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Rod Moffet is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Rod was close to his father until his death in 1983. After he continues to practice basketball since his dad taught him how to play.

He is also implied to be close to Bo and Luke, Luke referring to themselves as 'big brother' figures.


The Boar's Nest Bears[]

While shooting hoops at home, Jesse calls out telling him it was a good shot. Turning around, he notices they have company and greets Jesse as ‘Mr. Duke’ and Daisy before going back to shooting.

Bo and Luke come out to visit and they stand on the porch while Lou Ann prepares dinner and Rod sits next to her. They explain that they are coaching the Boar’s Nest Bears and want Rod to play on the team. His mom disagrees but says it is his decision. Bo asks if he wants to and he tells Bo that he doesn’t know and he doesn’t feel like being around other kids right now. Bo says he and Luke will be there and Luke adds that Jesse and Daisy will be there too. He insists that he just doesn’t think he can right now and Bo and Luke agree, saying they understand.

A few moments later, they are surprised to see A.C. Tate Jr. and Ruel arrive. The two say they want Rod on their team but Lou Ann, Bo, and Luke tell them to leave. He watches the two men drive away, his mom saying A.C. Tate and J.D. Hogg are both rattlesnakes. Bo says they’ll come up next week and Luke offers to play one on one with him when they do. He stands with his mom to watch the Dukes leave.

Later he continues to practice when Jesse comes to visit. He misses the catch on one of the baskets but Jesse gets it. Jesse says he’s got, but if he put a little more wrist in the shot it would soften it up. He tries and smiles when it works. Jesse says he’s good and asks who taught him. He remarks his daddy did and Jesse says his dad taught him good but he doesn’t think Rod’s dad taught him to play by himself and that he was taught to play on a team. He keeps tossing baskets saying he doesn’t want to. Jesse asks that it still hurts and he stops, saying it does all the time. Jesse says he knows how he feels as he felt the same when his dad passed. He says you don’t want to leave the house, just mope around all the time. Jesse tells Rod that when his dad passed, he had a wife. He says life is for the living and you gotta gather it up and get on. Rod remarks his mom says that too. Jesse says that God gives you talent and how you use it is how you pay God back. He says that Rod has a lot of talent and he’s wasting it when he could be using it to help other people. Rod asks if he means the Bears, which Jesse confirms. Jesse adds that it might help himself and he agrees, saying he’ll give it a try. Jesse says that is all anybody can ask. They go to get some pie.

He goes back to the Duke Farm and runs some drills with Tommy, Charlie, and the other kids. When night comes he goes into the barn on cots with the others but he can’t sleep and stays up reading a magazine. Hearing his name, he sees Tate and Ruel had entered the barn and he puts down the magazine to go over to them and Tate introduces him to Ruel, to which he greets the man. He asks what they want and Tate apologizes for how he talked to Rod’ mom. Tate says he can be helpful to Rod and Rod asks what that means. Ruel says that Rod is the man of the house now and it’s his job to protect his mom. Tate says that it would be a shame to lose the farm. He asks what they are talking about and Ruel says they were hoping Rod would change his mind. Rod says he likes playing for the Bears, especially playing for the Dukes. He asks if he can go back to bed and Tate says if he sees Rod on the court on Friday he will ensure he loses the farm.

Unable to sleep, he walks out to the Boar’s Nest and plays basketball for a bit. Bo and Luke find him the next morning, and Bo greets him before asking what he’s been up to. He says he was thinking. Luke tosses him the basketball asking if he wanted to run home to him mom. He makes another shot, saying he can’t run home to mama every time he has a problem. Bo makes a shot and comments that there was a time when him and Luke stopped running home to Uncle Jesse with him. Luke then tosses the ball, asking if he solved him. Rod gets the ball back, telling them he didn’t. He informs Bo and Luke about Tate and Ruel and the threat they made. Bo says he can’t do it and Luke assures him that the farm was bought and paid for. Bo puts a hand on his shoulder saying Tate can’t do anything to Rod or his mom and that they will never let anything happen, patting Rod’s cheek. Rod agrees to go back.

Rod practices with the other kids, encouraging them.

Friday morning they put on their uniforms, Rod getting number 11 and they run drills on the court until Jesse calls for the Captains and Coaches. As the Bear’s Captain, he goes to the center with Bo and Luke and shakes the Chief’s captain’s hand. Tate calls a halt to the game, saying he wants to see proof that Rod is twelve, confusing Rod. He protests that he is indeed twelve and for them to ask his mom. Tate says that isn’t good enough. He and the other kids wait on the court while every the others go to get his birth certificate. Luke and Jesse return, informing him the certificate on file claims he is 13 and he can’t play until Daisy and Bo return with his real one.

The game starts and he watches the other team score the first two baskets. As the game drags on with them losing, he tries to cheer the team on.

Luke addressed the team at half time. He tells them not to give up and to keep shooting. During the second half he cheers on his team. Bo and Daisy suddenly arrive and announce that they have the birth certificate. Jesse says he gets to play. They pull ahead and on the finale play, he tosses the ball to Tommy and Tommy scores, winning the game. They celebrate with ice cream in the gazebo.