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The Mechanic, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Comrade Duke[]

Hearing Daisy call on the CB, he answers that it is Pete’s Airfield and asks if he can help. Daisy says hi before saying she needs to talk to Darcy and asks if he’s there. He tells her he’s sorry but Darcy’s off crop dusting at the moment. Daisy asks when will he be back and he says Darcy has three farms to do so a couple, possibly three hours. Daisy thanks him adding she’ll get back to him.

He hears a plane and goes outside to see Darcy come back from dusting. He remarks that he didn't expect him for another couple of hours. Darcy informs him that the spray valve is stuck again. He tells Darcy he will get right on that. As Darcy goes to walk away, he grabs his arm saying 'oh yeah, incidentally, you're favorite pupil called.' Darcy asks if he means Daisy, to which the mechanic nods and adds that she said it was important.