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Repo Men Bo'n'Luke

Repo Men is the fourth episode of the First Season of The Dukes of Hazzard TV Series.

This car's a wreck, but the engine's a honey and Bo and Luke MUST have it. So they make a deal with used car dealer Ace Parker, who's more crooked as a switchback trail, who has a scheme that could land the boys behind bars.

Balladeer: Welcome to Hazzard County. This is Bo Duke and Luke Duke, They’re cousins and they fight the system. General Lee was highly respected in Hazzard County, both the Confederate General and the Duke boy’s race car. The first was a great leader, and so was the second on the dirt track circuit.

Bo and Luke are in the General Lee, driving down a dirt road onto a paved one. They continue to test drive before stopping and Luke complains that if they can’t do any better then they shouldn’t even attempt to enter Saturday’s race. Bo tells him they’d do better without Luke’s obstacle course. Luke asks if he’s ever seen a race where he didn’t see oil, water, or sand on the track. Bo says yes, but not all three at once. They get back in the car and continue driving.

Ace’s Clean Used Cars

Balladeer: Ace Parker was Hazzard County’ number two used car dealer. There’s weren’t no others, but Ol’ Ace just couldn’t be first at anything. His entire inventory consisted of 11 cars. Eight of which were stolen and seven of which would start.

Ace sells a Rolls-Royce before going inside to see Lulu and Boss Hogg. Lulu is upset saying this is going to ruin her birthday. Boss Hogg confronts Ace about the car, saying Ace was supposed to hold the car for Lulu and Lulu says she has to have that car and she already told the Ladies Club that she was going to get it. Outside, Bo and Luke are driving by when Luke yells for Bo to stop. He tells Bo that one of the cars on Ace’s lot is the car Richard Petty wrecked the weekend before doing tire commercials. The boys check it out and decide they want to buy the car for engine parts. They hear Lulu and Boss and head to the garage, mocking the distress by saying "another satisfied customer". Inside Boss tells Ace to repossess the Rolls. Ace says that those people where mean and Boss says that if Ace won’t then he’ll send Rosco but Lulu gets upset saying Boss will not send her baby brother to do that. Boss tells Ace to figure out how to do it before he and Lulu step outside, running into Bo and Luke as they do, making Lulu happy and Boss annoyed.

Balladeer: Now you’re probably way ahead of what’s coming, but remember in Hazzard County, when things look simple is when they’re just about to get complicated.

Bo and Luke approach Ace and ask what he wants for the Richard Petty car. Learning that the car is far too expensive, Ace offers a deal of them doing a repo job for him to sell them the car at a price they can afford. At first Bo refuses but Luke agrees to hear him out.


Balladeer: Joey Sugalo was a little punk, working hard to become a big punk, and doing pretty good. Joey works for Abe Serino. He’s a racketeer back East. Now what the little lady said about Joey making money, meant making money.

Joey Sugalo and his team find a place to hide counter fit plates in the Rolls while one of the team members continues to make the plates.

Ace’s Car lot

Ace tells them that he will sell the car for $200 if they repossess the Rolls. Luke convinces Bo to agree. After they leave, Ace informs Boss, who is waiting outside with Lulu and his driver, that the Dukes are going to get the car back. Boss gives him some titles to use for his vehicles so they can appear legal and Ace mentions he sold the Richard Petty car to Bo and Luke. Boss decides that Ace won’t give the boys a registration, allowing them to declare the car stolen and have Bo and Luke arrested for car theft when they pick it up.

Duke Farm

Balladeer: That’s Uncle Jesse. The family patriarch. And cousin Daisy. She’s a part time waitress at the Boar’s Nest with a lot of ambition. They all live with Uncle Jesse, the head of the Duke clan.

At the farm, Jesse gets the mail. As he turns to the house they hear thunder and Daisy comes running out to get the clothes off the line. Bo and Luke pull in and head into the house. Daisy remarks annoyance at the Christmas catalogs. Bo and Luke tells Jesse and Daisy about the car and the repo job. Jesse scolds them about working for Ace.

Boar’s Nest

Balladeer: After almost 20 years in office, Sheriff Rosco Coltrane experienced a deep conversion. To greed. Rosco was what the word reprobate was all about.

