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Peters is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Bad Day in Hazzard[]

He drives Mr. Thackery as they test the escape route, accidentally running Bo and Luke off the road. He stops to allow Thackery to talk to Dennis and Loggins.

He drives to the Boar’s Nest and sits inside with Thackery, drinking a beer. Thackery addresses Daisy and organizes Jesse’s arrival. When Thackery calls him, he stands up with a gun an points it as Jesse and Daisy. When Thackery says to summon Mr. Hogg as they talked about before, to which he says ‘my pleasure’ before shooting the ceiling. Boss comes out and he points the gun at him. Boss tells him not to shoot and he just smirks.

When Boss gets up from the table to get another bowl of pop corn, he calls out ‘hey slim’ telling him to sit down. Boss thanks him for calling him slim before obeying.  He watches Bo and Luke be brought in and Thackery explain that he and his men are hijacking a truck with ten million dollars on it.

While they wait for Rosco and Cletus to arrive, he stands by the door to the Boar’s Nest. He turns away from the door as Rosco and Cletus comes in to allow them to walk past him. As soon as their backs where to him, he comes up behind them. When Bo and Luke flip a table he hits Rosco and Cletus hard from behind, knocking them out. Daisy rushes over to check on Rosco and he jumps over Cletus in order to grab her. Daisy elbows him off but he grabs her again. He picks her up and she screams to be let go. Jesse runs over, stomping on his foot and he is forced to let Daisy go. He shove Jesse to the ground and Daisy grabs him from behind. He throws her off before drawing out his gun and moving to hit Jesse. Luke tackles him from the side. Luke then knocks him out and across a booth table. He manages to get up as Thackery takes control of the situation. When Thackery decides to split them up, he stays in the main room to watch the Dukes.

They hear Adams check in with Thackery. After when Thackery goes into Boss’ office to have him make an announcement to clear out the town square, he listens to it on the radio. He gets up and walks away from the radio as Boss repeats the message. He goes and sits by the door, listening to Rosco beg Thackery to let him take Flash out. Jesse approaches him and grabs his shoulder, asking if it would be alright if he went in the kitchen before kicking the back of the chair and making him fall. Luke bolts out the door. He scrambles to his feet and runs out after Luke, shooting at him but Luke escapes. He and Thackery take Jesse outside at gunpoint, calling Luke to force him to return.

After Luke’s return, he sits watching the Duke men as Daisy serves drinks when Cooter Davenport strolls in. He stands up, coming up behind Cooter while drawing his gun. He taps Cooter with his gun and Cooter turns to see it, realizing he is being taken hostage. Thackery tells them all to go ahead and plan an escape but he wants to remind them that Dennis and Peters are expert marksmen. He demonstrates but shoot two bottles of beer off the Boar’s Nest shelf.

While watching the Dukes and Cooter, Jesse stands up saying he wants to go see Boss. Jesse approaches him at the door and he points a gun at him, but Thackery says to let Jesse go so he moves aside.

He sits at the table next to Bo, Luke, and Cooter until Jesse comes back. Luke asks for a few drinks from Daisy and Cooter gets up to get them, commenting ‘if that’s alright with you’ to Peters. When Daisy sprays Dennis in the face with beer, Bo and Luke flip a table onto him. He gets up to chase Bo and Luke but Jesse hits him in the back with a chair. He gets up again and climbs out on the roof to see Thackery has the boys stopped. He jumps down by the boys and pushes them back into the building.

They all listen to Boss say that the boys will keep trying to escape and propose to lock them up. Thackery tosses him a key to the supply room from Boss, telling him to lock the boys up. He grabs Bo, the closest one and pulls him toward the supply room before pushing him in front of him. After opening the door he shoves Luke and Bo to the ground before turning on the light. Bo says they will remember that and he says they are getting off lucky and next they might not get off so easy if there is a next time. He closes the door and leaves.

After Adams calls in at checkpoint eight, he goes into the back office to inform Thackery.  Thackery says it’s time for phase three and he draws his gun, telling Rosco to get on his feet as he’s coming with him. Rosco says he hasn’t finished his will and asks how he spells bequeathed. Peters says he don’t and ‘let’s go’. He grabs Rosco by the arm and drags him out.

They go into town and he keeps a gun on Rosco as they drive around, Rosco sing a bullhorn to tell everyone to stay indoors. Rosco asks how long he has to do it and he remarks that Hogg’s broadcast seemed to work real good and there isn’t any sign of anyone. He takes Rosco’s bullhorn and tosses it out the window, saying Rosco doesn’t need it anymore. He then takes the CB mike and tosses it out too. When Rosco expresses frustration he asks what Rosco is worried about as it’s all county property. Rosco tells him he’s worried about his will as he can’t remember if he left Flash to his Mom or his Mom to Flash. Peters becomes annoyed and they drive toward the Boar’s Nest.

When they return to the Boar’s Nest, he takes Rosco’s cuffs and ignoring their protests, cuffs Rosco and Boss together. He remarks that ‘that’s more like it’ saying they don’t want two sheriffs meeting the armored car, much less two boss’. Thackery and Loggins then leave, posing as Boss and Rosco and leaving Peters and Dennis to watch the prisoners. He watches Boss and Rosco fight over using their arms that are cuffed together, in horrified amusement. A moment later Daisy announces she can’t stay sitting still anymore and wants to dance. She gets up and plays a song on the jukebox. However when Boss and Rosco join the dance he becomes suspicious.

He pulls the plug on the juke box, saying something is wrong and telling Dennis to check the supply room while he tells the rest of them to stay where they are. All of them comment ‘uh-oh’. A few moments later he hears a few gun shots and is suddenly tackled to the ground by Cletus and Cooter, knocking him down. Daisy gets his gun and forces him to sit at a table while Bo and Luke leave to chase after Thackery.

He is arrested by Cletus and Rosco and arrested in the Hazzard Jail with the rest.


  • The actor for Peters, M.C. Gainey, would play Rosco in the 2005 movie.