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Rose Ellen is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Double Sting[]

A teller at the bank of Hazzard County. She is working hard when Daisy comes in and greets her asking if she’s been busy. She tells Daisy it’s the mill pay day before saying they missed Daisy at church on Sunday and Daisy assures her she will be there this week. She gets Daisy her $200 before two men come in to rob the bank. She is alarmed when one of the robbers pushes her out of the way to get the money from behind the counter, then yells for everyone to get into the back room. She protests, crying and saying she can’t breath in there but is forced inside. As the robbers go to close the door, she comes back out yelling that she doesn’t like it in there as it makes her wheeze but is shoved back in.

After they get free of the room, she calls Rosco. Rosco, who thinks it’s a social call says he told her she can’t call him on that number anymore. She quickly informs him of the bank being robbed and he says he is coming only to inform her a few moments later he is quarantine. She informs Rosco that two bags of money was taken.


Enos blushes when he tells Rosco about Rose Ellen calling and Rosco calls her a little rascal, both hinting Rosco might have a crush on her.