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Roger Belvin is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Roger is a conman from London England. After being released from prison, he was sent to Gaylord Duke's halfway house. He stole Gaylord's strong box that held a land grant and three weeks later he arrived in Hazzard County, seeking out a third cousin of Gaylord's named Jesse Duke with the intention of impersonating Gaylord.


Duke of Duke[]

He comes into Hazzard in a sports car, nearly getting caught in a crash with Enos, Rosco, and Bo and Luke in the General. He waves to Bo and Luke, inviting them to race. When the boys accept he smiles before taking off, leaving them behind.

He arrives at the Duke Farm and Jesse serves him sassafras tea while he sits with Daisy. Bo and Luke come in and when Jesse says he wants them to meet, Bo says he’s afraid they already had the pleasure to meet him, calling him Mr. Gordon and asks that his first name is Flash. He shakes Bo’s hand and says he’s sorry he left them both so abruptly to which Luke says to take care not to do that in front of too many people as they have a reputation to uphold. Jesse introduces him to the boys as Gaylord Duke and he sits back down. He tells them that he recently came into his title of ‘Duke’. Luke congratulates him before asking what would bring a ‘Duke Duke’ to Hazzard. He told them his grandfather recently passed away and he was left a land grant for a piece of property. Daisy flirts with him a little and Jesse explains that the Henshaw place that the land grant if for has been owing back taxes and he thinks it’s about 30 thousand dollars. Stunned, he asks what will that mean in terms of pounds. Misunderstanding, Bo tells him if he’s got that much money he’d weight it for him. He says he doesn’t and that Dukes don’t carry cash. He says he’s sure he can raise it given time but Luke says that’s the second problem cause this is the time of the year the banks foreclose and Bo says he saw a poster about it. He asks how long he has and Luke says until Monday. Daisy quickly assures him that they will get the money.

While the boys talk on the porch, he walks off with Daisy. Daisy asks what happens if a girl marries a Duke and he laughs telling her that it would be the same as Hazzard he suspects, that she would settle down and have children. Daisy tells him she didn’t mean that. He tells her that would make her a duchess and asks why she asked and Daisy says she was wondering. He and Daisy are called back by the boys and they explain they have a friend who might be able to help them out. He follows the boys in the General with Daisy in his car, Bo telling him to stay close behind so he won’t get lost and Daisy says she wouldn’t mind.

As they drive they encounter Rosco and he is amused. Daisy says he sure is easy under pressure and she loves it. Bo signals for him to swerve and they lose Enos and Rosco.

After arriving to find Ira, the friend they were going to see, passed away and can’t help them. Daisy apologizes to him. Rosco and Enos arrive and arrest him, Bo, and Luke. Rosco rushes through their rights and he addresses him as 'constable' and says that he didn’t get ‘the drift’ of that to which Rosco says that’s too bad, that he doesn’t have to. When Rosco says they are going to jail, he says that he believes they are entitled to a trial.

He, Bo, and Luke are forced to paint signs. He changes one from saying stay right to stay left and when Enos tells him that the sign is supposed to be the other way he tells him ‘not in England dear boy, not in England’. After they take a break and he and Bo chat until Luke joins them. They go back to work and make joke signs, his saying ‘God Save the Queen’. He sees Daisy arrive and distract Enos. He gets in the back of Enos’ car as they leave and opens the door for Daisy to get in. They move into Daisy's car and he sits upfront as the Bo introduces him to a good friend of theirs. Gaylord says that any accessory in their escape is a good friend of his an it’s a pleasure ‘Mr. Davenport’.

They meet with Jesse, but he is more interested in talking to Daisy. Daisy says that she doesn’t understand why it matters to Boss and he says that this ‘Boss Chap sounds like a thoroughly reprehensible character’. L.B. says Boss is just plain bad. He laughs. Luke and Jesse says they will check the records to see if someone is trying to buy the property and Bo says he will take Rosco for some ‘shuck and jive’. Roger asks them all to explain the phrase to him. L.B. says they are reprehensible words. He tells L.B. that he reminds him of Uncle Phillip with a remarkable sense of humor. When Jesse remarks ‘good old uncle Phillip’ he asks if he forgot to give Jesse his regards and apologizes.

