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RIP Henry Flatt

"R.I.P. Henry Flatt" is the twenty-second episode of the second season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.

Henry Flatt (Hal Smith), a con artist who faked his death after swindling Boss out of $20,000 a year ago, shows up and the Dukes try to help him with his problem: Boss Hogg is planning on plowing up an old veteran’s cemetery to build a new highway and a subdivision called Hogg's Heavenly Acres -- and plowing up that cemetery would alert Boss that Henry is still alive.

Balladeer: In Hazzard county there ain’t but two things that would make the Duke boys run like a rabbit being’ chased by a fox. Either the law is on their tail or they are afraid of something a whole lot worse.

Luke, Bo, and Daisy are in a hurry to get home so they aren’t late for supper. Luke says they’ll take a short cut but as they jump over a construction site Luke ends up going off the road. Daisy and Bo laugh at him but they are stuck and Bo says he’s glad he wasn’t driving. Bo says for them to cut through the cemetery and Daisy suggests they run.

Boss and Rosco talk at the site saying that it is a secret project and Boss says for Rosco not to talk about it.

As night falls they go into the cemetery and Daisy scolds Luke for nearly killing them and Bo for scarring her with his antics. Daisy looks over at Henry Flatts grave stone (July 12 1979) to see someone behind it. Alarmed Daisy tells them it’s Henry Flatt but Bo says it isn’t as they were just at his funeral last year. Spooked Daisy runs and Bo and Luke go to see whoever it is. They are surprised to learn Henry Flatt is alive and to see the road markers going through the cemetery. After learning what Boss is doing, they hide Henry in the barn for the night.

Duke Farm

In the morning the boys tells Jesse about Henry and that Henry used the money he took from Boss to make a Youth Center in Capitol City. Henry explains the road is also going to go through the veterans cemetery. Jesse agrees to help.

Police Department

The next morning Bo and Luke head to the City Hall. Enos is reading a comic and hears the sounds from Bo and Luke breaking in but assumes it’s from his comics. Cooter watches the boys from the Garage, not knowing what is going on but amused. Enos realizes something isn’t right and heads into the records room. Luke finds that Boss has determined that since the cemetery hasn’t been used he had it declared surplus and sold to the highest bidder which was Boss. Bo finds a map to see where Boss’ new housing development is located. Meanwhile Enos found them and announces that they aren’t being legal. He goes to arrest them but Luke pushes a chair at them and they climb up the rope. As Bo gets to the ground, Rosco finds him and goes to arrest him. However while Rosco is focused on Bo, Luke drops down and pushes his hat over his eyes. Seeing Bo and Luke run to him, Cooter tosses him the keys to a vehicle telling them to take it easy and watches as everyone rushes away. Rosco accidentally picks up two men on a ladder and tells them to get off his car. Rosco threatens to arrest them both before he and Enos follow Bo and Luke. The boys drive to the construction site and Luke sends one of the bulldozers to stop them. The bulldozer takes out Enos and Rosco’s cars as Bo and Luke escape.

Boar’s nest

Rosco fills in Boss on what happened while he plays solitaire and Boss says he wants the road to be completed quickly before anyone finds out they worked too early. Boss tells Rosco to arrest more people to force to work on the road.

Capitol City

Bo and Luke arrive at the Youth Center and see all the work going on, impressed. They tell Henry what they know and Henry gets an idea. He borrows the van, telling the boys he needs to go pick up some donations. Bo heads back into the Youth Center with a number of women and Luke and Gail follow.

City Morgue

Henry goes to the Morgue intending to steal a body. He learns there has been a body that has been unclaimed for a long time. He pretends that he knows the individual, tricking the attendant into reading the number on his tattoo, an anchor with the number 646-77-75. When Henry starts crying so does the attendant and tells him he will get the claiming papers and agrees to let Henry wait with the body. However Henry steals it.

Youth Center

While Luke is singing and playing the guitar for Gail, Bo is with a few girls practicing self defense. Luke and Gail talk about Henry and one of the girls, Peggy, throws Bo onto his back. Henry returns and tells her not to hurt him and she says she won’t. Bo and Henry join Gail and Luke. Henry asks the boys to take him back to Hazzard and they agree.


