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R. Riker is an antagonist from the series Enos.


Where's the Corpus?[]

A lawyer with 2 bar proceedings and a number of citations about unethical processes. He is involved in a number of illegal dealings. After scamming money from the syndicate, he frames a small time criminal named Angelo and hires Moose Davis to kill him to 'tie up loose ends'.

He and Blutman wait for Davis to arrive and get in the car with them. As Moose gets in, he comments that the man is looking good. He pulls out the ten thousand like they agreed, but Moose tells him to forget it. He asks ‘pardon’ and Moose explains that he didn’t kill Angelo because he knows Angelo wasn’t the one skimming the money but Riker. Moose says he wants his share of the money and Riker says he guesses they will have to talk. He calls his driver, Charlie, telling him to drive. They are chased by a police car, but Charlie looses them.

After sending a picture of Moose dead to the LAPD, he and Blutman go to his place to share a glass of wine. He explains it is dry but also sweet. He adds it is delicate. Blutman says he loved the fact they sent the picture to the cops and he hums in agreement saying it was a nice touch. He adds that the wine is the latest from his winery. He tells Blutman that they should get Angelo or he will tell Chicago they skimmed the money. Blutman disregards the concern and asks for a beer. He is offended by the request and orders Blutman to get Angelo as the alternative is them dealing with Chicago.

He talks to Blutman at his office about his concerns but Blutman tells him that they have nothing to worry about as Shoes Mitchem is gone. He asks about the brawl at the pool hall and Blutman says there is no way it can lead to them. His secretary calls him saying there is a Mr. Adams there to see him. He tells her to inform Adams that he’s on his way home. She says it’s urgent and he was referred by Angelo. He has the man sent in. Turk comes in as Blutman hides. He offers a hand shake saying he doesn’t have much time and asking what he can do for him. Turk says Angelo, a mutual friend had told him that if he ever needed any heavy representation, he’d be the dude. Riker says that is strange because his only association with Angelo is that he might handle his case as his case load is so heavy. Turk corrects him, saying he doesn’t need a code action and is looking for contracting. He says he doesn’t follow Turk and to make his point. Turk implies he wants to have him kill someone. He becomes alarmed, saying if Turk means what he thinks he does he has ten second to leave his office or he will pick up the phone and call the D.A. He starts counting down and Turk flees. Blutman comes out and tells him that the man was one of the cops at the hall. Blutman recommends they kill Turk and his partner but he argues they don’t kill cops. Blutman asks if he wants them to connect him and Riker with Moose’s murder. He asks what Blutman is talking about as Shoes left the country. Blutman says if they make the connection they can bring Shoes back and he agrees, saying they are Blutman’s.

Margret comes to see him the next day, saying she was requesting to see Sam Blutman as he is listed as Riker’s corporate associate. He nods, humming before saying she doesn’t have a case and she knows it. He offers her a cigarette before telling her that she doesn’t have a body, there’s no evidence, and he could get Angelo out in twenty minutes. When she asks why doesn’t he, he says he hasn’t decided if he was going to take the case yet. She says if that is the case then he won’t mind her speaking to Blutman. He tells her that is impossible as Blutman is out of town and can’t be reached. She says she sees and asks if Riker wouldn’t mind giving Blutman ‘this’ when he sees him, handing Riker a subpoena. She explains what it is and he snaps that he knows what it means and this is highly unethical. She says if he feels slighted she can get one for him too before leaving. He calls Blutman at the winery and tells him to stay away from the office. When Blutman asks what is going on he snaps that he doesn’t know and there was a broad from the DA’s office there. He says for Blutman to sit tight, that everything will be alright and he’ll be in touch.

Later he leaves his home with Charlie to notice a police car outside of his house. Later he goes to a fancy restaurant when M.J. and a second man approaches them. M.J. greets him and he asks what is she doing there. She comments the same as him, getting an early dinner. She introduces police officer Enos Strate and he greets Enos before excusing himself for an urgent appointment.

As they head toward home he sees the police car again. He tells Charlie to just drive around the block and if the car follows to loose it. When the police officer follows Charlie speeds away. He sees the cop car stop and he calls Blutman, telling him to meet him at the winery in ten minutes. He says it’s urgent and he doesn’t want to miss his plain.

He starts packing away his money and Blutman says he looks like he’s going away from a long time. He says as long as it takes to get rid of the cops and the chick from the DA. He asks if Blutman understands, and he says he wouldn’t have it any other way. Riker gives him some money. They are told someone is there and Blutman tells him that if he led the cops there his trip may be shorter than he thinks. He tells Blutman to take care of it while he hides.

Enos comes in, followed by M.J. and take down Blutman. After Turk arrives and he hides under a barrel as his men are fought. When Enos and Turk win, M.J. walks over with an expensive bottle of wine. He whines at the sight of it and she apologizes before smashing it on the floor to his horror. He is arrested.