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Road Pirates is the fifth episode of Season two

When Bo, Luke and Cletus are framed for hijacking a shipment of stolen television sets, which Boss had planned to sell on the black market, they are in a race against time to clear their names and nab the real culprits.

Balladeer: Now if y’all are wondering why that Sheriff’s car is cuddling up to General Lee instead of chasing him, remember this is Hazzard County, and when things are quiet some of the chasers and chasees are downright friendly. This is reserve deputy cousin Cletus Hogg, called to active duty when Doc Petticord decided to separate Enos from his appendix.

Bo and Cooter line up the General and the squad car while Luke and Daisy watch. Bo goes first, jumping across the creek. After Cletus jumps, getting further than Bo using the nitros oxide the boys put in the car. The three Dukes go to praise him and Luke says this will help him with the hijackers they have been struggling with and Bo wants him to promise not to use it to chase the General.

Boar’s Nest

Boss meets with Mr. Garbade about buying a shipment of color t.v. sets. Boss tries to write off the demand of cash for a check saying he doesn’t have that much in his office but Rosco reminds him that he does. Boss is suspicious since he hasn't seen any proof of the tv sets and calls the number on the shipment invoice to verify and then he buys the t.v. sets.


Garbade’s men hijack the truck pretending to be law men.

Duke Farm

Daisy tells Jesse about Cletus' car as Bo and Luke cut up wood. Jesse lectures them about how Cletus will use it for stupid things and the boys agree to go pull it off the car before anything happens.

Police Department

The truck driver tells Boss and Rosco what happened. The become alarmed realizing it’s the shipment that Boss bought. The man explains that the one who robbed him was driving a Hazzard County Sheriff’s car. Boss says that isn’t possible as Rosco was with him and Enos is in the hospital. Rosco reminds him there is also Cletus. Boss assumes it was Cletus and becomes furious. Cletus turns himself in and Bo and Luke arrive, getting dropped off by Daisy. Bo asks why Boss gets a new walkway every month since the front of the court house has wet cement. They arrive in Rosco’s office to hear Cletus being accused of hijacking a truck. Cletus says he was on Possum Hill and can prove it if he can call a witness. Luke and Bo announce that they are there and will defend Cletus. The Truck Driver says that there were two other people there and Boss accuses Cletus, Bo, and Luke of stealing the sets. While Rosco tries to look for the print out card of the prisoners rights, Bo flees, dragging Cletus and Luke behind him. Cletus doesn’t want to go, yelling and attracting Cooter’s attention from the garage. Luke removes the sign for the wet cement, causing Boss and Rosco to fall in. Cooter thanks god for a perfect day. Bo and Luke accidentally knock Cletus out on a pole and resort to stealing his police car.


Bo and Luke flee around town and Cletus wakes up. Cletus keeps messing with Bo’s ability to drive until Bo  bites his hand. Cletus takes the key from the ignition and the boys demand for the key back. Bo and Luke put it to a vote and Cletus is outvoted so he hands the key back to Bo. The boys jump a creek and escape.

Still Site

Jesse cuts the three free from each other. Jesse lectures them for stealing a car and escaping. Cletus argues he was kidnapped and Bo snaps that Rosco can only give them life for that. Cletus says that he wrote up all the cases and Luke decides to break into the Hazzard County Jail for Cletus' file. Cletus refuses but goes with them.


Daisy uses a phone outside the Theater to call Rosco to file a missing persons report. Bo, Luke, and Cletus all sneak into the office and start looking for the reports. Rosco listens to the caller, making a report until Daisy messes up admitting that the person is a dog and he realizes it’s Daisy distracting him. Luke realizes all the trucks originated at the United Shipping Terminal in Colonial City. Rosco goes into the file room but the boys are already gone. When he tries to stop them they shut a window on him and jump into Daisy’s car to flee. Boss and Alex spot them and try to cut them off, but are stopped by Rosco.

Balladeer: Seeing as how all the hijacked trucks started out from the same town, Luke figured they best start checking out the shipping terminals in Colonial City, looking for a lead on the Road Pirates. Now the boys had really thought things out. They even dressed up decent, so nobody would recognize them. You know slicked up they don’t look half bad.

Colonial City

Bo and Luke go to see the trucking company. Luke learns that the clerk is in on it and Bo finds two shipments going through Hazzard that day.

Boar’s Nest

Boss checks the number from the invoice again to find it’s been disconnected despite talking to them the day before. Rosco asks if they were double crossed. Boss says Rosco needs to fin the t.v. sets, or his money or he will get it out of his hide.

Balladeer: Meanwhile the Dukes plan to catch the road pirates started to fit together like biscuits and gravy. The best way to find the pirates was to ride in the truck that they was gonna hijack. Which was slick thinking except there was two trucks scheduled to pass through Hazzard County that day. So Bo and Luke figured to split up and take one apiece. Now all they needed was a sure fire way to stop that truck and hitch a ride. And that’s one sure fire way to stop a truck.

Daisy waits on the side of the road under her car. The truck driver stops and offers to help. While he is distracted, Luke and Cletus slip Bo into the truck of stereo equipment. The truck driver leaves quickly when Daisy claims the Sheriff is her father. They do the same to the second truck and slip Luke in a truck with motorcycles. Jesse and Cooter follow the truck with Bo and Cletus and Daisy follow Luke. When the truck pulls over, Luke realizes he’s about to be hijacked and calls back to Daisy. The truck is taken. They realize they need to get Bo out of the truck he is in and Cooter gets close to the truck to allow Bo to jump out the back onto the General. Bo asks Daisy where they were and Cletus tells them about the Hobson place that was deserted. They all head that way, Cooter and Daisy driving the cars. Rosco sees Daisy and follows as well, radioing Boss who is at the Boar’s Nest. Boss decides to head out to join.

Hobson Farm

The hijackers arrive and start unloading the truck, accidently taking Luke into the barn too. Luke is spotted and flees on a motorcycle. The three chase after him. Boss and Alex arrive and they follow Rosco up. Daisy and Cletus arrive to see the hijackers following Luke. During a jump Powers crashes and Daisy and Cletus pick him up. Luke loses one in a jump, a second in the creek, and the third along the way, Cletus and Daisy picking up all three as they go. Rosco cuts off Cooter and the rest and Bo gets annoyed with Rosco. They are all surprised when Boss tells him to ignore Bo. After everyone arrives and all the hijackers are caught, the Dukes inform Boss that they already called the State Police. Luke tells them he was glad to see them as the bike was about out of gas. Daisy gives Cletus a kiss to thank him.

Balladeer: And that’s the story of how the Duke boys rounded up the road pirates. Boss lost $10,000 that he paid for them stolen TV’s, and threatened to take it out of Rosco’s pay, all of which called for a little fun ceremony to get Cletus reinstated. Which the Dukes set up to kind of rub it in on old Boss. Everybody figured Cletus was squirming because Daisy was so close to him, all breathy and sweet smelling. The truth is he was too bashful to tell her that she was pinning that badge right through his shirt to his skin. And, gosh, that’s bashful. But that’s what you’d expect in Hazzard County.

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  • This episode is the first time Uncle Jesse uses the CB handle Shepherd and Bo is using the CB handle Black Sheep One before changing to Lost Sheep.


  • The radio's used by the Duke Family in this episode are Motorola MT 500's. The antenna length would be indicative of VHF Hi-Band. However the radio Bo uses with a collapsible antenna is not a Motorola MT 500