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"Play it Again, Luke" is the fifteenth episode of the sixth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Country music star Candy Dix (Roberta Lighton), a woman that Luke courted before he enlisted into the Marines, comes to Hazzard to do a concert at the Boar's Nest, and see Luke for the first time in seven years. As the two try to rekindle their romance, Luke finds that Candy has a lot on her mind. Her current boyfriend and manager, Eddie Lee Memphis (Jeff Osterhage), has been very ill-tempered, and his behavior has bordered on being abusive toward Candy. That turns out to be because Memphis owes a gambling debt to a bookie named Mr. Starkey (Ritch Brinkley), who has threatened that he will kill Memphis if the debt is not paid, which has Memphis terrified. The Dukes find that they have to protect Candy from Memphis and his accomplice Hoby Willis (Ned Bellamy), who are out to kill her so Memphis can use her $75,000 life insurance policy to pay off the debt. While the Dukes try to protect Candy, Memphis, trying to prevent any interference, pays a visit to Boss Hogg to ask that Luke be arrested for kidnapping.


Balladeer: Now old Luke is tighter than a preacher’s hatband. And the reason is over at the Boar’s Nest. And that’s the reason, Miss Candy Dix. You see, when Old Luke was in the marines, he courted Candy. Luke was a Lance Corprol and she was just starting her singing career. They ain’t seen each other since. Sometimes old Luke ain’t too swift. Now that too slick looking fellow on the phone is Candy’ Manager, Eddie Lee Memphis from Nashville. The other dude is his cousin, Hoby Willis.

Bo drives him, Daisy and Luke toward the Boar’s Nest, telling Daisy that Luke looks a bit nervous. Daisy agrees and Luke isn’t paying attention. Daisy gets his attenion, asking if he’s nervous and Luke agrees. Bo says it’s been a long time and Daisy says it was seven years.

Boar’s Nest

Boss oversees Enos helping put of a sign about Candy Dix. Candy stands beside him, a fan running up for an autograph that she signs. Boss encourages people to come get autographs from her. Boss announces that she will be appearing at the Boar’s Nest.

In Candy Dix’ trailer, Eddie Lee is on the phone with Starkey, begging for more time but Starkey refuses and says if they don’t have the 100,000 by sundown he will pay with his life. Eddie Lee decides to go through everything and see if they have anything left to borrow on.


Rosco waits by the roadside, telling Flash he can’t wait to see Candy Dix and get an autograph from her. Seeing the Dukes pass by, he gets excited and chases after them. Daisy is frustrated and Luke gets upset saying they are already late. Bo asks for Luke to calm down, saying he’s never not gotten them somewhere before. They come up on a construction site and Luke warns Bo as Daisy looks away. Bo drives through it, jumping over the site and Rosco attempts to follow. However he gets stuck in a tree. Bo tries to make a joke, askign what you call Rosco P. Coltrane in a tree full of monkeys, but Luke and Daisy both answer ‘branch manager’. The Dukes continue toward the Boar’s Nest.

Boar’s Nest

Eddie Lee and Hoby turn up nothing. Candy comes in, saying hi to them and saying the show is about to start. Eddie Lee snaps at her and upset, she leaves. Hoby finds a life insurance policy and jokes about Eddie Lee using that, but Eddie Lee says that just solved his problem. Hoby becomes concerned, realizing Eddie Lee means to kill Candy and Eddie Lee says it’s either him or her.

The Dukes arrive and Bo parks. All three get out and head inside, where Candy Dix is already singing. She stops the concert in order to dedicate the song to Luke, which casues everyone to cheer before she returns to singing. Eddie Lee and Hoby have joined as well. Luke is happy to see her and Candy keeps looking at him as she sings. When she finishes the Duke Family gives her a standing ovation. Boss praises Eddie Lee about Candy’s performance. Eddie Lee says she could have been a big star. Boss then calls Rosco over the CB, who is being lowered from the tree by a crane.

