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Rowby is a minor character of the Dukes of Hazzard.


Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough[]

Working with his brother, he intends to steal a turbo charger to win the Illinois 500.

While riding in the car, they nearly crash into Rosco. He remarks he has never seen a Sheriff yet that could drive straight and is told to shut up. As they drive he tells his brother that they are never going to find Cale Yarborough and they have been all over that territory. His brother tells him to think of the money they will get when they do.

They stop at the Boar’s Nest and approach Daisy. He tells her they were hoping she could answer a few questions. Daisy says the house rules are she can’t talk to strangers unless they order a beer. He is amused and his brother buys them beers before turning to Cooter and Jesse and tells them they are looking for a few friends and asks if they have seen them. He describes Chet and Cale. Both men deny seeing them and when they also don't recognize the cars as it’s not unusual, he becomes annoyed. Daisy delivers the beers. Simon says they need to ask around and he tells him they got to get going as the Illinois 500 is in two days.

When Simon taps him and says they just found Cale, he looks to see Chet came in with Bo and Luke saying ‘looky here’ adding ‘our old Pal Garvey’. He says if they tail Garvey, it will lead them right to Cale. They look back during a commotion to see Garvey is gone. He asks where did he go.

They head out to find Garvey and notice Bo and Luke being arrested in town. He decides they are now useless to follow since they are going to jail but they get out to talk to Rosco. He tells Rosco they are looking for some buddies they know are around there somewhere. Rosco tells them he hasn’t seen them.

They go to the phone company to see if there is any information. He is upset by the lack of help but then they see Chet. Chet, Bo, and Luke all come out of the Police Department together causing him and his brother hide behind a car. He asks if the boys work for Cale too and is told probably. He says they might as well get the electronic ears out and bug the cars. He does so.

He excitedly goes up to Simon to tell him that they bugged both cars. Simon opes the car door and tells him to get in. They watch Chet and the Dukes leave the garage. He is happy when they hear the voices in the car. He and his brother are stunned and confused when Rosco announces that he's got them and they are now under arrest as they have messed up. He tells Rosco he doesn’t understand. Rosco explains that Simon just littered and created a possible fire Hazzard. Rosco takes them to Boss Hogg.

He is taken to the Boar’s Nest and listens to Rosco list off another few ridiculous charges against them. When Boss says he has them there for greed, he suggests they make a deal. Boss has Daisy bring them in champagne. Boss says he wants $15,000 for dropping the charges and then he will help them get the turbocharger from Cale to win the race. He isn’t sure but Simon agrees. They hear Daisy call Bo and Luke and warn them that Boss is working with the Jethro Brother’s to steal the turbocharger. Cale says they drive like they play, dirty to which Boss teases saying ‘you naughty boys’. Hearing Bo and Luke being forced to leave, Boss tells them that the Dukes are out of circulation for a while.

After a while the Dukes return to Cale and they listen to Luke’s plan to carry the turbocharger and decoy them into thinking the charger is somewhere else.

While waiting for Rosco and Enos to get the turbocharger and listening to the bug, they play pool in Boss’s office. When Luke suggests that they made a lucky guess in the car, Boss remarks he wouldn’t say that and he and Rowby share a laugh. They celebrate thinking they won, but then the boys escape. The sound goes silent and he tries to get it turned back on, Rowby saying they aren’t getting anything. They hear Luke tell them that they know about the bug before it’s destroyed and Boss is knocked over in surprise. They help him up and Boss tells them that he’s not done yet. Boss then mentions the price having gone up to $20,000 making him angry.

They set up a roadblock with Boss. The General comes up on them and doesn’t stop, requiring them to dive into Boss’ car for protection. When the General stops, they get out to see who it is only to find Jesse. They continue on the chase. After the boys flee they set up a road block again. He believes Boss when Boss says they will never get through this time. However the boys jump over them, escaping with the turbo charger.

He and his brother race in the Illinois 500 and come in last.