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McQuaid is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Mary Kaye's Baby[]

A mob boss from Atlanta who is familiar with Boss Hogg. After one of his money carriers, Andy, is arrested Andy’s girlfriend Mary Kaye Porter took the money. Angry, he hunts her down to Hazzard.

McQuaid goes to Boss Hogg to tell him about Mary Kaye. He snaps that she stole the money from him and he wasn’t going to step on Boss Hogg’s turf without touching base with him first. Boss smiles saying he stays out of Atlanta and McQuaid stays out of Hazzard, saying Good fences make good neighbors. Boss asks who stole the money and learning it was Mary Kaye, he argues that she wouldn’t. McQuaid insists she did. Boss asks if he can help but McQuaid says he and Leo will handle it. He tells Boss Hogg he wants all his money back, down to the last cent.

After leaving, Leo asks him how he keeps from cracking up with Boss Hogg and McQuaid admits it wasn’t easy. Leo asks about the comment of Boss staying out of Atlanta and McQuaid stays out of Hazzard. With a laugh McQuaid says that is fair and Leo agrees it’s fair to them.

They stop at a gas station and ask about Mary Kaye. After learning she is with Bo and Luke and getting directions to the Duke Farm, he thanks the gas station attendant and pays him for the information. As they continue to drive they see Mary Kaye in the back of a car and he has Leo pull over. He runs over the car and Bo gets out to stop him from reaching Mary Kaye, telling them to wait as they got a lady with a baby. He ignores Bo and asks Mary where is the money, which Mary insists is her baby’s money. Realizing who he is, Bo turns to him in shock and he tells Bo that he doesn’t care who gets hurt, so long as he gets his money back. Leo asks McQuaid if he wants Leo to handle it. He smiles saying he’s very disappointed in Mary Kaye, which Bo says ‘yeah, me too’ to distract him. He tells Leo to help Mary Kaye out of the car. Upset with how Mary Kaye is being treated, Bo turns to McQuaid telling him he’s gotta say something and McQuaid tells him to say goodbye. Mary Kaye says they will give him back the money back and he says of course she will. Bo hits him with the door as Luke presses on the gas pedal and Bo dives in the car. He watches the car with the three in it speed away. They chase off after the car but lose it.

They stop on a bridge where they see Boss on the other side. They get out and walk over to him, greeting him. He cuts through the small talk saying they haven’t found Mary before leaving again.

McQuaid and Leo arrive on the Duke Farm and move toward the barn with guns drawn. While in the barn, they see Luke Duke come out of the farm house. He comes at Luke from the front when the young man enters the barn and asks him where his money is, backing Luke into a wall. Luke admits he doesn’t know and McQuaid says he only cares about the money before hitting Luke. They are distracted by a baby cry and when Luke runs he starts shooting at him but Luke escapes into the house. They continue to fire at the house. They are startled when Bo and Luke come out, shooting arrow at them. He takes shelter on the other side of the barn when Bo rounds the structure and sees him. He tells Bo to hold it, but Bo runs back the way he came and McQuaid shoots at him before chasing him. He chases Bo and Luke into the woods and catches sight of Bo, shooting at him a few times before losing sight of him again. They keep looking before he backs into Leo, Bo, and Luke. All four scatter again.

He takes shelter near the road when Boss Hogg, who has arrived, calls out to him. He asks Boss why he’s trying to talk to him right now when he’s been shot at by 'indians'. Boss Hogg tells him he’s being shot because he made the Dukes mad and besides Boss doesn’t like gun in his county. McQuaid goes back to the farm, circling Bo and Luke around a car before seeing Luke. He goes to shoot Luke and Luke says he will never see the money. Enos and Rosco run up on him, and he freezes. As Enos reads him his rights, Enos and Rosco become distracted. McQuaid pulls a gun on him, but Bo dives over the car onto him. When Luke tells them to get clear, he is terrified to see Luke lighting a stick of dynamite and Bo pulls him up and they take cover as the car explodes. Bo announces that the money was in the car and he realizes the money is gone. He is taken away in the police car by Rosco and Enos and arrested.