Luke takes Bo and Daisy outside, saying he wants them to meet Candy. Daisy says two may be company but four is a crowd. Daisy says she is good and Bo jokes that when she sees Bo, Luke will lose her all over again. Luke asks how he jokes and Bo claims ‘hm-mm’ to which Daisy smacks him and Bo assures him he looks fine. The two watch Luke go to the trailer. Luke and Candy hug as they reunite and Luke asks what brigns her to the Boar’s Nest. Candy says she actually needs Luke’s help and Luke says whatever she needs she got it. The two kiss and are interupted by Eddie Lee and Hoby. Candy introduces them all before saying her and Luke are spending the day together. Eddie Lee says no as they have things to do but Candy insists. Eddie Lee says he’s not asking but telling her and Luke says she can chose what she does. Eddie Lee insults Luke and Candy asks Luke to wait outside, which he agrees to do.

Outside, Luke approached Bo and Daisy, who are sitting on a bed of hay, and asks if they mind waiting around a while. Bo says no and asks where Candy and Daisy asks if something is wrong. Luke confirms it and says they aren’t leaving until they know what. Candy comes out but is followed by Eddie Lee and Hoby. Eddie Lee puts his hands on her and Luke goes over to tell him to leave her alone. Eddie Lee punches Luke in the face, surprising Bo and Daisy. They catch Luke as he falls and Luke says he was hoping Eddie Lee would do that. Bo asks him not to hurt Eddie Lee as Luke gets up before knocking Eddie Lee down. As Hoby goes after Luke, Daisy asks if Bo thinks he should help. Bo just grins and shakes his head saying ‘nope.’ When Luke knocks down both men, Daisy says she sees what Bo means and bo says it’s time to go. Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Candy all get in the General and leave. Eddie Lee and Hoby chase after them.


In the General, Luke introduces Daisy and Bo. Bo flirts a little and Luke tells him ‘just keep it up Bo’ to which Daisy says for her and Bo to stay out of the conversation. Bo agrees before noticing they are being followed. Luke is happy that they are following because he wants to finish it. A truck is coming from the other direction and Bo swerves around it before stopping. He and Luke get out but Eddie Lee and Hoby approach them with a gun drawn. Eddie Lee tells Candy to get out, but Candy Lee and Daisy stay in the car. Eddie Lee picks up a piece of wood to hit Luke with, but Luke flips Eddie Lee over the car and Bo knocks away Hoby’s gun. After the Dukes flee, the two decide to go to Boss Hogg.

Duke Farm

The Dukes  arrive at the farm, Bo apologizing for colliding into Luke as he’s not used to Luke using that window. Daisy starts to help Candy out but Candy gets out on her own and Daisy tells Luke ‘she’s a pro’. Bo and Daisy greet Uncle Jesse as Luke walks over, hand in hand with Candy to introduce her. Daisy talked about Candy’s song to Luke and Candy says Luke was the one who inspired her to try for a career. Jesse says that Luke is apt to do that. Jesse offers for Luke to show Candy around while Daisy and Bo helps him cook lunch. Candy says sweet talking runs in the family and Bo says she got them all figured out. Luke and Candy walk off while the other three watch before heading inside.

As Luke and Candy talk, Luke admits he intended to ask her to marry him, and he practiced a lot in front of his mirror. She says he never asked her and Luke admitted he was scared as he didn’t know what he was going to do when or if he got home. He added there was also her career. The two kiss and Luke moves to a log to have Candy sit down before asking about the problems with Eddie Lee. She says Eddie Lee wasn’t like this before but he got into gambling. She reveals he was also stealing from her, Luke admitting he already figured that out.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco forges Candy’s name on her pictures so Boss can sell them later. Boss says there has to be some way he can get a share of Candy’s contract. Eddie Lee and Hoby burst in. Eddie Lee tells Boss that Candy was kidnapped but Luke and a blonde haired man. Boss agrees to find her but he wants part of Candy’s contract. Eddie Lee agrees. Boss offers them 25,000 for 10% of Candy’s contract. Boss sends Rosco to watch the Dukes.

Duke Farm

The Dukes and Candy have coffee and cake in the living room and Luke explains his plan to Candy and the others. Luke says he and Bo are going to file a complaint against Eddie Lee for assult with a deadly weapon and while Eddie Lee is in jail waiting for his trial, Candy will stay at the farm. Bo says when he gets out of jail she’ll be a big coutnry music star. Daisy asks if they really think Boss and Rosco will help. Jesse says that J.D. isn’t against doing the right thing so long as it doesn’t come close to his wallet. Luke adds that Eddie Lee knows where they live by now. Daisy asks where Candy is going to stay and Luke says she can stay with him and Bo until Eddie Lee gets pickup up. Candy agrees.


