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Dry goods

Rhuebottom's General Delivery and Dry Good's store, sometimes referred to as just Rhuebottom's or the General Store, is a location in the Town of Hazzard between the Hazzard Garage and Carols' Jewelry.

The store has been used for many types of shopping from clothing, food, and even dynamite. [1] The store also has it's own assets including a van used for the sole purpose of deliveries for the business. [2]


Rhubottoms closed

The Store is owned by Mr. Rhuebottom and is frequently visited by the people of Hazzard. The store is also frequently bothered by the Sheriff's department as the Sheriff and his deputies frequently drive through some of the goods that are brought out to the street for display.

In 1981, Boss Hogg temporarily foreclosed on the store and used it as a warehouse.[3] While in Boss' possession the wall separating the store from Cooter's garage was heavily damaged. Eventually the hole was fixed and the building returned to Mr. Rhuebottom's possession.



  • Mr. Rhuebottom
  • Boss Hogg- Boss foreclosed on the store in 1981 and closed it down to use as a storage location for some of his illegal activities. It was returned to Mr. Rhuebottom at some point after.


  • Frank- employee at Rhuebottoms'. He is on first name terms with Jesse[4]


Rhubotttoms inside

Rhuebottom's Store has both outside and inside merchandise. Outside usually has a number of crates and boxes with fruits and vegetables.

Inside the main floor has a number of shelves around the room with a counter where purchases can be made. There is also a small closet at the end of counter. The store itself has a front door for customers and a backdoor for employees.

Rhuebottom's has a back storage room used to store many of the products not on the main floor.

Major Appereances[]

While Rhuebottom's General Store is a frequently seen location in the Town of Hazzard, it is rarely used as a major location in an episode.

Season 4[]

Trouble at Cooter's[]

After Boss foreclosed on Rhuebottom, he took over the store to use as a warehouse for illegal merchandise. After being cheated out of the money owed to him, Russ Mitchell decides to take advantage of Boss storing the stolen furs in Rhuebottom's by breaking into the store from the wall between it and Cooter's Garage. He does open a hole in the wall to enable him and his girlfriend Bonnie to steal the furs.

Season 5[]

Lawman of the Year[]

Two men come in looking for dynamite but Mr. Rhuebottom explains he's fresh out. They leave.

The Treasure of Soggy Marsh[]

The store is having a sale on dishes. Boss and Rosco come in to collect scuba gear that Boss ordered. After gathering all the gear, Rosco trips through the store breaking a number of things. Mr. Rhuebottom puts the gear on Boss' tab and all the broken items on Rosco's tab.