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Pruitt is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


The Treasure of Soggy Marsh[]

Former cellmate of Kingston. Learned his cellmate had half a million dollars hidden in Hazzard County’s Soggy Marsh. He came into possession of the map leading to the money and called Boss as he was about to be released in 1982 to offer him part of the money if he would assist Pruitt in getting diving gear. Boss Hogg agrees.

Pruitt and Biff arrive in Hazzard after their release from the State Penn to meet with Boss Hogg and Rosco. Boss asks if he has the map and he shows it before asking if Boss has the scuba gear and boots. Boss says they are waiting to be picked up before inviting him into the office. He is surprised to see Flash, who is barking at him. Boss tells him to watch out for the dog as it is vicious before telling him that in order to protect his investment, he’ll be taking the map. He objects, saying they need the map to know where to dive. When Rosco and Biff snap at each other, he ignores them and asks Boss just how soon can they get the gear. Boss says for them to go wait in the woods and he’ll call them when he can find a way to keep the Duke’s busy. Pruitt agrees and they leave.

They meet Boss and Rosco outside of Rhuebottom’s General Store to collect the scuba gear and he is horrified when Rosco trips with all the gear, falling with all of it into the trunk.

Pruitt and Biff go to Soggy Marsh with Boss and Rosco. After putting on the scuba gear, they jump into the Marsh and begin searching from directions on the map.

After a while of searching, they surface to see Boss and Rosco. Boss asks if they saw anything and he says according to the map, that is the exact location of the money. He says they will have to move the boat and try again. Boss tells him to keep trying and he dives again.

On another dive they find the check with the money and pull it up to the surface. He remarks that if he knew it was going to be that easy, he would have never cut in Boss. Biff suggests cutting him out, which Pruitt agrees. They return to the shore and a cabin and he shoots off the lock. He finds the money but is surprised when Biff comes in with Daisy. When Daisy tries to hit Biff with a chair he stops her by pointing a gun at her and tells her to calm down. He asks if she’s seen enough to which Daisy says she knows that they will go to jail if they don’t turn the money in. He has Biff tie her up.

He remarks that Daisy is secure and they should leave. However Vance and Coy arrive and he goes back inside, informing Biff. Daisy says she told them they wouldn’t get away with it and he decides they need to take her with them. He covers Biff, who takes Daisy to the boat and they flee into the marsh. When the Dukes start gaining, he starts shooting at them. However Vance starts shooting dynamite arrows at them. When Vance runs out, he tries to shoot at him again but Daisy tackles him and he loses the gun. He puts her back in her seat, asking what she’s doing to him and what she is even doing out there in the first place. Pruitt and Biff start fighting, getting frustrated. They are forced to abandon the boat when Coy Duke jumps the General into the marsh directly in front of them. They try to swim out but are caught by Vance, they fight Vance until Coy arrives and they are caught. Little makes the arrest.