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Professor Crandall is a minor reoccurring character in the Dukes of Hazzard series.


Season 4[]

Goodbye, General Lee[]

An old accomplice of Boss Hogg’s. Boss calls him to assist with convincing Luke Duke to withdraw the General Lee from a race. He goes to the hospital, waking Luke up and explains he just wants to test his reflexes. He tells Luke to watch the watch, moving it back and forth. After Luke falls asleep he checks before handing him over to Boss. Boss asks if that is all it took, and he assures him that is all it took. Boss asks what next and he tells him the basic post hypnotic suggestion, saying everything they tell Luke now will be remembered when Boss wants him to. Boss insists they hurry before a doctor or Luke’s family comes. He tells Boss that Luke’s all his and Boss remarks for the price he’s charging ‘he better be’. As Boss talks to Luke, he takes off the doctor disguise and tosses it aside. He is amused by Boss telling Luke to get rid of General Lee. He tells Luke that he will not remember him or anything that happened in the room and he will stay in his post hypnotic state until someone snaps. He then remarks they are finished and Boss corrects him, saying Luke is finished.

Later he is forced to cancel out the hypnosis on Luke.

Season 6[]

Heiress Daisy Duke[]

He gets call from Boss, saying he’s got a nice job for him.

He arrives at the Boar’s Nest and meets Harry Bobo. Boss explains that Crandall will use hypothesis on Daisy. He says it will be simple, that once he hypnotizes her he will program her with all of the information Harry gives him including some of the characteristics Vivian’s mother had. They are interrupted by Enos, who Boss sends on a wild goose chase to keep him busy for a few days.

Rosco informs them over the CB that Bo and Luke are headed that way and Boss says they need to do this real fast. Boss tells them that he is going to call Daisy in before saying Crandall will then do what he does so well. Daisy comes in and he hypnotizes her. He informs Boss and Harry that Daisy is asleep and Boss says to tell her about tonight. He asks Daisy if she can hear him and when she confirms he says they want her to return at eight o’clock that night. He says not to tell anyone where she’s going or why. He adds if Bo and Luke come snooping around for her to send them away. He then wakes her up. Daisy is confused but Boss sends her back to work. Harry asks if there are any side effects and he says she might be a little short tempered for a day or two but nothing serious.

Daisy returns and he and Harry program Daisy to be Vivian. Confirming he gave her all the information, he has Daisy open her eyes to see the proper clothes she’s supposed to wear. He then tells Boss they need two phrases, similar but different to tell her who she needs to be. One will be for Vivian Stewart and one for Daisy. Boss says ‘Jefferson Davis Hogg’ and ‘J.D. Hogg’. He comments ‘excellent’ before giving Daisy to words. He then tells Boss to test her. He watches the test work perfectly. He tells Boss that if there is anything else he wants to say to say it now. Boss tells her to be back at eight am. He wakes Daisy up. Daisy wakes and leaves. Harry then calls Carter, saying they found Vivian.

After being paid he goes home. Later he is forced to un-hypnotize Daisy.