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Rollo is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


State of the County[]

After arriving in Hazzard County, he goes into the Police Station with Hickman and he stands next to Rosco, lighting Boss Hickman’s cigar. After he straightens more to intimidate Rosco, who flinches away from him. Boss refuses Hickman’s offer of protection prompting them to leave. In the hall he lights another cigar for Hickman, looking at a woman as she walks by. Hickman whispers to him, telling him he thinks they should show Boss Hogg just how much he does need them. He gives Hickman a confused look and Hickman says they are going to give him a little persuasion.

As they come outside they see Bo and Luke looking at their car. When Luke insults Hickman, he moves toward the boys but is stopped by Hickman. After they have a small unfriendly chat.

They discreetly meet with Earl in town after Earl bombed the Boar’s Nest.

On Saturday, he and Hickman go to visit Boss and Rosco. He nods along to Hickman as he reminds Boss of the accidents, backing his employer up. When Boss tells Hickman to go suck a lemon and he goes to speak, Boss tells him to hush. Boss tells them to get out of there and Rosco remarks he can take ‘Roll Over’ with him. Rollo gets angry and Hickman snaps ‘That’s Rollo’. They leave and outside Hickman tells him it looks like they are going to have to do business with Boss the hard way.

While in the car he gets a phone call and answers to hear Earl. He hands the phone over to Hickman. He listens to Hickman tell Earl to stop Boss Hogg’s speech.

After Earl turns State's Evidence against them and testifies against Rollo. He is arrested by Rosco and locked in a cell with Hickman.