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Ronald L. Carney is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Late J.D. Hogg[]

He gives Boss Hogg his annual physical and explains after that they won’t get the results back until later in the day. He and Boss look over the muscle tone in Boss’ arm until the Nurse says there is a phone call for him. He then listen to Boss talk to Rosco over his phone.

After getting Boss Hogg’s test results, he see’s Boss is expected to die. He calls the Police Department and gets Boss. He tells him that he got back the results of his tests. Boss tells him he isn’t giving up nothing and he never felt better in his life. Sadly he says that they have known each other a long, long time and this is the most difficult thing that he’s ever had to do. Boss laughs saying that is a good one, a doctor apologizing for the bill. He tells Boss it’s serious and according to the results of the tests, and there is no way to soften the blow, he’s afraid Boss only has a couple of weeks to live. Shocked Boss asks what he's talking about and he looks to the nurse before explaining there is just two weeks. Boss drops the phone and Rosco hangs up.

Later he gets a call about their being a mix up. He asks that they are positive before demanding to know how they could make a mistake like that. He hangs up before cursing and telling the nurse that the report was wrong and it was for a man named Boggs over in Hamiltonville. He tells her that Boss is about as healthy as you could be. He tells the nurse to get on the phone and that they need to reach Boss right away.

He checks in with the nurse to see if she has had any luck and she explains she hasn’t. He tells her to keep trying all over Hazzard, as Boss will be out there somewhere and remarks there is no telling how that poor man must be suffering.

He paces nervously and the nurse tells him she was able to get Daisy. He grabs the phone and quickly tells her that Boss isn’t dying. He says the laboratory report was wrong. She agrees to tell him.