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Rayford Flicker is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Rayford is a conman who had some dealings with Boss Hogg in the past. While some people don't know of his reputation, some of the older people like Jesse Duke know of his reputation. Jesse refers to him as a half baked conman with a few tacky tricks up his sleeve. He originally was from Colonial City but moved over to Plainview before 1982.


Shine On, Hazzard Moon[]

After Boss Hogg calls him for help framing Bo and Luke Duke for stealing an orphans fund, he agrees. He arrives at the Boar’s Nest and hides in his car until the boys arrive. After they head into the Boar’s Nest he gets up and head inside with his ‘orphans fun’ box. He walks into the bar saying ‘Ladies and gentlemen, your undivided attention please.’ He introduces himself claiming he’s part of the ‘United Amalgamated Dixie Charities Incorporated’ and he’s there to gather funds for the orphans of Hazzard to build a playground. He shows them a number of pictures of children and asks who will the first to make a donation. Boss jumps up saying he will. He tells Rayford that he’s heard about his great charity work and he will donate $500. He thanks Boss saying it will buy a lot of sand for the sandbox. He then walks over, putting the box down in front of Bo and Luke on their table. When Rosco creates a distraction by knocking a tray out of Daisy’s hand, he hits a switch on the box, hiding the money and nodding to Boss. As everyone calms down he looks in the box and announces ‘the money, it’s gone!’ Boss accuses the boys of stealing it and Bo stands over him saying anyone that accuses them of stealing is a liar. When the boys agree to be searched, Rayford is told to search them. He tells Luke ‘excuse me boys’ as he open Luke’s shirt and takes some money from his sleeve to make it look like he pulled it from Luke’s shirt. Luke tells him to just hold on a second but he turns to Bo, pulling open Bo’s shirt and doing the same. Bo remarks ‘we’re being set up’. Daisy suddenly crashes into them and Bo and Luke flip a table on him as they escape.

He goes outside with Boss as the police officers chase Bo and Luke, grinning. He goes to put the first $500 in his pocket saying ‘well I guess I’ll be on my way’ but Boss pulls it from him. He gives Boss an annoyed look and goes to put the other $500 in his pocket but Boss takes that too He gives him a shocked look and Boss counts out some of the money before handing it to him and saying ‘that’s yours’. He frowns but accepts it and Boss says to stay out of sight until he hears different. He nods and leaves.

Boss calls him on the radio and tells him Bo and Luke escaped and are headed toward him. He agrees to hide out until the contract is made. He agrees and gets in his car before driving. As he does he passes the General Lee. Bo turns and chases after him and Luke calls him on the CB. He answers, asking what the boys want. Luke says they know he framed them under Boss’ orders and Rayford says that is his story. Luke says they are giving him a chance to get off easy, with him writing a signed confession of what happened. He refuses and Bo tells him to have it his way and by the time they get through with him he’ll be begging to confess to them. Bo starts ramming into him and thinking they might push him over the side of a hill, he tells them he’s had enough. Bo tells him to pull over and he does. The boys pull him from the car and Luke gives him a notebook and a pencil. He writes down the confession.

He finishes the confession under Luke’s instruction. As he signs it Bo tells him that the next time he takes a job make sure the guy who hires him doesn’t wear white and smoke cigars. He watches the boys leave.