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"Robot P. Coltrane" is the fourth episode of the seventh season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


A computer technician named Rance (Ray Colbert) is fired from his job shortly after completing work on a contract. He and a co-worker named Marv (William Allen Young) get revenge against their former employer by stealing a caché of electronics to sell on the black market, then steal back for ransom.

One of those items is an advanced robot named Bobby Joe (Robert Shields). Bo and Luke, who had an earlier skirmish with Rance and Marv, become suspicious, and investigate their van.

Rosco catches the Duke boys inside the van, but bungles the arrest. The robot, however, is easily able to apprehend the Dukes. Boss Hogg is impressed, buys the robot, and promptly promotes Bobby Joe to Hazzard County Sheriff. He then fires Rosco, leaving him despondent.

Boss Hogg is unaware that Marv and Rance have plans to use Bobby Joe to rob the Hazzard Bank. The Dukes -- in between having to console Rosco -- are suspicious and begin to investigate. Before long, they find the crooks' hideout and their ransom note to the electronics company, proving that Bobby Joe was stolen.

Things get difficult for the Dukes when Marv and Rance discover that the Dukes have been snooping around. Marv and Rance capture the Dukes and tie them up before heading out to rob the bank. After they have put all the loot in their truck, they have Bobby Joe hold Rosco at the scene so it will appear that Rosco robbed the bank.

When Boss Hogg arrives, he is angry at Rosco, until the Dukes show up and explain everything about Marv and Rance. The Dukes take off in the General, followed by Rosco and Enos, to find Marv and Rance. Bo and Luke are able to stop Marv and Rance's truck and grab them. Rosco and Enos show up just in time to collect Marv and Rance, and the stolen money. Rosco is now a proud sheriff once again.



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