Bo, Luke, and Jesse return to the cave and tell him and Daisy about Boss’ plan to buy the property. He concludes that the man is a rouge and ‘absolute blaggard’ to which Daisy says she loves how he talks. He smiles, happy. He says they must prevent Boss from owning the property and Luke says to borrow his words they will ‘out-blaggard the blaggard’ to which he says says he isn’t following and Bo says Luke’s line of thinking isn’t easy for anyone. Luke says they will get Boss to pay the taxes for him. Luke says they need his help and asks if he’s in. He smiles and makes a showy bow saying ‘I am your servant sir.’ Jesse says he gets that from Aunt Katie and asks how she is. He thinks a moment before saying he must mean Aunt Katherine and she’s fine. Luke explains the plan.

He rides into town with Bo and Luke. When Luke asks if he’s got the plan straight he laughs saying Luke has sufficiently drummed it into him. Luke tells him there is a C.B. receiver on Boss’s desk and to switch it on. He agrees and Bo pats him on the back to wish him luck.

He enters Boss’ office and introduces himself, turning on the C.B. before proposing a partnership. He has Maynard sent out so they can talk. Boss asks about the partnership and he says Boss has something he desires and he has something Boss desires. He explains that the property was left to him and he says he hopes Boss would take care of the back taxes to which makes Boss laugh. He says if he does, he will split 50/50 with him the net proceeds of the sale of the land to the Dixie King Supermarket. In alarm Boss falls over and he catches him. Boss asks how he knew that and he says “intuition dear boy’ before saying if Boss refuses he will hold up all this in court so Boss can not selling the land properly. Boss agrees and asks if he has the deed with him. He says Boss is shrewd and cautious and he likes that in a man before handing it over. He adds that it hasn’t been signed by him yet until the agreement is complete.

On the way back Bo says Boss took the bait and he says all thanks to the inspired words provided by Luke. He remarks tomorrow morning they will deliver the tax money to the County Seat. Moments later they notice Rosco behind them but Rosco is called off.

They return to the cave and Daisy asks him if he would join her for a picnic, which he says he’d be honored. Daisy says that Jesse is gone so they have time at least enough for a walk, which he agrees. He goes off with Daisy. Daisy tells him she’s so glade he came into her life and he tells her he’s glad she said that because he feels that way about her. He says he is very attracted to her and she says her too and she doesn’t say that to just anyone. They kiss.

They return to the rest and Jesse shows him a telegram and says he doesn’t have to tell him what is in it. He pauses before saying ‘oh dear’ and that they know who he is. Bo says they know he’s a fake. He asks how they found out before concluding that it was Phillip and Katherine and he guessed wrong on both. Jesse says he is so disgusted with Roger that he can’t even be mad at him, he just feels sorry for him. Daisy tells him that she has never gone against anything Jesse says is true, but if he tells her now that Jesse is wrong, she will believe him. Roger admits that he can’t lie to Daisy and that Jesse is telling the truth. He apologizes to her and watches Daisy cry. However when Bo and Luke move toward him he pulls out a gun. He ties up all four in the cave and says he doesn’t think anyone will hear them there. The three males say he hasn’t heard the end of this and Daisy says she can wash her mouth out with soap for what she told him. He says he loved what she said and he is very sorry to have hurt her. He says goodbye and tells the others that if they are not free on their own he will send someone to get them. He says he enjoyed being a Duke and he’s very sorry it ended like this.

Roger meets up with Boss who counts out the 28 thousand and he remarks Jesse was close is his estimate. Boss asks if he should call him partner or ‘dukeship’ and he says partner before tossing in the deed. Rosco and Enos arrive and he officially meets them. Boss says they are going to escort them to Coreyville in case the Duke Family tries anything, but he assures them they are ‘tied up’ at the moment.

He follows Boss to Coreyville but is stopped due to road work signs. Boss and Alex run to him saying a skunk fell in Boss' car. He checks his watch and says that time is running out and they head out. At the county seat he sees the supermarket representative waiting to make the deal. As Boss hands over the deed, the collector asks if they are making a joke, alarming him. He sees a picture and remarks he wishes he knew what happened.

They go outside to see Jesse, Daisy, Bo, and Luke and Boss says they don’t make any ropes that can hold a Duke for any length of time and he remarks ‘so I see’. When Boss threatens to sue the Dukes, he says that Boss shouldn’t be too hasty in that decision as there are illegal irregularities in their agreement. He’s thrown off balance when Daisy says he isn’t a gentlemen. He moves away from the group and tells them all it’s been charming before leaving. He races away but Daisy catches him and cuts him off. She then takes Enos’ handcuffs as he gets out of a tree and she cuffs him. Daisy says it’s a shame as they will never know what they missed and he says he knows exactly what he missed. He is arrested.