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Petey Willis, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Petey Willis was a famous racer driver who retired at some point before 1983. He was famous enough that Bo, Luke, and Cooter had all heard of him. At some point between 1982 and 1983, he met Bo Duke.

Petey Willis decides that retirement isn't suiting him and wants to do a comeback race. He signs up to race in the Atlanta 500. He asks his long time friend and back up driver Joey and his daughter Sarah Ann to accompany him.


Welcome Back, Bo 'n' Luke[]

While on their way to Atlanta, Petey, Sarah Ann, and Joey stop at the Boar’s Nest where Daisy Duke serves them drinks. While he has some popcorn, Bo and Luke approach him. Bo starts speaking to him, saying he isn’t sure if Petey remembers him but Petey immediately greets him as ‘Bo Duke’ and shakes his hand before greeting Luke. He adds ‘sure I remember you guys’ before introducing Sarah Ann and Joey and telling the boys to pull up some chairs and join them. When the boys do, he asks what are they doing there since he heard they were riding high on the circuit. Bo admits they have retired and Luke explains that this is their home town. After some prompting from Sarah Ann, he admits he is planning a comeback race next week. He says he wants one more trophy to balance out the mantelpiece then it’s back to the barn. Bo jokes that it would make it an even thousand. He laughs and when Joey asks if they know any good mechanics, Bo tells him that he knows the best mechanic in the whole world, Cooter Davenport. He says that kind of recommendation is good enough for him. Joey leaves to confirm their reservations and Sarah Ann asks if there is anyway she can talk him out of this. He tells her that she can put him out to pasture, but not until after one more race. Petey then turns to Bo and tells him ‘tell me about that barn burner you won up in mobile.’ Bo excitedly and animatedly tells him about the race and he teases Bo to which Bo says ‘oh come on now.’ He remarks it did give him an idea though and says after this Cooter guy gets his car ‘singing our song’ he wants to test it out and asks if they happen to know two young men, preferably mostly retired, who would like to give him a push. Bo agrees and he says he’ll see them in town later before leaving.

After dropping his car off with Cooter, he gets settled and heads to the garage later with Sarah Ann to check on it. Seeing Bo and Luke with their uncle Jesse, he greets them and Luke introduces them and he shakes Jesse’s hand before saying Cooter suggested the run the cars at ‘C.W.’s spread’ about an hour. Luke says they will be there and he remarks he’ll see them then before leading Sarah Ann inside. As they get to the door, he stops and turns to the boys, thanking them for introducing him to Cooter, saying he seems like a man who knows what he’s doing. Jesse and Bo tell him Cooter is the best.

After looking it over, he goes to leave telling Cooter he did one heck of a job on the engine. He then slings an arm across Cooter’s shoulders saying he is going to buy him the biggest cut of coffee in Hazzard.

They go out to C.W.’s and prepare for the race. Bo asks how far he wants them to push and he says for Bo to give him all he has but he doesn’t want them to take any chances. He says when he gets up to speed he will give them a sign and he’ll move past them. Luke jokes ‘if you can’ to which he laughs. He tells them the engine has never ‘purred like that before’ and thanks Cooter again. He asks if they are ready and Bo says yes. He gets in his car and they take off at Luke’s signal. For a while he and Bo stay neck and neck. He signals Bo and pulls out in front of him when his car engine suddenly goes and he falls out of the car as it flips, getting knocked unconscious.

After waking up in the hospital from his accident, he learns Joey was the one to cause it. Bo and Luke visit him and he gets a letter that he opens in front of them and Sarah Ann. It’s an offer to design race cars from a big outfit in Detroit, which they celebrate. He also returns Cooter's money.