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Ray Howell is an antagonist from the series Enos.


The Head Hunter[]

He goes to a bank, disguised as a black man with a shotgun. He takes everyone present hostage and forces the teller to clean out her drawer into a sack. When she finishes he takes the sack to the next teller station and indicates for her to fill the sack from that drawer.

He exits the bank and hails a taxi. When the taxi stops he gets in the back, crouching down so he won’t be seen. Hearing sirens behind him, he pulls some of the money from the bag and shoves it into his jacket. As the officers start to catch up, he shoots at them from the back window. The officers back off, but come at the cab from a different angle and force it to flip over. He gets out of the car and flees on foot, but Enos Strate chases after him and manages to tackle him to the ground. As they wrestle around Enos rips off his disguise by accident. Enos is horrified, and begins to scold him as they stand but a cyclist collides into the officer, knocking him down. Ray uses the opportunity to flee on foot.

At home he cuts Enos’ picture out of the paper and attaches it to the dart board before throwing darts at it. Molly counts the money from his robbery in the back as he drinks and continues to throw the darts. As he gets another drink, he tries to tell Molly that Enos is the only cop to ‘finger him’ asking if she realizes that only to hear her trying to calculate how much money he stole. Upset that Molly isn’t listening, he walks over asking what she is doing. When she says she is counting the figures he slaps the pad of paper out of her hand yelling it was only five grand. He takes the money from the table, venting ‘five measly bills’ and she says that will tide them over for now. He pulls out a gun saying he has to take care of that ‘jerk’ before he runs a make on him but Molly protests, not wanting him to kill anyone. He says there must be some way to shut the cop up and she begs again, saying there must be another way. He says as long as Enos is on the police force, he can track Ray down. Getting an idea at the money, he says that if the police were to suddenly give Enos the boot then no one would believe him. He tells Molly that he’s going to let Enos’ ‘own buddies take care’ of him.

The next day he calls Sergeant Sally Steele from Internal Affairs, asking if she takes ‘beefs from citizens against the police department.’ She asks ‘what is your beef?’ and he says ‘it’s exactly as I’m telling you lady’ before saying Enos Strate skimmed $5,000 in hundred dollar bills off the bank haul before turning it over to his superiors. He then hangs up, looking over at Molly who just shakes her head.

Later he has Molly call Sally Steele, pretending to be a hooker who wants the officer to catch Enos forcing her to pay protection money. When Molly hangs up, he kisses her cheek. He goes to sit down and Molly says she doesn’t feel right and asks if there is another way. He says ‘sure, I can kill officer Strate, shoot him dead as a doornail.’ He adds that he thought Molly didn’t want that, and she says she doesn’t. He says he will have to kill Enos unless she does exactly like he told her. He asks which does she want, a cop in trouble or a cop dead. He says it’s up to her and she says either one. He tells Molly that she has to make a choice, one or the other. Molly asks ‘maybe we go to Albuquerque’ and he gets up, dragging her to the phone saying ‘no maybe, no nothing’ and telling her to call Enos like they rehearsed.

After learning Enos was suspended, he decides to rob another bank. After succeeding in the robbery and wearing a stocking on his face, he signals for Molly in a taxi to pick him up. When a taxi pulls up he climbs into the back and keeps down to avoid being seen as they flee the scene. After a few moments he gets up, pulling off his mask and notices that the driver isn’t Molly. He points his shotgun at the driver’s head, saying for him not to do anything foolish. As a cop falls in behind them, he tells the driver to take a left at the next street, yelling for him to turn as they approach it. He continues to look behind him before getting a good look at the driver. He says the driver looks familiar before realizing it’s Enos Strate. Enos confirms it and he says ‘you try any tricks Strate, and get your head blown off.’ Enos says he’s just trying to save both their hides. As Enos drives he sees them approaching a car carrier. Enos says ‘you better buckle up boy’ before hitting the carrier and jumping over the truck to his horror. Enos asks ‘you alright boy?’ before taking him to the police station. As he is pulled out of the car multiple cops take him into custody. Molly asks if he’s alright, to which he says he is fine before being taken inside.