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The Preacher is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Daisy's Shotgun Wedding[]

After getting a call from Pa Beaudry he agrees to come out to their house for a wedding at five o’clock. When he arrives at the Beaudry shack, Pa, Sledge, Milo, and Daisy all come down to greet him. Daisy by force. He says the road seems to get rougher and rougher every time and it’s good to see them. Daisy begs him for help and he says he sees they are still trying with Milo. He reminds them that he gets ten dollars for a regular wedding and fifteen for a shotgun. He is surprised when they give him a hundred instead. They start the wedding, ignoring Daisy’s protests. He asks if Milo takes Daisy to be his wife, which Milo says he does. When he asks Daisy she refuses and they are started by Bo and Luke’s arrival. The boys land and he stands uncomfortably as the Duke boys fight the Beaudrys. Jesse Duke arrives and the Dukes win.