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Riker is a character from the Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion!


Riker and Mama Max meet Rosco and he shows them the Hazzard swamp. While looking around, he and Mama Max find some rare ore on the ground. Mama Max wants the land and they attempt to buy it but Jesse Duke stops them as they would have to cross his property.


The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion![]

Riker stands in the back at the Town meeting listening to Mama Max, Rosco, and Cletus convince the Duke Family into accepting an overland race challenge. Later he and Cletus drink together in Rosco’s office while Mama Max tries to butter up Rosco. As they leave the office, Mama Max vents about Rosco, calling him an idiot. She then grabs Riker’s arm, saying they need to go get their ringer. Confused he asks what she’s talking about and she tells him she hired another driver named Cam Cutler.

While at Mama Max’s office, Rosco comes in and expresses concern about the race as Bo Duke is a professional driver. They introduce Cam Cutler to Rosco while he is reading the ‘Hazzard Outlook’ and he assures Rosco that they got other surprises waiting for Bo and Luke along the way. After Mama Max forces Rosco out she tells them that Rosco is the dumbest primate in the galaxy.

The next day he and Cam spot Bo and Luke out driving the General. They follow the boys and run them off the road, causing them to flip. He goes to the Boar’s Nest and they brag about causing the boys to wreck. Bo and Luke approach them saying ‘Evening Ladies’ and he calls them the Hazzard Lug nuts asking what he can do for them. Bo insults Cam and they tease him. Luke says since they crashed the General maybe they want to contribute to the car repair fund. He tells them he will pay for the whole car and gives the boys a dollar. Bo and Luke conclude they are offended and Riker is yanked from his chair by Luke as a bar fight starts. He gets up and breaks a bottle, intending to stab Bo with it but Enos grabs him from behind saying that isn’t fair. Enos smashes the bottle before throwing him across the bar. Enos then picks him up off the ground and throws him through a window.

Later he goes to Mama Max, who asks where he got the muscle he hired and telling him to get tough as she puts a band aid on his head. He promises and asks her to stop fixing him as it hurts.

The next day he is working on the plan of using an illegal racing engine when Mama Max brings Rosco in to show him the plan. When Rosco reminds him that is illegal, he says Rosco is quick. He is amused when Rosco doesn’t figure out the plan. They laugh after he leaves and Riker points out Rosco didn’t even suspect they were using counterfeit money. He lights a cigar for Mama Max and tells her the next set of soil samples are ready.

He tells Mama Max about the report how Daisy found something on the ground in the swamp and ran away. When Mama Max says it was the ore he asks ‘that hick chick’ in disbelief and Mama Max, angry, informs him that Daisy is finishing her doctorate in Ecology. He asks that Daisy would find it just lying there and Max says that is how they found it. She tells them that they will know for sure by what Daisy does next.

When Rosco tells them about The Environmental Impact Study, Mama Max hands him the form and he balls it up before throwing it away. After Rosco leaves she tells him to kidnap Daisy. He argues that they still have people serving time for that and she tells him to do it, which he nervously agrees.

He and his men follow Daisy around town before grabbing her and putting her in a van. They take her to the Cotton Mill and call Jesse to inform the Dukes that they will let Daisy go after the race. When Daisy puts up a fight he calls Mama Max to help. When Mama Max arrives, he takes her to Daisy. He listens to Daisy talk about her wedding, commenting on how this is all crazy and Mama Max says ‘not for Hazzard.’ He learns that ‘Enos’ is an LA Police Sergeant and he tells Daisy that Enos is a long way from Hazzard. Daisy tells him that Enos isn’t in LA, that Enos was the big guy who threw him through a window the other night and Enos wasn’t even mad at him, then. Daisy says that Riker and the rest will have to help run her errands and he says ‘this broads nuts’. He is upset when Mama Max tells him to do whatever Daisy needs. He’s stunned and tries to clarify what happened but Daisy makes him stand up and be her model.

She puts her dress on him, telling him to hold still so she can sew the hem. Mama Max and one of his men come in and he gets upset, telling the man to get out and close the door. Mama Max snaps at him to stop fidgeting. After Daisy expresses concern about the cake, Mama Max tells Riker to call the cake shop and make the change to the cake and take off the dress. He does, but he gives an attitude about it. However he does stop to check how the dress looks in the mirror.

He is later sent to town to pick up some cloth for Daisy to make dresses. He is followed back to the Cotton mill by Bo, Luke, and Enos without knowing.

Riker tells Buzz about the plan to switch cars. He explains that this is in case they check the engines at the finish line. Buzz says he never agreed to this and he slams Buzz against the wall, threatening the destroy Double Zero if Buzz doesn’t help. He tells Buzz they will be in touch before sending him away. After he the jokes with Cam about what else is to come. He goes back to the office and is frustrated to see Rosco but storms off.

At the cotton mill he informs Mama Max that a man named Mojo and ‘his gang of gorillas’ have arrived and said she sent for them. He asks what is going on and Mama Max says they are there in case the Dukes try anything.

He gets a call from Mama Max after the race starts and is told to bring Daisy to town and that she wants no guns. He brings a sack of crowbars and other blunt weapons and holds out an empty sack telling them to put their guns in. When they protest he asks what do they want him to say, something has come over her and he brought other weapons. He says it’s not a mafia they are dealing with ‘just hicks’ and when Mojo drops in his, he tells the rest to pretend like it’s Christmas and they are Santa’s elves. Moments later four people burst in. He is stunned when Enos chases after him and tries to pull a gun on him, but Enos knocks it away. He ends up cornered and sees the only thing around is a window. He asks Enos not to do it again, but Enos throws him out the window.

Outside he is disoriented and Luke helps him up saying he was thrown out a window. He is dragged to the General and they gesture for him to get in the trunk. He says they are kidding and Bo asks if he would rather be a hood ornament. He climbs in. He yells about the rough ride asking to be let out, especially when Bo jumps a creek. When they arrive in Hazzard he is hauled out of the trunk. He is handed over to Rosco and is arrested.