Bo drives him, Candy, and Luke to town. Luke says that once Eddie Lee is in jail, he and Bo will take the pickup and get whatever she needs. Candy says the boys have her beleiving it will all be alright and the boys say she got their word on it.

Police Department

They arrive at the police department and Luke asks Bo and Candy to stay in the General while he goes inside to talk to Boss. Bo says he’s flattered Luke trusts him and Luke says it’s Candy he trusts. Inside Boss signs a contract with Eddie Lee as Hoby watches. They are all surprised when Luke comes in, explaining the charges before noticing Eddie Lee and Hoby. Luke learns that Eddie Lee is now partnered with Boss and filed a kidnapping charge against Luke and Bo. Luke pleads with Boss to listen and Eddie Lee says he just wants Candy back. Luke refuses and Eddie Lee goes to hit him. Luke tosses the two aside and flees. He runs outside, telling Bo to hit it and Bo does.

As Bo speeds out of town, he nearly runs into Rosco. Rosco goes to the department, cursing the boys and saying he should go after them but he just took out a fence and Widow Baxley is going to make him pay for that. Boss, Eddie Lee, and Hoby come running out of the police department to see Rosco. They ask if he saw the Dukes and Rosco shows them the fence. Boss says for him to go after the boys and Rosco tells them that Candy Dix was with the boys, shocking them all. Eddie Lee and Hoby chase after the General with Rosco behind them. Boss declares the two are temporarily sworn in deputies.


Bo speeds away as Luke assures Candy that it hasn’t ruined their plan, they will just head over to Chickasaw and contact the state police. Rosco follows with Eddie Lee and Hoby behidn them. Boss meanwhile radio’s Enos and informs him the Dukes are headed toward the stateline. Boss says he called Sheriff Little and Little has put up a road block on Route 11 and he watns Enos to cover Route 7. Enos starts talking about a book he likes and Boss is frustrated.

Candy is worried about the charges and the dangers the boys are taking. Luke says not to worry and Bo says they are just going to lose Rosco and the rest and then hide her until it gets dark. Bo continues to drive away from Rosco and Hoby and Luke asks for Bo to let them pass. Bo grins, telling Candy to hand on before suddenly blocking the road. Rosco goes one way, getting stuck off the road while Hoby goes another, turns around, and chases the boys. He starts ramming into the back of the General and Luke tells Bo to do something. Eddie Lee wants Hoby to knock them all off the road. Hoby reluctenlty agrees but Bo comes up on two farmers, one named Henry, who have hay on the road. Bo hits the bails, jumping over their truck. The two farmers are amused, laughing about it as Eddie Lee and Hoby stop.

Candy is stunned, saying she can’t believe that just happened and Bo, thinking she meant Eddie Lee trying to kill them says the man is a hard worker. She specifies that she meant the jump, confusing Bo for a moment and prompting Luke to laugh before saying ‘welcome to Hazzard County’. The boys says they need to hide and Bo suggests Cooter’s.

Police Department

Boss is having a white ‘cowboy’ suit made. He practices a speech when Eddie Lee and Hoby come into the office. Eddie Lee tells him that they don’t have Candy. Boss promises to have the Candy back in an hour and when Eddie Lee asks about the boys callign the state police, Boss calls Gussie and tells her if anyone calls the state police to put them on hold. Eddie Lee and Hoby leave and Boss radios Rosco and Enos. He tells them that the boys are out there and to find them.

Hazzard Garage

Daisy shows Candy the loft. Bo says they need to wait until night and Jesse sits down. Luke talks to Bo, Jesse, and Cooter saying Eddie Lee could have killed Candy in that attempt. The others agree that doesn’t make sense. Bo says he wants to call the state police and Luke says they can’t use the phones Gussie would have control of. Luke suggests they go look through the motorhome and Bo says that is a little risky. Luke suggests the hide in Cooter’s pickup. Upstairs Daisy sees Candy head to the phone and remarks she hopes Candy isn’t about to call Eddie Lee. Daisy says if Candy goes back, it will hurt Luke worse than anything Eddie Lee could do.

