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Posey is a minor antagonist from Enos



When Joy comes late into work at the Vixen Club, he grabs her arm demanding to know where she’s been. He ignores her, yelling for everyone to be ready for when the ‘boss’, Scorpio, arrives. As they start getting everything ready, he sees a cop come in and inform Joy there is about to be a raid. He announces to everyone a raid is about to start.

Having escaped the raid, he calls Scorpio and informs him what happened, mentioning the cop that warned them, saying the cop Scorpio bought is someone he’s got to ‘hand it to, he’s got guts’. Scorpio informs him that he didn’t buy off a cop and to find whoever this is and kill him.

He is lectured by Scorpio at Scorpio’s place for allowing this to happen. He says he thought Scorpio bought a cop like the last boss and Scorpio reminds him that is how the last boss got caught. He suggests one of the girls called in the cop but Scorpio dismisses that since the girls didn’t know all the other operations. When Scorpio asks how many girls they lost he says five and the cop that alerted them to the raid let one go. He says he doesn’t know why and Scorpio says to play it safe and ‘ice’ her. He tells Scorpio that the girl let go was Joy. He quickly says he didn’t think Joy would ‘squeal’ and suggests the cop just has a thing for her. Scorpio backtracks, saying to keep her in line and invite her to Bermuda with Scorpio and if she refuses then they will kill her slowly.

While Joy is drying her hair, he comes up behind her startling her. He starts to walk away, saying Scorpio wants to talk to her, and confused Joy asks if he means the weird one. He tells her Scorpio is nuts, but he is the boss and he wants Joy exclusively. She expresses confusion and he says it means she won’t be a hooker anymore as Scorpio is ‘a romantic.’ She says that is crazy and he tells her he moves fast. When she asks how they got raided, he asks if she thinks this is the only joint they got. Joy says she wants out and she quits. He admits he’s been waiting for that saying she wanted to get into pictures before pulling out a roll of film saying it’s the latest clip from her at the vixen to her horror. He tells her to get her head straight and that tomorrow she is leaving for Bermuda with Scorpio before leaving the apartment.

Later they inform Scorpio that the cop was seen with Joy again. Scorpio says that he and Joy will leave for Bermuda and they need to kill the cop. He is stunned and Scorpio insists. When he asks about the other cops, Scorpio says they know nothing. As Scorpio goes to leave, he reminds Scorpio that Joy can still talk but Scorpio reveals he plans to kill her.

He takes Joy to Scorpio’s before pulling her into the house. They watch Scorpio receive the film of his deals. Scorpio then tells him to finish the tapes at the Neptune Club that night and then fly out the film to him. He agrees, addressing Joy saying he told her this was all big stuff.