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Rick, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Witness: Jesse Duke[]

While robbing the Capitol City jewel store, they rush out to see Jesse Duke and an older woman in front of the store. He shoves the woman to the ground and out of the way as he gets into the car and drives them out of Capitol City.

They arrive at their hideout and celebrate over the stolen loot, taking a watch from the box to get a better look. He then pulls out some pearls telling Parker they had a nice haul and the pearls alone must be worth 15 to 20 grand. He tells Parker that he done good, calling him boy before adding that they done good. Parker informs him about the old man who got a good look at his face. He assures Parker that Jesse is probably not even alive since he hit his head pretty hard.

They turn on the radio and listen to it, learning that the witness who saw them was named Jesse Duke and he was currently hospitalized. They also learn that he was blinded in the attack and not likely to regain his eyesight. He turns off the radio and Parker says the man is alive but Rick reminds him that he can’t see. He adds that if Jesse can’t see, then he can’t identify Parker and he just wants to get out of the country like they planned. Parker refuses as long as Jesse is alive since he can still describe him.

The next morning they read a newspaper article that Jesse assured the police he would be able to identify the crooks. They go to a payphone and while Parker calls, Rick waits outside keeping watch. After finishing the call, Parker comes out and tells him that Jesse is at him home and they should go get him. He asks Parker to forget it but Parker says they are going.

They head out to the Duke Farm, getting directions from a farmer along the way. As he gets closer, Parker puts on his mask. After arriving at the farm, they park and he puts on his mask. They move up to the farm house to see if Jesse is home. They look in the window to see Daisy reading to what looks like Jesse. As they get ready to go in, they hear a horn and see a cop car approach. The two flee. They see the General and a cop car come after them and Parker tells him to step on it. He tries to say he’s got it to the floor and Parker yells to push harder. He snaps that he knows and the people behind them are gaining. Parker continues to yell at him and he swerves through traffic at a Mobile Home Park.

Having lost the Dukes they go back to the farm to find ‘Jesse’ was a doll. He removes his mask and asks how do they find the man now. Parker says they are going to search Hazzard for the orange car and use it to lead them to Jesse. They decide to swap cars first.

After stealing a new car, they go to Town and drive around. Parker points out the General Lee as Coy, Vance, and Daisy get out. They park and get out, subtlety following the Dukes to Boss Hogg’s house. When Parker says he thinks Jesse is in there, he says the patrol car tells him that the Sheriff is in that house too. They decide to wait. A few minutes later they see the Duke kids run out and speed out of town. A few minutes later Boss and Rosco come out. Parker tells him to go get the car and bring it around front before meeting him inside. Rick nods and does as told, but he is not happy about it. After doing so, he comes inside to see Parker has Jesse. Jesse suddenly flips the table on them and starts calling for help on the radio. He helps pull the radio off Jesse.

Rick and Parker force Jesse out to the car but as they do the Sheriff returns. They jump into the car and speed off, nearly getting hit by a truck. They loose the officer and head out of town.

They arrive at the cave and he helps get Jesse out of the car and to the cave. As Parker stands Jesse up by the cave, he starts to get nervous asking that Parker is going to kill him in the cave. Parker says where they are is fine. He turns away, unable to watch. He hears Jesse hit the gun from Parker's hand and turns just in time to see him flee into the cave. Parker asks if there is another exit to the cave and he says he doesn’t know as they never looked. They start looking for Jesse.

Not finding him, they exit the cave and split up to see where he went. They go back to the car to find Jesse had pulled out a number of wires. He tells Parker that is enough with the old man and to just forget about him. He says they should just fix the car and get out of there. Parker asks if he can fix it and Rick says he knows cars pretty good. Parker tells him to fix it.

Parker checks on his progress and he says it should just be a few more minutes as Jesse really made a mess of it. After a bit he tells Parker that should do it and they start the engine. Parker praises him and he gets in the car to drive. However he notices all the cars coming up behind them and they rush off. When the orange car turns off, Parker asks where it is. He is shocked to see it over them and informs Parker of that. When the General lands, they are forced to stop and attempt to flee on foot. Coy dives on him from behind and knocks him out. He is arrested by Enos and Rosco.