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Randall is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Dukes in Danger[]

While transporting Leeman and Hammer to the State Penn, he takes a detour through Hazzard. He sees the General Lee drive past with a Sheriff car in pursuit, backwards. Stunned, he looks back at them, accidentally running off the road and flipping his car. He is knocked unconscious in the accident.

He wakes up to find the two convicts gone along with his bag, guns, and keys. He gets out of the car and goes to the road, flagging down Cooter. When Cooter stops he rests on the truck, telling Cooter what happened.

He sits in Cooter’s truck as they tow it to town when they nearly have an accident with Rosco. Rosco stops and he explains to the Sheriff about the two escaped convicts. Rosco tells him to go to town and get a patrol car from Cletus, adding ‘good news’ and that he’s in hot pursuit.

At the Police Department, Cletus gives him a gun and the keys to the spare patrol car. He pockets both and thanks Cletus and says he needs to round them up before they stir up some real trouble. He and Cletus go to shake hands, but they keeps moving their hands in the other direction. Giving up, he turns and leaves.

While heading down Old Mill Road he is nearly ran off by Cooter. He turns around and pulls up next to Cooter’s truck, asking if Cooter is looking for more work. Cooter apologizes and asks if he’s seen any of the escapees. He says not yet and he was looking at the farms around there. Cooter says there is only one that way, the Duke Farm, and the cons aren’t there as he just was. Randall says he’ll go the other way and if Cooter sees anything to let him know. He drives off.

At the end of the day he goes to see Cletus, hearing him on the phone. He taps Cletus, who becomes startled and falls over. He moves to help Cletus, who drops his gun. Cletus greets him and he tells him to take it easy. Cletus goes to get his gun before hitting himself off the desk. He asks if Cletus is practicing his fast draw before explaining that he can’t find the convicts anywhere. Cletus tells him to never mind that and asks about the escaped cons. He gives Cletus a dumbfounded look and Cletus says he is standing on Cletus’ gun. He bends over to pick it up but his head hits’ Cletus.

The next day while he is out, he encounters Cletus and Cooter in one car and Leeman and Hammer in another police car. He turns around to chase after them. They catch the two as Bo and Luke cause them to run off the road. Randall finishes transporting them to the State Pen.