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Rocky Marlowe is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Deputy Dukes[]

Rocky Marlowe was labeled Public Enemy number one. After his arrest he is being held in Springville for his trial. His lawyer gets him a change of venue to Hazzard County. He is brought into the booking office from his cell and Sheriff Lacey tells him Bo and Luke are deputies of Hazzard County and will take him to Hazzard. Looking over the boys he says it should be an interesting trip. Bo tells them ‘let’s go’ and he ignores him. Annoyed Bo pulls him a bit to get him moving. They are approached by Officer Price and he is unamused when Bo attempts to flirt with her, Bo labeling him as a dangerous criminal and slapping his back. He waits as the boys walk away with Price before returning for him.

In the car, he hears Price say Bo and Luke don’t have guns. Luke says they don’t feel guns are necessary and he remarks ‘you hayseeds must think you’re real tough’. Bo tells him they ain’t lost a prisoner yet. Seeing his men behind him, he grins. However he is tossed around in the back of the car by Luke’s driving, snapping that they are supposed to get him to Hazzard in one piece. Bo tells him no one ever said that and Luke agrees saying their orders were one piece at a time.

After Luke lost his men, they trade the police car for a hearse. While in the car he mentions the woman looks familiar and she says she bet’s he says that to all the cops. He argues he’s seen her somewhere and without that uniform. He says he may forget names and faces but he doesn’t forget other things.

They stop when the car starts to act up. After Luke got out and before Bo can follow, he calls out to Bo causing him to pause. He tells Bo he can make it worth his while if he looks to other way and he’s talking about a bushel of money. Bo laughs saying their ain’t no way, they’re country boys and they don’t use no money. He says they barter their way through life and had Marlowe offered him a bushel of corn there was no telling what Bo might have done. He is angry but after Bo gets out, the woman tells him to keep cool and as soon as the right time comes she’ll bust him loose, surprising him. He asks who she is and she asks if it really matters.

When his boys arrive and Bo gets behind the wheel, he asks if they are sure they don’t want to make a deal. He is thrown back when Bo slams on the gas to escape his boys. After finding a dead end due to a jack knifed truck, Bo and Luke conclude they need to run. He announces he’s not going anywhere as they boys pull him from the car and Luke tells him that for him, there isn’t any other choice and to move it. Bo pulls him along. He tells the boys that they are never going to get away from his boys and to get smart and cut him lose. Bo tells him that the price has gone up and it will cost him 2 bushels of corn now. They continue on, coming to a red convertible that the boys decide to take. He is forced in by Bo. As they head to Possum Hollow he asks when Price will bust him loose and she tells him when they stop for gas. He insists she looks familiar.

When Bo and Luke go inside to talk to the gas station attendant, Price hands Marlowe the keys and tells him to go into the ghost town as the rest is swamp. He says she really does look familiar before running. He follows a porch structure, looking for a place to hide. He gets off the chains when Price approaches him, pointing a gun at him and explaining his time is up. He asks what her game is before realizing she is Mary Beth, Malone’s daughter. He tells her he had nothing to do with her father’s arrest but she says she knows different. When Bo and Luke arrive he grabs the gun and runs into the saloon. Bo, Luke, and Mary Beth follow and he shoots at them.

He runs across the roof and shoots at Bo and Luke when they chase after him. He goes into a different building and takes the car they came in. As he tries to drive, Luke shoots out the radiator with an arrow. He shoots at Luke and his men arrive. He runs to them and points out where Bo and Luke are before scolding them for taking so long and sending one to get Mary Beth.

They try to leave but they are cut off by Rosco’s group and startled by Bo shooting at them with dynamite. He points a gun at Mary Beth telling Rosco to drop his gun or they will kill Mary Beth. They are distracted when Luke shoots an arrow into the convertible horn, allowing Mary Beth to escape. He goes to shoot her but Bo calls out to him, pointing another dynamite arrow and telling him if he pulls the trigger, he and his friends will go higher and wider than a moonshot. He drops his gun, surrendering. They are arrested by Rosco and Enos.