Rosco arrives at the Boar’s Nest. He tells Boss, who is playing pool, that he isn’t really crazy about this idea and he isn’t even sure what they are framing the Dukes for. Boss corrects him that it’ll be Rosco framing the Dukes and that the boys set a bad example for the others and he wants the boys arrested. Rosco agrees to arrest them for the weekend so they won't be allowed to race and Boss tells him he needs to get creative before he is made the ‘night rent-a-cop at the drive in deli on Frontage Road’


Balladeer: Naturally, Bo and Luke both wanted to drive the Rolls since this was probably the only chance they’d ever get near one. So they had old Cooter drop them off.

Cooter drops Bo and Luke off to pick up the car. In the cabin, the counter fitter’s notice the boys at the gate. At first they decide to ignore the boys. Luke and Bo walk up to the car and Luke tells Bo to put the papers on the door so they can leave. Bo does, only for the door to open and the Doberman to leap out at him.

Balladeer: I bet that put a kink in his plow line.

Bo gets away from the dog and he and Luke run off the property. Manny stays to get the dog and the other three run after Bo and Luke. Luke realizes they look like car thieves now that the papers are gone. When they get shot at they hide and capture the female but she alerts the others to where they are. They throw Big John in the pond before fleeing.

Ace’s Car Sales

Bo and Luke, angry at how they were tricked, go to see Ace and Bo starts shooting out the tires of one of his cars. Ace apologizes to them for not telling them what they were going into and agrees to sell them the car for $200 without the repo job.

Boar’s Nest

Balladeer: If you got any county business to conduct in Hazzard, well don’t pay no mind to the court house and the public offices downtown. The county business of Hazzard county is done in the back room of the Boar’s Nest. See?

Ace rushes to the Boar’s Nest and goes to Boss’ office where Lulu is with him. Ace tells him that he couldn’t get the Rolls back. Daisy comes in to serve food as Boss insists Ace find a way to get the Rolls back.


Bo and Luke tow away the wreck with Cooter’s help. Ace and Boss have Rosco and Enos set up a road block but Enos is upset that they are framing the Dukes, saying he has no respect for Rosco. Rosco reminds him that fair has nothing to do with it as it wasn’t fair his pension was cut. Luke is concerned and they run into the road black.

Balladeer: The boys decided to have some fun with old Rosco, they figured this time he didn’t have anything on them. I once had a mule like that. He wasn’t too quick in the head, either. There was old Cooter, sticking out like a bourbon bottle at a country revival. Meanwhile, old Rosco wasn’t doing too hot. Cause if he wasn’t careful and he tried to pass ‘em, he’d end up with a lapful of racing car, old Cooter in it. The boys kept up the chase. While they were getting in deeper, old Rosco was getting madder than an old wet hen.

Bo and Luke speed off and Enos and Rosco follow in Rosco’s car. Bo destroys a few mail boxes in the chase.  Bo then leads them through a barn as well, which makes Luke very annoyed. Luke asks why they are running when they did nothing wrong and Bo slams on the breaks, bringing the chase to an end. Rosco asks them for the license and registration for both vehicles and tells the boys if they don’t have a registration or a bill of sale for the wrecked car then he can only assume they stole it. Cooter is furious and yells at Rosco but he sits quietly after Rosco threatens to arrest him too. Enos begins to read them their rights but he’s upset about the situation.

Town of Hazzard

Jesse and the boys leave the courthouse and Jesse explains that they can’t take it to court. When the boys ask why he explains the judges owe their jobs to Boss and if they have a jury they will get the parents of the girls the boys had been chasing. They conclude they need to make Boss drop the charges.


The four counter fitters set up an alarm on the barn and move the Rolls inside.

Balladeer: Ya’ll better not go to the refrigerator now

Town of Hazzard

Bo and Luke approach Ace, Boss, and Rosco who are discussing their future. Boss tells them that Ace will drop the charges for stealing a car if they get the Rolls back.

Duke Farm

While Daisy is hanging laundry in the kitchen, Enos arrives at the Duke Farm and expresses a need to talk to any of the males. Daisy asks him what is going on and convinces Enos to tell her about how Boss won’t allow Ace to drop the charges against the boys. Enos assures Daisy that he will always be there for her but Daisy will hate him for arresting the boys. Bo and Luke arrive at the farm for lunch and Daisy tells them what is going wrong. Luke and Bo vent about what is happening and say they need some help.

