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"Return of the Ridge Raiders" is the twentieth episode of the second season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.

After a 40-year hiatus, the legendary Hazzard Ridge Raiders have reunited. The Ridge Raiders are out to stop Boss Hogg, who is a former Ridge Raider, from using the money intended for a senior-citizens center to turn the Boar's Nest into a playpen for his "Pretty Piggies". The Ridge Raiders believe that the best way to stop Boss is by using dynamite bombs on Boss's moonshine stills and other properties. Jesse, who is a former Ridge Raider himself, tries to sort it out and avoid trouble, but in typical Duke fashion, he lands right in the middle of it.

Balladeer: Well it all started on one of them fine Hazzard mornings that dawned as bright and clear as new squeezed cider. Bo and Luke was out giving the General a stretch while some other citizens of Hazzard was tending to their affairs.

Bo and Luke are out driving while a group of men come out of Hogg’s Mining Company. The six men go to blow it up when Jesse runs up telling them to wait. He protests what they are doing but they blow up the mine anyway and leave, forgetting the detonator. Bo and Luke head to the farm and are concerned about Jesse, who has been acting strange. Bo suggests a woman making Luke laugh before admitting it could be. Bo and Luke see Jesse on the side of the road and stop to help. Jesse refuses their help and when Bo asks where he went he tells them he can take care of himself before leaving. They decide to go to Henstep’s place as it is nearby. Enos watches the whole thing and follows.

Boar’s Nest

Two women see a sign for Boss Hogg’s ‘Pretty Piggy’ and go inside to sign up. A number of women are signing up and Boss is amused until he sees Buster. He asks Buster why he’s there and Buster explains he had Enos watching the boys. Boss sends him out to also watch the boys as Jesse arrives, surprising Boss. Jesse announces that he wants to talk to boss and pulls him aside and into his office. He tells him he’s tired of being lied to and he wants to know what happened to the money for the senior citizen’s home. Boss denies it at first before saying the money is tied up and Jesse tells him to stop playing. Boss asks if he is accusing him of misappropriating funds and Jesse tells him he will be getting to the bottom of it before storming out. Boss and Buster talk about how the money for the senior citizen center is being used by Boss to build a ‘play pen’.

Henstep’s Farm

Balladeer: The boys had dropped by Henstep McCullum’s to see if he had any notions about ol’ Jesse. But Henstep’s wife said that he’d been away a lot and acting more touchy than usual.

After talking to Henstep’s wife, the boys leave. Luke says he hopes Jesse isn’t involved with whoever is doing the sabotages. Bo protests that Jesse would never be involved in something like that before noticing Enos. Luke says he’s been there all day. They decide to lose him. After hiding in the trees to allow Enos to drive past, they head back.

Coffin Works

Jesse finds the Ridge Raider’s meeting. He asks them to give him a chance to do this all legally but the group refuse and leave. Jesse gets upset before getting an idea.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke arrive at the Farm and go to check the General. Luke goes to get some tools and finds the detonator in the barn. He shows it to Bo and they decide to toss it in the creek. While they go to leave, Buster and Enos arrive. They leave the farm while causing the two to crash.  Meanwhile the Ridge Raiders blow up a still.

Town of Hazzard

Bo and Luke arrive at the Garage. They drop in on Cooter and tell him that they think Jesse is with a few others blowing up things. Cooter tells them that Amos brought in his ‘old beast’ in to the Garage to be fixed up. Bo is worried and Luke decides to check it out. They leave. In the Telephone office Jesse is talking to Mabel. After Jesse leaves while trying to get her to ask someone other than Bo and Luke to a dance, she calls Boss to inform him of what Jesse is doing.

Boar’s Nest

Boss calls all the girls to come see Daisy model the outfit for his ‘Play Pen’. Buster and Enos come in and Enos refuses to look at Daisy. While the girls go see Daisy, Buster informs Boss that his still on Pine Ridge was just blown up. He explains that Judge Simpson was passing by to see the ridge raiders. Boss is upset saying they never mentioned the red kerchiefs before and Boss says if it was the 40 years ago it would have been the Ridge Raiders but it must be the Dukes. Daisy protests and tries to have Enos back her up but Enos refuses to comment or look at her while she's wearing such revealing clothes. Boss yells at her to get back to work and has Buster and Enos leave to find the boys.

Petersdorf Property

Bo and Luke arrive to see Amos’ granddaughter Sue Ellen. She talks to them about the disappearances when Buster and Enos arrive to arrest Bo and Luke. Sue Ellen sprays them with a hose so Bo and Luke can escape. The two officers manage to escape and chase after them but they all pass by Amos and Buster and Enos crash.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke arrive to see Jesse leaving. Jesse goes to brush them off and say he’s in a hurry but they protest and explain they are being chased by the police. Jesse says he didn’t figure on that and they will figure something out. Luke brings up the detonator and Jesse says there are other people involved right now. The boys press and Jesse tells them to give him some breathing space and to go visit their Aunt Lavinia. He hugs the boys and leaves. Luke remarks they haven’t even spoken to Aunt Lavinia in over 20 years. Bo and Luke decide to follow anyway.