Boar’s Nest

In the trailer, Eddie Lee puts in a call to 555-2893. When Mr. Starkey answers and Eddie Lee explains his plan to kill Candy and use the life insurance money to pay him but needs one more day. Starkey says he doesn’t care how Eddie Lee gets the money and he has to check with his partner first before he agrees.

Police Department

Boss waits to hear back from Rosco and Enos.


Cooter drives past Rosco in the tow truck and Rosco turns around to chase him, concluding that the boys have to be with him. Bo and Luke are in the back, covered by a tarp. Luke says they can’t outrun him and suggests they outthink him. Luke tells Cooter to stop, and Cooter does. Luke whispers for Cooter to keep him upfront. Rosco gets out of his car and tells Cooter he’s going to look it over. Cooter says he can look anywhere but the cab of his truck, as that is his castle. Assuming the boys are in the cab, Rosco looks and Cooter keeps telling him places not to look which Rosco immeditaly does. Meanwhile Luke slips out from under the tarp and hooks a tow chain to Rosco’s car. Rosco gets frustrated and asks Cooter where they are, as they have to be there. Cooter tells him to look wherever he wants and Rosco asks if he has any other ideas. Cooter gets back in his truck and Cooter suggests he looks underneith before driving away. Rosco gets angry as he leaves with the police car.

Hazzard Garage

Candy calls Eddie Lee, who assumes it is Starkey. He is stunned to hear Candy and she promises to come back to him if he promises to not hurt the Dukes. Eddie Lee does and they agree to meet infront of the Emporium in town in thirty minutes.


Cooter stops and him and the boys unhook Rosco’s car. After leaving the car the three get in the truck and head toward the Boar’s Nest, Bo praising Cooter. Cooter says Flash will be alright for a bit and it will give her a break from Rosco.

Hazzard Garage

Candy writes a goodbye letter before climbing out the window and going down to the Emporium.


Rosco flags down a car but before he can get in the driver speeds off. Rosco is upset and sits by the road side. Another car starts coming and Rosco shoots in the air to force the driver to stop. After he gets in, the driver heads off.

Boar’s Nest

Bo, Luke, and Cooter go through the trailer. Bo asks both Cooter and Luke if they had any luck and both say no. The phone rings and Luke picks it up. Starkey says his partner will not extend the deadline and if Candy is still alive by the end of the day, he’s dead. Bo and Luke are horrified and Cooter finds the life insurance policy. Bo asks what that is about and Luke says Eddie Lee is trying to kill her.


Daisy brings up a drink for Candy to find the letter. She yells for Uncle Jesse, going back down to the main garage and showing him the note. Jesse reads it and sees she went back to Eddie Lee. The two leave to find her.

Boar’s Nest

The boys continue to talk about what they learned and Bo says Eddie Lee isn’t done trying. Luke says it’s a moble phone and would go past Gussie. Picking up the phone again, Luke asks for Hazzard 741, which is the Garage. However no one is there to answer. The three go to leave for the farm but Rosco bursts in, ordering them all to freeze. Rosco asks where Candy is and the boys explain Eddie Lee is trying to kill her. Cooter says she is in the bedroom and they toss Rosco in. The boys ask Cooter to explain everything to Rosco before they leave. Rosco sits up, now wearing a fancy hat, and tells Cooter to tell him where Candy Dix is.

Town of Hazzard

Jesse and Daisy look around and they see Candy Dix get in a car with Hoby and Eddie Lee. Daisy wants to run after them but Jesse says she can’t on foot. They get in the General and chase.


Bo drives Cooter’s pickup, suggesting everyone went out for a walk to which Luke gives him a look to tell him he thinks it’s a stupidd idea. Bo says he isn’t buying that either. They hear Uncle Jesse on the CB and Jesse fills them in on what happened. Jesse says they are headed toward Peach Tree Lane. Luke tells Bo to cut them off before they get to Route 11.

Candy asks why they are going in a hurry and Eddie Lee brushes the comment off. Hoby asks what about Candy, confusing her and Eddie Lee says it’s just a deal he’s got in the works.