Seeing Bo and Luke, Rosco decides to pull them over to work on the road gang. Enos points out they aren’t speeding and Rosco says they will be. Rosco goes after the boys and Enos follows. They are surprised to find Rosco and Enos are following them and Henry tells everyone about the body he stole. Bo and Luke are upset and try to escape by going off road. They nearly loose the coffin and Luke has to help Gail and Henry keep it in the van. Rosco is stunned to see the coffin, saying it can’t be until her realizes it can’t be anything but. Enos tells him there was a body snatching case. Bo and Luke stop and talk to Rosco and Enos. Henry hides as Rosco forces Bo out and Enos gets Luke and Gail. They open the back of the van and Rosco tells them to open the coffin. They find the body inside. Luke drops the lid on Rosco’s finger and they all jump in the van as Bo drives away. Gail and Herny talk about the body and Henry mentions a number, alarming Luke. Luke realizes it’s a military member and tells Bo to pull over so Gail and Henry can get out and run to the farm to have Jesse trace the number. After they get out Luke asks Bo if he can think of one good reason why they are doing this and Bo says it’s over Luke being sweet on his daughter and Luke says he’ll grant him that.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco radio’s Boss as he’s getting a massage by Sim Koo Song. Rosco says the boys stole a body, surprising Boss. Enos confirms they saw a body. Boss tells Enos to go to the Duke Farm.


Rosco follows Bo and Luke and Luke tells Bo to let Rosco get beside them. They trick Rosco into jumping into the pond. Luke tells Bo they need to go after they check on Rosco, who is upset. Cooter tows him back to Hazzard.

Police Department

Rosco arrives at the Police Station to find the body had been left in the jail. He calls Boss, who is still getting a massage, and tells him that he found the body but he lost the boys. Boss tells him to bring the body to the Boar’s Nest. Boss then radio’s Enos and tells him to come to the Boar’s Nest. As Enos leaves, Gail and Henry arrive.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco arrives and shows Boss the body. He tells Rosco to put the body in Daisy’s Jeep. Boss says that the boys had gone home so he’s going to call them.

Duke Farm

While the Dukes eat with Henry and Gail, Jesse says he has been calling around for the number. Jesse says he called all the brancheswhen he gets a call from Boss. Jesse is surprised to learn Boss is talking about bail and when Jesse comments about Bo and Luke, Boss says he has evidence against Daisy. They find Henry and Gail are gone and have taken Jesse’s truck. Bo and Luke set out after them. After pulling them over, Luke convinces them to wait.

Boar’s Nest

Daisy is confused when she is being arrested but when they get outside they don’t see the coffin. Bo and Luke arrive and point out that the body is gone. Rosco releases Daisy to return to work. Boss finds the body has been moved to his car. Boss has the coffin moved to Jesse’s pickup. Daisy serves Bo, Luke, and Enos who are sitting together. Boss and Alex come in and say that the body is in the pickup. Daisy says she’s got to see and they all go outside to see the whole pickup is gone. Bo, Luke, and Enos go back to drinking together when Rosco finds the coffin outside and puts it in the General. He goes back inside to arrest Bo and Luke and Daisy says he’s sounding like a broken record. Daisy dumps a beer on Rosco and the boys flip the table on Enos before fleeing into Boss’s office. They escape up to the roof and to the General. They drive away and everyone chases after them. Daisy comes out and gets in the General as they pass the front. Boss and Alex follow the General with Rosco behind them and Enos last.

Jesse tells them to have everyone meet him in the veteran’s cemetery as he rides Maudine the Mule. Once there he stops the construction workers as the bulldozer driver was a third cousin of Jesse’s. He agrees to leave when Jesse asks. The boys get to the cemetery by crashing through a construction site. Henry and Gail arrive and Jesse tells them to help him dig a hole.

Veteran’s Cemetery

Bo and Luke stop and get the their bows. Daisy drives away as Bo and Luke bomb the road to run the others off. Rosco ends up in a tree. Daisy arrives and they get the box into the hole. Henry leaves and Jesse and the girls work on reburying. Alex and Boss get Rosco before heading to the Cemetery. Bo and Luke stop Enos and get a ride with him. They all arrive and Jesse explains that the body was claimed by them legally and that they buried him in the Veteran Cemetery. Jesse explains that the body is equipment operator Johnathan Cole who was a C.B. attached to the first construction battalion. Boss yells that they can’t do this and he realizes they are right. They leave in a huff.

Balladeer: Since the deceased veteran had no kin, the folks of Hazzard county decided to adopt him, as their own personal war hero. So with Boss never even knowing that he was still alive, Henry Flatt finally got the chance to rest in peace. Thanks to the Dukes of Hazzard.

They hold a military funeral for Cole, Henry Flatt watching from the back of a van.


  • Although this episode was released in 1980, it places the date of Henry being declared dead is July 12, 1979.
  • Daisy is shown to have a belief in ghosts. Bo and Luke say there is no such thing to which Daisy asks if the ghost knows that.
    • This mirrored Enos and Rosco in The Ghost of the General Lee when Enos says there is a ghost and Rosco tells him there is no such thing to which Enos asks if the ghost knows that.
  • Henry references Luke's service in the Marines and that the County has a cemetery for Veterans.