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Mr. Reynolds is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


10 Million Dollar Sheriff: Part 1[]

On his way to Hazzard to see Rosco Coltrane, his car breaks down. As the General Lee passes him on the road, he flags them down. Bo and Luke get out and Luke asks what is the problem. He explains something is wrong with his car and he needs to get into Hazzard, offering Luke his card. Luke looks at it saying it’s not a problem and they will give him a lift. Bo tells him it’s not problem and to get his stuff. He says that would be appreciated and Bo says Cooter can probably fix his car. He is startled when the boys pick him up to get him in the car, explaining the doors don’t open. His hat falls off in the process and he comments he had a hat when he got in, to which Bo quickly hands it to him.

They pull up to the Court House and the boys help him out of the car. They arrive in the police station just in time for Rosco to say he can’t come up with ‘that kind of money’ to something Boss Hogg said. He replies ‘I wouldn’t say that if I were you Sheriff’ and Luke introduces him as an attorney from Atlanta. Boss says that he’s plumb out of luck if he’s planning to sue Rosco as he has all of Rosco’s money for the next six months claimed. He explains he is actually there at the behest of Rosco’s late Great Uncle Hosiah. When Rosco says he never heard of him, he is surprised saying that Hosiah left his entire estate to Rosco, 10 million dollars. When Rosco accuses Bo and Luke of playing a prank, he tells Rosco that he assures him it is a legitimate request. Rosco tells him to hush and he explains they are all in legal order and whether Rosco chooses to believe it or not, Rosco is now worth 10 million dollars. Boss says there must be some mistake and he wants to see the color of the money. He laughs saying Boss can hardly expect him to go around with that amount of money in his wallet. He pulls out a check saying that should ease everyone’s minds until they can have the proper amount of funds transferred to the Sheriff. Reynolds hands Rosco a check.

After Cooter fixes his car, he takes State 7 to leave. He is startled when Bo and Luke suddenly jump over him onto the road. Bo stops in front of him and he stops as well. The boys approach him an as he gets out he says it seems like anytime he goes anywhere in Hazzard he runs into them. Luke says the first time was an accident and this time it was on purpose. Bo explains they are worried about Rosco and the money slipping through his fingers. Luke says they just want to make sure that money is his to spend. He pulls out his briefcase and pulls out the Last Will and Testament of Hosiah P. Coltrane, saying he showed it to Rosco before he left Hazzard. He tells them to look at the second paragraph on page two. After reading it, Bo apologizes for wasting his time. He says it was his pleasure and he’s sure the Sheriff would appreciate their concern. Luke says they aren’t sure Rosco can handle the title that came with the money. They boys says goodbye and leave.

10 Million Dollar Sheriff: Part 2[]

After learning there was an error, he returns to Hazzard. He pulls up to see Rosco and Boss fighting in front of the police department. Rosco asks if he brought him the rest of the $10 million. He says ‘not exactly’ and that about his inheritance it seems that the computers had made a terrible mistake. Rosco asks that he’s not related to Uncle Harrison and he corrects Rosco saying its Uncle Hosiah and he is defiantly related. He explains that the computer printed the decimal point in the wrong place and what Rosco inherited wasn’t 10 million dollars, but 10 dollars. Rosco asks that is all of it and he says he’s sorry. He tells Rosco that Rosco will have to return the $50,000 he was advanced. Rosco says this is all good news before leaving.