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Rafe Logan is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Due to the crimes he committed he is labeled 'Public Enemy number 2'. Rosco refers to him as a killer, implying that he has committed murder among his crimes. He is arrested in Roseville and is set to be transported to Atlanta for his trial.


New Deputy in Town[]

As he’s being transported toward Atlanta, he sits beside Ken Collins' in the car. He asks if they are going to stop for the nigh somewhere. The Marshal confirms they will stop.

As they drive he yawns and comments ‘I sure am getting’ sleepy Marshal. How about you?” He says the marshal is looking awful tired and looks like an old man.

When the Marshal radio’s Hazzard to see if he can use the jail for the night, Linda May is the on to respond.

When they arrive at the Hazzard Police Department, he watches Ken as the Marshal says if he wants to try something it will tickle him to death. He tells Rafe to get out and move over to the side, which Rafe does. They go inside and he sees Linda May, trying not to grin. When she greets them he asks what kind of dump is this, to which the Marshal tells him to shut up. When Linda May knocks Ken out, he laughs telling her nice work before kissing her and telling her to get him outta the cuffs and the keys are on the marshal’s belt. As Linda May finishes uncuffing him, Denny comes up and he happily cheers yelling ‘little brother’ and saying he didn’t think Denny had it in him. He adds he’ll give him something ‘extra this month’ before they all head outside. When they come out Linda May tells him about Lulu and when he asks who she is, Linda May says the local big shots’ wife. He says that’s good, they’ll take her for a little insurance. He grabs Lulu and shoves her in the back of the car before getting in the front.

As they drive, he gets annoyed by Lulu’s ramblings and screams ‘shut up lady’. Denny informs them they are being followed and he glances back to see the General Lee. Linda tells them it’s the Duke boys and when Denny says they should have wasted them, Rafe asks what are they waiting for before reaching out the window and shooting. However he is annoyed by Lulu screaming. When Bo and Luke stop, he says they are in the clear and to dump Lulu. Linda May stops and he remarks ‘lady you’re out of here’. After Denny gets Lulu out, they drive away again.

When Denny confirms they are clear, he yells they ‘shook them good’ before praising Linda May. However the General Lee suddenly arrives, causing them to crash the car. He gets out but Bo grabs him and hits him, knocking him out.

He is taken to Atlanta by the marshal.