Junk Yard

Balladeer: Since everybody in the world was against them, they went to Cooter. That’s to tell you just about how bad off things were getting.

Bo and Luke arrive at the junk yard and call Cooter. Before Cooter goes to them he shows them the car crusher, turning a car into a cube. Cooter hands over the machine to someone else and goes to the boys asking them what they need. They tell him they need to weld something on his truck and Cooter hands over his keys as well as a $5 bill to Bo for gas. Cooter isn’t amused.

Duke Farm

Balladeer: The Dukes believe in retaliation on property, not people, which sometimes calls for a little country ingenuity. Like welding mowing machine teeth on the sides of a souped-up wrecker and using it for an assault car.

Bo and Luke weld mowing machine teeth on the sides of Cooter’s truck while Jesse helps in the back and tells the boys that they don’t run from trouble. When the boys ask why, Jesse tells them they have nowhere else to go. As Luke tests their work, Bo and Jesse get one of the dogs.


Cooter and Luke drop the dog into the fenced area to distract the Doberman while Cooter cuts open the fence. Joey is on the phone with his boss and John hides the plates in the Rolls. Luke and Cooter get into the barn and when Cooter opens the door the alarm goes off, alerting everyone. Luke finds the car was also chained to the barn wall.

Balladeer: Ever had one of them days when you couldn’t hit the ground with your hat?

The four run outside as Luke and Cooter escape, nearly destroying the barn. Manny and Joey’s girlfriend run to Manny’s car as Joey and John shoot after Luke. Bo locks the gate and runs to get Cooter’s truck. As Luke and Cooter are chased by Manny and the woman, Bo comes up and tears apart the car. Joey and John join the case as Cooter is annoying Luke in the Rolls. Bo tears apart the second car as well before forcing the car off the road. Bo and Cooter swap vehicles, Bo going with Luke and Cooter taking his truck. Along the way Rosco and Enos has a road block set up and when the boys pull over, Rosco takes the Rolls and forces them to walk home.

Duke Farm

Balladeer: There ain’t nothing more humiliating’ then being left standing in the middle of a country road, and I don’t think Bo and Luke are too knocked out about it either.

Bo and Luke arrive on the farm and vent to Jesse about what all happened, saying they have had it. Jesse gets an idea.

Ace’s Auto

The next morning Cooter leaves Ace’s. Bo tries to get them a drink from the vending machine but it’s broken. Ace arrives, soon followed by Boss and Lulu and lastly Rosco and Enos. Jesse thanks them for everything they have done and Luke says there is no hard feelings. Joey and his three show up and the Dukes leave. They all go into Ace’s shop to find all his cars, including the Rolls, have been turned into cubes. Lulu gives Boss until the end of the day to get her a Rolls. Rosco sees the counter fit plates and forces the four to leave town before calling the FBI.

Town of Hazzard

Jesse tells the boys there is still justice for those who fight it, quoting Ed James. When the boys ask who that is, he tells him that the man had a couple of nephews named Frank and Jesse.

Balladeer: And that’s the legend about how the Duke boys put Boss and Ace out of the hot car business. And got themselves off the hook by destroying the Rolls which was Rosco’s phony evidence. They even put a counterfeiting ring out of business too.


  • After being mentioned in the Pilot episode, Lulu Hogg makes her first appearance
    • Lulu is also a member of the Ladies Aid club mentioned in the pilot and expresses that the other members of the club hate her.
    • Lulu's birthday is around the time of this episode
  • Rosco reminds Enos that he was an honest lawman for 20 years until the people of Hazzard voted to cut his pension
  • Boss threatens Rosco with making him the 'night rent-a-cop at the drive in deli on Frontage Road'. This is a popular threat with him through the next few episodes
  • Rosco calls Boss "little fat buddy" for the first time in the series


  • The "Richard Petty Race Car" Bo and Luke buy from Ace is actually "Lee 1", the first General Lee Charger that makes the first ever jump in the first episode. The car was later found and purchased. The car was so badly damaged from its jump, it was sold to someone else, who still had done nothing with it. It was sold once more. Lee 1 is "restored" with new parts and lots of bondo.
  • Jerry Rushing that plays Ace, the used car dealer, wrote the book that the Dukes of Hazzard was based on and was the model for Bo Duke.

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