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Rostosky is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Meeting[]

He calls Peters, identifying himself as code name ‘Mother’. He asks where the meeting place will be and is told they are not going to put that over the phone. He is told they will get in touch with him as soon as they work out something with ‘Curley’. A few minutes later while still waiting by the pay phone he gets a call from Black Jack, who tells him to go to the Hazzard Jail. He argues that it will make the men nervous and is told that Black Jack doesn’t care considering their current legal status and to tell the others to just get the lead out and be there. He contacts the others to tell them where the meeting will be.

He arrives at the meeting, getting out and flipping a coin. Boss says he remembers him from the old days and he was always flipping a quarter, noticing that he now flips a dollar coin. He tells him ‘inflation shorty’ before heading into the meeting.

They start the meeting, discussing about how their organizations have fallen into unfriendly hands, their own sons. He remarks that his kids have lookouts to turn him back if he ever wants to get into Atlantic City, even after he invented the ‘six slot machine jackpot parlay’. Steele tells him he’s a genius to which he says he knows. They conclude that what they have given their kids, they can take away. When they are arguing about who gets what and Steele offers Devere Vegas, he tells them it’s okay with him as long as they stay out of his slot machines as the last time someone tried he stuffed them with nickles an tossed him in Lake Mead. As they debate, they notice the two tables with their lunch moving on their own. Curious they follow the tables, drawing their guns. When the tables stop, he points  at the table with his gun. Bo and Luke sheepishly come out. They tell the boys to get out and watch them leave with the four men assigned to kill the boys.

They learn the boys have escaped and meet to discuss how to handle it with Boss and Rosco. When Boss says he won’t stand there and just let them kill the boys, he remarks that he better sit then before knocking Boss down.

When a report comes in of where Bo and Luke are, he puts a marker for the boys on a map. While they find out the boys slipped away, Boss asks about the other half of the bill. He remarks that Boss hasn’t changed a bit and is all wallet. When Boss mentions welshing he becomes infuriated but is stopped from attacking Boss.

They all sit around, waiting to hear something. They are surprised when Jesse Duke knocks and comes into the Sheriff Station. Jesse explains that they have all eight of their men and have them ready to testify against them. He says that is why they couldn't reach them on the radio. When Rosco mentions that Boss is sneaking out the door, he slams the door closed. At Steele’s suggestion, they move to capture Jesse but are stopped by Bender. After Jesse leaves, Bender says they will take the Sheriff’s car and follow Jesse to the boys. They all get in the cars. As they do he remarks that the boys heard everything they said. He sits up front as they chases Jesse around town.

They see Bo and Luke run into the Jail and follow them in. They approach the boys with guns drawn. When Steele suggests shooting them he says he wants to put them in cement and in the river. A net is dropped on them and they are captured. As he is being put in a car to be driven by Luke to the FBI, he tosses his dollar coin in anger.