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Rayford Davis is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


He and Johnny Ryan have a history together, having ran drugs in Memphis in the past.


Mason Dixon's Girls[]

Rayford and Johnny arrive at the Shipping Depot and he greets Sunshine before asking if he has a water heater for ‘John Smith’. He asks how business is before they get the heater to take back.

Back at Razorback mountain they explain the mix up to Dempsey. Dempsey calls them bird-brains, angry at the mix up. They are told to find the crate and he asks how. He is told to check with the freight agent.

After learning about the Dukes picking up the other water heater, they arrive at the Duke Farm where they meet Daisy and Jesse. When they get out of the car he greets Jesse and says there had been a mix up at the depot. When Jesse says he doesn’t have a crate he says that the Dukes have a crate that belongs to them and they want it. Jesse insists he doesn’t have it and Rayford gets upset. He says Jesse keeping saying that doesn’t make it the truth. When Jesse moves toward him he is ready to fight but Daisy stops them. Daisy explains that Jesse doesn’t lie and for them to go about their business before going inside the farmhouse. He asks if they are telling the truth and when his partner pulls out a gun saying he’ll take the old man, Rayford says it’ll be his pleasure. However, as he goes to go in he is stopped. His partner tells him they are being watched and they leave.

They wait for a vehicle to pass to follow it and try to see who was watching them. As he drives he sees two people get out of the RV they are tailing and he asks what they are doing. When the figures climb in a car and come after them, he pulls the car in a 180. He manages to escape by accidentally hitting a sign and sending a hub cap flying.

They report into Dempsey what happens and are told that someone called Mason Dixon and his girls are who he saw. He asks that Dempsey is telling him two women were driving like that and is told that those girls can do more. They are told to help the others as they are getting out of Hazzard, now. They go to start packing.

After learning they have infiltrators, he goes with his partner and Dempsey to confront Bo and Luke. He takes Luke into the barn and ties him up. They wait and when Sam and Tinker arrive, they confront them as well. He is sent by Dempsey to find the girls climbing gear and toss it off the mountain, which he agrees to go do. He finds the harnesses and tosses them.

He drives himself, Dempsey, and Johnny out. As he drives they are suddenly cut off by Daisy’s jeep and he’s forced to take a different road. Dempsey slaps him and tells him to watch what he's doing. Mason pulls out in front of him, forcing him to slow down. He is slapped again and told to run down Mason, which he says ‘you got it’. As he drives he is chased by the General and is told to get them out of there. They are ran off the road and taken into custody by Tinker and Bo.