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Powers is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Road Pirates[]

Working with his partner, he helps restrain a truck driver and after his partner takes the driver away, his cousin Marty tells him to move the truck to the warehouse.  He remarks that he thought the shipment was for Boss Hogg and is told not anymore as Boss already paid for it.

He and the others take another truck and head over to the warehouse, him driving. When they arrive he is told to get the fork lift and runs to do so after opening the truck. He moves a set of merchandise into the barn and tells them to get the next pallet ready. As he and Meznick go into the barn, they see some hay fall. He says they should check it out and he will give Meznick a lift. He raises Meznick of the fork lift to see what caused it and sees Luke punch Meznick down. He yells for Marty. They go up the stairs to grab Luke, but Luke comes down on a motorcycle and escapes. After he’s told they need to catch him, he goes to get a bike.

They follow Luke around the property. He jumps a creek but messes up the landing and is hurt. Daisy and Cletus stop and Cletus helps him up asking if he had his bell rung and is okay before arresting him and putting him in Daisy’s car. They are put in jail by Cletus.