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"Route 7-11" is the twelfth episode of the first season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.

In order to come up with $180 to pay Cooter for repairs to the General Lee, which is a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T, Bo and Luke take a job driving an 18-wheeler for Helen Hogan (Joann Pflug), only to discover that they are driving a mobile casino, and Jesse's old friend Dewey Stovall (Paul Brinegar) is gambling away his life savings in the casino. Boss wants to shut down the casino too, but only to take the equipment and start his own casino. To get out of the jam, the Dukes play their trump card -- Jesse.

Hazzard Garage

Cooter drives the General with Luke in the passenger seat and Bo in the back. He confirms that the General has a number of issues. Luke is annoyed with Bo for being with the “Mackenzie girl” instead of taking care of the car. Cooter looks over the General and the boys remind him that they intent to participated in the “Cherokee County Dirt Road Classic” on Saturday. Cooter says that it will take $180 to fix the General. When the boys ask where they are supposed to get that kind of money, Cooter tells them he heard about a job and the boys remind him they can’t leave the farm and Cooter says it’s for a couple days. Bo and Luke agree to get the Information.

Balladeer: Now some folks say old Boss could smell out a chance to make a crooked dollar ten miles away. And nothing improved his sense of smelling more than a nice mint julep. Boss hated them, but he looked so good drinking them.

Rosco brings Boss drinks in his car When they see Helen Hogan and her boys drive by. Rosco asks what is she doing there and Boss says whatever it is, it’s bound to be a scam. Boss says the last time she was in Hazzard she was selling stock in the Hazzard County Dog Racing Track, which doesn’t exist. Boss tells Rosco to keep an eye on her.

Balladeer: Like the Boss said, Helen Hogan ain’t your everyday basic psalm signing lady. Although she does believe in equal rights, fare play, and justice for all; except when any of it gets in her way.

Helen sees Bo and Luke around her truck and her, Morgan, and Artie approach them. Helen agrees to let the boys try to apply for the driving job and Luke says he will drive before he invites Helen to ride with him. After driving, Helen hires them for $200 for both of them for two days, starting the next day. The boys leave, encountering Dewey Stovall as they do and asking him to come to the Farm for dinner. He agrees to come the next night.

The next day, Helen gets the boys ready. Rosco continues to watch the boys and radios Boss Hogg while he is getting a manicure. Bo drives the truck around and Luke is surprised by the alternator gage. Bo asks Luke if he believes what Helen told them and they agree they don’t. Luke decides to climb out and look in the back, seeing they are running a traveling casino and Dewey is in it. They return back to Hazzard where Rosco is still watching. Bo is really upset over it and Luke tells him that they were crooked games. Bo and Luke talk to Helen and Bo spots Rosco to his amusement. The boys leave.

Duke Farm

Daisy presses Dewey’s pants and Luke cleans his jacket. Luke gets an idea to get the money back but says the conditions are that Dewey will not go to the gambling truck again. The boys leave to get Dewey’s money back.


Balladeer: Now Rosco didn’t just fall off the turnip wagon. He knew that the only way he could get into Helen’s truck and find out what was really going on was to fake out the gorilla on guard. And he figured Enos was too innocent looking to arouse anyone’s suspicion. Look at him, you can almost hear him grin. By the time the Dukes showed up to grab the safe with old Dewey’s money, the first gorilla was looking for the second gorilla, and nobody knew that there was a bloodhound named Rosco inside.

Rosco sends Enos to distract Artie so he can break into the truck. While Rosco is looking around and discovers the gambling equipment, Bo and Luke arrive in Daisy’s car. They see Morgan and Luke sends Bo to distract him. Luke and Rosco are in the truck and Rosco mistakes Luke for Enos. Rosco tells Luke about how they got enough to start a casino. Hearing the men chaining up the truck, Rosco and Luke make a run for it, Rosco escaping with Enos and Luke with Bo.

Duke Farm

Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Dewey talk to Jesse about the casino. Jesse gets upset about Luke wanting him to gambe and Luke says that no one would recognize him. When Jesse says this goes against everything he taught them, Luke says it could be that Jesse doesn’t remember how. Jesse decides to show the kids a few tricks with cards before telling them that he knows they were playing him. Seeing how distrought his friend is though, Jesse agreesto do it.


Balladeer: I somehow knew they were going to get him on that truck. Now years ago someone said ‘the only way to beat a crooked game is to take the crooked part an bend it back into shape yourself’.

Luke installs a device into the truck to reverse the effects of the cheating. Luke shows Bo how to work it. Bo double checks to see Rosco is still watching them. They plan for Bo to drive and help Jesse while Luke distracts Rosco. Jesse and Daisy arrive, meeting Helen, claiming Dewey sent them. After they set off, and Rosco radios into Boss before checking in with Enos.


Luke calls Cooter to come pick him up. In the truck, Jesse and Daisy talk to Helen. Rosco and Enos prepare to take down the truck and Cooter arrives, allowing Luke to jump from the truck to the General. Bo checks to make sure they are good. Bo passes Rosco and Rosco calls Enos to be ready to move before following the truck. Boss decides to come out as well. Cooter and Luke return to Dewey and Luke takes the General as Cooter and Dewey hide. Bo takes a dirt road and Rosco follows toward Watkins Hollow. Bo flips the switch and signals Jesse with the truck horn. Jesse plays at the wheel, winning. Luke meanwhile heads off Rosco and Enos. While talking to Luke, Rosco realizes Bo took Willow Road. Rosco sends Enos to cut Bo off at Yuchee Ridge Crossing on Willow Road while he also heads out. Luke calls Cooter and Dewey and they head out to help Bo. Bo then switches back and signals Jesse again. Daisy says that was the signal to double and when he does Helen suggests to change the game.

Rosco, Boss, and Enos all head to the crossing and Luke speeds that way as well. Jesse starts to play poker and Bo is getting nervous. Jesse gets an ace high full house and opens for $200. Everyone but him and one of Helen’s employees fold. They both toss in $1,500. Jesse then calls and wins the game. Daisy and Jesse collect all the money.

Enos is waiting for the truck and cuts it off. Bo is forces to stop and after making sure Enos is fine, he hears Rosco and tries to flee. Bo is caught by Enos and Rosco but they are distracted by Boss’ arrival. Enos starts to get everyone out, Bo helping all the women except Helen. They learn Daisy has the money and before Rosco, Boss, and Enos can take it; Bo, Daisy, and Jesse toss Daisy’s purse back and forth until Luke drives past and Bo throws it in the General. Rosco says they got the equipment and Bo. Jesse tells him that they already called the State Police about the equipment and how the Dukes claimed it was Boss’ idea for Luke and Bo to drive so they will know where the truck is. When Boss is upset over the forced dropped charges and only getting credit Daisy kisses his cheek.

Luke and Cooter take Dewey to the county line.

Balladeer: So that’s the legend of the rolling casino of Hazzard. And how Bo and Luke Duke helped an old friend out of a tight fix. And how after all these years, old Jesse used some talent that not many folks knew he had. Of course there ain’t nothing the Dukes of Hazzard do that surprises me.

Main Cast[]

Guest Star[]


  • Jade Clark as Boss's Manicurist
  • Joey Sagal as Motorcycle Guy


  • Jesse says his grandfather worked every gambling boat up and down the Mississippi and he had taught Jesse how to play cards.
  • Jesse stated in One Armed Bandits that their family does not deal in gambling. This is possibly why they do not.