Police Department

Cooter and Rosco try to get Boss to listen as they explain the insurance policy. Boss accepts their explination and announces that they will get Candy back. Rosco says he’s proud of Boss for not thinking of money, and Boss asks if he means the 25,000 he plans to take back from Eddie Lee addint that he never gave it a thought. The three head out to join the chase.


Enos is by the road side, practicing drawing his gun.

Bo and Luke pass a few cars and Bo says the truck is never going to make it. Luke recalls Enos should be on Route 7 before calling Enos on the CB. He tells Enos to go to Peach Tree Lane and cut it off. Enos says he would like to, but if Mr. Hogg found out, before Boss cuts into the CB conversation announcing that he has found out and he wants Enos to go to Peach Tree Lane and cut it off. Enos and the boys are surprised and Enos rushes to obey. Luke thanks Boss. Bo figures that Eddie will have to go into the old junk yard and heads that way. Boss, Rosco, and Cooter in Rosco’s car follow and Daisy and Jesse in the General do as well.

Daisy and Jesse find Boss, Rosco, and Cooter and they are two miles out. Meanwhile Enos manages to cut off Hoby and send him to the junkyard. Hoby asks how they know but Eddie Lee says they don’t and Boss put Enos there to stop the Dukes, not them. Hoby says to just kill Candy now, horrifying Candy and angering Eddie Lee.

Junk Yard

Bo and Luke arrive in the junk yard and force Hoby to turn inside. Bo follows them until Hoby crashes. The two try to flee, tossing Candy to the ground in their efforts. Luke helps Candy and the boys chase after Eddie Lee and Hoby. Hoby trips and picks up a large rock, chucking it at the boys. Luke tells Bo to look out and it shatters a winshield next to Bo. Eddie Lee and Hoby keep running and the boys start chasing again, this time Luke in front. Luke manages to tackle Eddie Lee and Bo grabs Hoby. While Bo starts getting overwhelmed by Hoby, Eddie Lee manages to hurt Luke enough that he can’t move and attempts to crush him in the car crusher. Bo gets the better of Hoby and Luke rolls out of the crusher before he and Eddie Lee fight again. Bo and Luke win their respective fights.

Boss, Rosco, Cooter, Daisy, and Jesse arrive and Bo and Luke hand over Eddie Lee and Hoby. Daisy runs over to check on Bo and Candy runs to Luke, hugging him before they kiss. Boss reclaims his money and praises the boys. Eddie Lee burns Boss’ money as he is taken away.

Balladeer: Candy was greatful for old Boss pitchin in and helpin’ when he learned the truth. And she was really sorry about all the money that went up in smoke. She offered to sing at the Boar’s Nest free of charge. Boss didn’t even have to put up a roadblock. Now friends there ain’t many places where when things end on a happy note that folks actually sing. But that’s Hazzard County.

Boar’s Nest

Everyone prepares for the concert and Boss announces Candy. Everyone cheers when Candy takes the stage and she says that since it’s only thanks to Luke that she is singing at all, she thinks he should join her. Everyone cheers again and Luek goes up, singing with Candy “Boulder to Birmingham”. Luke starts with just playing while Candy sings the first verse, but then he sings the second. They sing the next part together while the rest of the Dukes watch fascinated. Boss, Enos, and Rosco watch together, Rosco even laying his head on Boss’ shoulder to the latter’s annoyance. When they finish everyone gives them a standing ovation and they kiss.


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Hazzard County[]


  • This episode is the second time one of the Duke boys former girlfriends from their time in the service comes to Hazzard. The previous time was in Vance's Lady when Vance's old girlfriend Jenny came.
    • Vance and Luke were both serious enough that they wanted to ask their girlfriend to marry them
    • This is also the first of two women who Luke dated who would go on to become a country singer. The other is Anita in the Hazzard in Hollywood movie.
  • The Balladeer says that Luke was a Lance Corporal when he dated Candy Dix. A Lance Corporal is an E-3 in the marines
    • At seven years ago, this would be the time Luke was getting out of the marines, in 1976
  • Enos says he reads every chance he gets and he likes boy-dog stories the best


  • Tom Wopat practices his second career in this episode, showcasing his singing talent.