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Peters is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


The Meeting[]

While waiting at the passenger side of Bender’s limo at the Boar’s Nest, he watches Bo and Luke come by in the General Lee followed by the cops. When someone says the locals are good drivers he adds ‘Yeah, local Fuzz ain’t bad either’. He gets a phone call and answers to hear Rostosky calling. When asked for the word on the meeting place he says ‘negative’ before telling him if they put that over the air it’ll make the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre look like a Sunday School picnic. He tells Rostosky that they will get in touch with him as soon as Black Jack works out something with ‘Curley’. A few minutes later Black Jack comes out and tells them to drive him to the county jail and no wisecracks. He chuckles before driving.

As they drive the engine quiets. He helps Tony try to figure out what it was only to be stunned by a car jumping over them. When Bo and Luke come back, he approaches them but Black Jack suddenly hires them to fix the car and drive to the Court House. He helps Black Jack in the car and then works on his engine with one of the Dukes.

Later he and his partner see Daisy and Cooter delivering the lunch orders for the meeting. Daisy tells them she will wheel it right in. When Tony moves Daisy away he tries to move the closest one to announce that it’s heavy. Daisy tells him there is nothing light about Hazzard cooking. He and his partner take in the tables, working to gather to carry them down the stairs. While there, they notice the tables suddenly start moving by themselves. He and his partner stand in the main jail, closing the door to block the tables. When the tables stop, he points  at the table with his gun. Bo and Luke sheepishly come out. They watch the boys be taken away to be killed. The others come in to get them saying the boys escaped and they run out to find them. They are temporary blocked by Jesse Duke in his pickup but chase after Bo and Luke only to loose them. While out looking for the boys, they spot them and radio it in to the others.

While stationed in a spot by the road, Daisy pulls up and talks to them, saying she hopes they don’t mind if she goes skinny dipping as they are at her favorite place before walking away. He watches he go, biting his fist. He and his partner go to look at the clothes Daisy throws onto a bush before looking around for her, hoping to see her but are hit unconscious by Cooter with a wooden board. They are captured. Later they are handed over to the FBI to be arrested.