it and he says they will have to take their word for it. He adds that if Boss tries anything like arresting them, the tape will go to the state police. Boss backs off and they leave.

He takes Hector to the air strip when he sees the Dukes. Hector takes off with the plane and he gets the car. The Dukes are more interested in the plane, allowing him to escape.

He talks to a farmer, telling him he needs protection. When the farmer asks from what, he calls Hector asking for a demonstration. Hector flies by and he explains to the farmer that it was just flour that Hector used and it could have been lye like the one over Boss Hogg’s farm. He tells the farmer to look into it and he’ll be back for the first protection payment.

Percy and Hector go to the airport to get fuel for the plane. He snaps for Hector to hurry up as he puts some fuel in the trunk and Hector says to take it easy. He notices the Duke boys headed their way and puts the last can in the back seat as they drive away. The boys chase after them and he tells Hector that there is a bend coming up and when he says stop, Hector needs to stop. He tells him to stop before tossing out the can. He tells Hector to go, shooting the can and causing it to explode. The explosion causes them to lose the Dukes.

While calling the next farm on the list, he gets Jesse Duke. He tells Jesse that unless he wants lye dumped on the farm he will tell his nephews to mind their own business. He asks if Jesse gets what he’s saying, calling him grandpa and Jesse starts to argue with him but he cuts the man off saying he doesn’t like to repeat himself and he doesn’t intend to.

They arrive at the Beemer farm and he addresses the man who is working, asking if it’s Mr. Beemer. The man confirms it and Hector brings up their protection services. The man lists off all the things they have done and he remarks ‘you put it right down where it’s at old timer’ before telling him that it’s his his turn. He says it’s five hundred. The man reveals he isn’t actually Ned Beemer, that the real Ned Beemer is behind them with a shot gun pointed at their back. They laugh until they learn it is a real threat and are moved to the side. They are surprised by Boss and Rosco’s arrival. The Dukes reveal the tape they made of Percy and Hector’s crimes and Rosco arrests them, ignoring his reminder of the tape they made.

As Boss and Rosco head to town, Boss says that they really messed up and that tape will put them in jail for 5 to 10 years. He says the one he has can do the same to Boss and Rosco and proposes a swap. Boss agrees on the condition that everyone gets their money back and he says it sounds fair to him. Boss hands him the tape and he pulls a gun on them. Rosco stops and Boss tries to talk to him but he just tells them to get out and it was nice doing business with him.

As they drive toward the county line, they hear a plane and realize they are being chased. A few minutes later the plane, flown by Daisy, flies above them with Bo hanging off a ladder. He promises to wack Bo out of the sky and shoots all the bullets in his gun at him. When he runs out he takes Hectors gun and does the same. Bo is dropped down on the windshield and fights with him for the gun before sliding into the window and struggling with him. The plane runs them off the road and they are captured.