Coffin Works

Bo and Luke sneak in to listen to the Ridge Raiders meet with Jesse. They listen to Jesse try to get the others to stop before calling for a vote. Jesse is out voted. As the Ridge Raider’s go to move out, Boss, Enos, and Buster arrive. Boss mocks them and tells Buster to arrest them. Before they can be unmasked, Bo and Luke drop a barrel down the stairs. Everyone flees.


Bo and Luke go to Atlanta to see their high school friend Coop and ask him for help. They don't explain what the story is, but he still agrees to come to Hazzard on Monday.

Boar’s Nest

Boss hires two rent a cops. They are ordered to find the Dukes and arrest them.

Coffin Works

The Ridge Raiders meet and agree to hijack a truck of equipment for Boss Play Pen.

Boar’s Nest

Boss is holding auditions for his new jobs with the girls all in swimsuits, including Daisy Terwilliger, Sue Ann Pettigrew, and Judy Jeremiah. Boss comments he feels like a kid in a candy store. As Daisy calls Cathy Kenny, Buster comes in. Daisy listens to Boss and Buster as she continues to call names and Buster says there is a truck of equipment coming in from Capital City. She gives the names to Boss claiming the check on the other girls. In Boss office she warns the boys over the radio about the truck. The boys decide to go keep the others from taking the truck. They drop off Jesse at his pickup to make tracking them easier. Jesse says he’ll find Newtie and Amos and they need to go after Henstep. As the boys drive one of the General’s tires go and they have to stop.

Colonial City Highway

The Rent-a-cops and Buster follow the truck. Buster and the cops fight over who will follow the truck and end up running each other off the road. Down the road the truck is stopped. When the driver gets out he is captured and the truck is stolen. Jesse sees the driver and he informs Jesse what happened. Buster then arrives and arrests Jesse.

Police Department

While Jesse is in the jail, Daisy and Boss come to see him. Boss asks where the others are and Jesse gets angry and yells at him. Daisy pleads for Jesse after Boss decides to ship him off to the state penitentiary but Boss fires her and they walk away. Daisy goes outside and calls for Bo and Luke.

Balladeer: When Daisy told ‘em what had happened to their Uncle Jesse, Luke and Bo figured they needed a heap of help. So they made a few phone calls to their neighbors.

After calling the six ridge raiders, Bo and Luke meet with them. Luke tells them it could be dangerous but they don’t care. They start coming up with a plan and tell Bo and Luke to trust them. The cousins are concerned but agree. They plan out the details.


Jesse is being moved in the car with the two rent-a-cops. They are followed by Buster, then Enos who is crying and apologizing to Jesse, and Boss and Alex with a number of girls. Amos, Newtie, and the boys fall into the back. They drive through the group, using the smoke machine. One by one all the cars crash. Bo runs over to get Jesse out of the car and Jesse is not happy and scolds Bo but Bo checks on them before they leave. Alex and Boss continue the pursuit and Jesse says that now he’s in more trouble but Bo says not if they pick up Coop in 29 minutes like they promised. Luke says they have to have to loose the tails first. The rent-a-cop and Boss follow and Newtie uses his machine. Jesse says to go across country but Bo says this is where they want to be. They pass the fire truck and Amos causes Buster and the others to spin out. Bo and Luke explain that the next part of the plan is for them all to drive the stolen truck up to Boss’ office. The men in the car protest but the boys tell them to trust them this time.

The Dukes and Ridge Raiders meet up. Bo and Luke take the General and the other seven go to get the stolen truck. Boss lectures Buster and the others. They then decide to regroup at Boss’ office in town.

Town of Hazzard

Coop gets off the bus at the station and the boys pick him up. While Boss talks to the police, Enos sees the truck pull up outside. He tells them about it and everyone runs outside. The six ridge raiders and Jesse wait by the truck as Boss attempts to arrest them but Bo, Luke, and Cooper arrive. Bo, Luke, and Cooper strong hand Boss into publicly giving the truck for the Senior Citizen’s home.

Balladeer: And so, that’s how Bo and Luke got the Town of Hazzard a Senior Citizen Center, in a law abiding manner. Well, it was close for the Dukes. The Ground Breaking Ceremony almost broke Boss Hogg’s heart. With his playpen ploughed under a lot of the pretty piggies became volunteers for the old folks. All of which proves you’re never too old and you’re never too young when it comes to having fun in Hazzard County.

Boss does the ground breaking ceremony for the Senior Citizen Center, which Daisy, Cooter, and everyone else attends. They start dancing and Bo and Luke each have a young girl but Jesse cuts in and takes Bo’s dance partner. Cooter dances with another young woman and Daisy dances with Enos.

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  • The Ridge Raider's was a group of Moonshiners in Hazzard County that included Amos, Henstep, Newtie, at least three others, and possibly Jesse Duke. They had been active 40 years ago but returned after Boss tries to cheat them out of the senior center.
  • This is Buster Moon's only time as Sheriff. It is unknown why Boss selected him.
  • Buster mentions that they found the Duke boys by the Postman, who we later learn was a postmistress, Emma Tisdale.