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Phil Ackley is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Phil was a marine during the Vietnam War and served in the same unit as Luke Duke. At one point when they were jumping from a plane, he noticed Luke's chute didn't open and managed to grab his friend while using his own chute, saving his life. He also has a sister named Kate who he kept a snapshot of in his wallet.

After getting out of the marines around 1976 he worked with his girlfriend Sandra Rhodes and their friend Tommy Dunkirk to hijack $1 million. However they were unable to get out of Hazzard with the money and were forced to hide it. When they saw in the newspaper in 1981 that Luke and his family found the money, they returned to Hazzard to reclaim it.


The Great Hazzard Hijack[]

As he drives into Hazzard, Tommy tells him the man who had been following them is still there. He remarks they just have to lose him. When that fails, Sandra calls for help. He says the man might have a CB and will hear her but she says 'good'. Sandra makes the call and they hear Bo Duke say 'they' are coming to help. After the General lee runs the man off, they stop to talk to their rescuers. He and Luke are surprised and happy to see each other, quickly hugging. Luke shakes his hand before introducing Bo to him. He shakes Bo’s hand before introducing the rest. Bo asks who was chasing them and he says he wishes he knew but they have been after them for days. He adds that he would hate to think what would have happened had they not ran him off. Luke says not to worry about him as they have some catching up to do and Bo invites them to dinner. They agree and he tells Luke he’ll follow him. They drive to the farm.

They arrive at the farm where they meet Jesse and Daisy. Jesse shakes his hand, commenting that he is Phil, the one who saved Luke’s life during the war, and that he’s been waiting a long time to meet him. Daisy says that goes for her too and he remarks he just happened to be in the right place when Luke’s chute didn’t open and he grabbed him. He says he’s sure Luke would have done the same, which Luke agrees. When Luke asks what they are doing in Hazzard, they explain they were actually looking for the Dukes. He explains that ‘Kate’ was the dispatcher for the armored car company five years ago and that she was the only one who knew the exact route of the shipment. He says the only way they can put the whole mess behind them is to find the money and return it to the company. Jesse says they are staying on the farm during their visit and Daisy says he can stay in the parlor. They unpack their luggage.

The ride out with Bo and Luke to where the boys found the money. Bo, amused, informs them Rosco is behind them and they all look. Luke explains Rosco is the Sheriff and spends half his time chasing Bo and Luke around. After Bo jumps the creek, Luke says Bo usually is more radical when he drives. As Bo continues to drive, they see Cletus coming at them straight on and they cringe away, thinking they are about to wreck but instead Bo causes the two officers to crash.

They arrive at the creek and get out. Bo points out exactly where they found the money. Phil asks if the money could have flowed further downstream but Luke says had it someone would have found it for sure. They decide to head back to the Farm and look tomorrow.

They return to the farm and Luke says he has a map inside. They go into the kitchen to look at it and Sandra leaves to ‘freshen up’. They hear Sandra scream and he run into Daisy’s room, glancing at Bo who was on the ground from a chair being thrown at him by the intruder in favor of going to Sandra. Bo says the man is long gone and he tells them that the man will be back, and if not him then someone just like him, all thinking they can lead them to the money. Luke says they will beat them all to it and the others leave. He and Sandra are alone. When she asks what kind of federal agent he thinks it is, he says neither as a Fed wouldn’t have to break in. He says they could have gotten a search warrant. She wants to leave and he tries to sooth her saying not while they are this close and at the creek he could almost taste the money. He says he didn’t see any landmarks as he thinks the flood washed them away but sooner or later the Dukes will lead him to a landmark he recognizes and then it will be all down hill. They kiss.

The next morning he and Bo get everything ready to go. He rides with Bo out to Bear point as Luke drives his car. As they go they hear someone try to reach them over the CB but there is too much static. He asks Bo what that was and Bo admits he doesn’t know but it sounded like Jesse. When Bo says it’s the emergency channel he figures that their cover is blown.

They stop when Bo notices the bridge is out and walk over to the edge. He kneels down with Bo and Luke and Luke says they need to go over to Bear Point. Bo tells him to take his pick and he asks where Bear Point and Bo says a couple of miles as a crow flies. He asks how long would it take to drive to the nearest bridge and Bo says an hour and a half. He says if that is the case someone else is likely to find it first. He sides with Luke to fill in the pot holes and pack up a ramp and offers to go get the shovels. When Bo and Luke are getting worried about Jesse, Bo asks if he can use his car and he tells him to be his guest. He and Luke set about filling the pot holes.

After they are done he cuts the CB wires in the General. Luke gets in saying they are on their way. Luke tells him to hang tight and they jump the creek. He comments Luke cut it a little close and asks that there isn’t’ anymore like that which Luke says no. They arrive in Bear Point and start walking around, looking for a landmark. They split up and he walks around but Luke runs up and tackles him. He asks what that is about and Luke pulls him up before throwing a stick where he was about to step, activating a bear trap. He comments that could have could have and Luke says it would have as it’s designed to hold a 500lb bear. He comments he now knows why he saved Luke’s life, as he would need Luke to save his. Luke says they’ll call it even.

As they keep walking he asks that all the rocks washed down from the flood which Luke says he imagines. Luke says maybe they should split up and he’ll look at the Indian Caves. He tells Luke that would be a waste of time. Realizing he messed up he says he doesn’t think it’d be there. He says they should hang around there and look. Luke agrees. As they keep looking Luke calls him to show him he found the money. He cheers saying they found it. Hearing vehicle they see Sandra and Tommy arrive in the jeep. He tells them it looks like they are there in time to help count money.

Sandra and Tommy tell him that the Dukes know. Luke says he was beginning to suspect them as there was no way Phil could have known where the money was otherwise they had something to do with it. He says Luke is catching on but Luke says not quick enough. Luke says he can’t figure out why they left the money. Luke goes to leave and he pulls a gun on him, telling him to hold on. He says they are old friends who have saved each other’s lives and for Luke not to make him shoot him. Luke says he don’t have what it takes and he tells Luke they will find out. Bo arrives and Luke kicks his gun away. Luke and him start wrestling around. Luke gets the upper hand and beats him down. He is arrested by Rosco.