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Roxanne Huntley is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzaard.


High Octane[]

Roxanne is made Andy Roach’s replacement when he was promoted to the Atlanta office and she takes over all his cases. She is surprised when Bo, Luke, and Jesse Duke all come into the office to see Andy, explaining that Agent Roach had been transferred to Atlanta. She asks why they are looking for him and Jesse explains they are supposed to report to Andy quarterly. She pulls out the Duke file and when she reads out Bo’s name of ‘Beauregard’ Bo corrects her saying ‘that’s just Bo ma’am’. She reads their file in shock, unable to believe the office made a deal with moonshiners. She continues to read the file and when Bo tells her it’s just ‘Bo’ again, he calls him Beauregard while glaring at him. Annoyed she stamps their file before telling Jesse and the boys that she would have never made a deal. Jesse tells her nevertheless a deal was made and they are keeping their end. Jesse wishes her a good day, calling her Mrs. Huntley and she corrects him remarking ‘that’s Miss Huntley’ to which Jesse stops and tells her he believes that.

As the Dukes leave, Rosco comes in and he tells her that he can’t believe that the Dukes aren’t making shine as they have been doing it since Washington cut down the Magnolia Tree. Not looking up at him and reviewing files, Roxanne mentions that she believes it was cherry. Rosco snaps that ‘whatever’ and asks why they would quit. She says they gave her word and when he scoffs she says they’re just down home country people and Andy Roach feels they can be trusted. Rosco says he’s country too and he can’t be trusted, intriguing Roxanne. She leans closer and he corrects himself saying ‘if I was one of the Dukes’ before insisting that the Dukes are guilty. She asks of what and he says nobody is innocent. She remarks that is an interesting outlook for a lawman and when Rosco thanks her, she rolls her eyes.

Her and Rosco look out the window to see Bo and Luke show Jesse and Cooter a thing of copper tubing by the cars. Rosco brings up the copper tubing and Roxanne says it’s not illegal. Rosco tells her it is if it’s attached to a still in the woods. She says it might be for the truck or the car but Rosco insists that it’s for shine. He says he’s going to find them. She asks if Rosco would be acting like this if Agent Roach was still there and Rosco tells her no as Roach is a man. She is very annoyed with him and assures him that the Dukes are not making moonshine and if they are it will be her who will find and destroy any illegal stills in Hazzard before throwing the Sheriff out of her office. She goes back to the window and watches the Dukes leave, suspicious.

Disguising herself as an older woman, Roxanne goes into the woods pretending to be a fisherman looking for any moonshiners. She hits one of the Dukes’ trip wires, alerting everyone to her presence. She continues on, being startled by Luke, then Jesse. Bo comes up behind her and takes her fishing pole. She tells them she’s just fishing but Bo calls her out on her equipment. She smells smoke and pushes past them, finding Cooter and the still site. Bo tries to write it off as something else but she smells the moonshine, accidentally knocking herself out and collapsing on the ground. She wakes up to Bo kissing her, attempting to give her mouth to mouth and she informs them that they are under arrest. She stands up and Luke returns her gun and badge. She says they promised to not make moonshine again and Bo protests that they are making fuel. She expresses disbelief and says she was warned they would have weird excuses. Luke explains it again, the family entering a contest for a fuel substitue, and curious she asks if it works. She tells them that all she knows is they are making moonshine and she has orders to catch them. She says she will follow them until she does. Luke tells her with no liquor there is no case. Bo proposes she let them make the shine and she is alarmed. Luke tells her just a 24 hour truce, let them run a single batch and then catch them when they are transporting it. Bo tells her she can even stay with them and watch their every move. Jesse says she can sleep with Daisy, and offended she asks if he mean’s their dog. Disappointed, Bo corrects her saying Daisy is their cousin. Jesse tells her that he’s making country ham, red beans, and rice for dinner and invites her to eat with them, telling her where his truck is and that she can ride with him. Luke returns her disguise and off balance, she walks down to the truck.

At the Duke Farm, she is bathing in a tub in the kitchen and vents that this is her first case in the field and she failed to make the arrest, her cover is blown, she makes a deal with moonshiners, and now she’s taking a bath in their kitchen. Daisy chuckles and Roxanne says if her boss finds out she will be back in the typing pool. Daisy tells her they will help her get the hang of it as they have broke in and wore out more revenue agents than anybody, surprising her. Daisy tells her about Agents Berkeley and Ragsdale who recently retired but they send the Dukes Christmas cards and how agent Joe Higgins named his oldest son after Jesse. Roxanne is surprised and reminds Daisy that these people were trying to lock them up but Daisy says you can’t hold that against them as they were trying to do their job. Roxanne says she appreciates Daisy’s attitude. They are alarmed to hear Bo on the other side of the curtain and he says he brought her something to wear. Bo hands in something that she can’t wear and the girls laugh at how ridiculous it was. Bo says he thought Roxanne would like some good clothes to go jukin’ in and confused, Roxanne asks what is that. Daisy is shocked.

Roxanne goes to the Boar’s Nest with Bo and they dance together. As the song ends they hug and then Roxanne tells him that he doesn’t have to slow down on her account. She says she loves it and Bo says he’s not worried about her as she is a regular bobcat. She says she hopes that is a compliment and they move to sit down. She has another drink of moonshine and Bo tells her that it couldn’t hold a torch to their uncles, which she says she expects to taste soon. As Roxanne drinks another, Bo tells her that if he was her he would cut down on it. She challenges him saying if she was Bo, she would ask her to dance again. Bo asks her if she wants to dance and they get up and start to dance. After they finish they go back to the table and she says Bo is afraid she can out drink him. Bo disagrees and she says he is afraid. Bo says he knows she can’t. Roxanne says she can out dance Bo and out drink him. Daisy gives them another round and she tells Bo she is going to drink him under the table. After she passes out, Bo and Luke carry her home but Bo accidentally drops her when he falls over a chair.

The next day she goes outside to see Bo and Luke loading jugs into the General Lee and pulls a gun on them, telling them she caught them in the act.

Roxanne sits in the back of the General and has them drive to the jail, but they are caught in Rosco’s road block. She tells Rosco to stand back as this is a federal arrest and Rosco gets upset. She climbs out of the General and Rosco takes her gun. Rosco announces he’s arresting them all and she is put in the back of Enos’ car and taken to the prison with Bo and Luke.

As Enos goes to lock her up she tells him she is entitled to a phone call. Enos says he knows that and just as soon as he takes care of Bo and Luke she will get it. She changes her approach, fixing his tie and telling him that she knows he is just doing his duty but he’s making a mistake. They are alarmed when Luke breaks the jug brought in for evidence and Bo lights a match. She tells Bo he wouldn’t drop the match and Bo says he would as he isn’t going to jail for nobody. Luke locks her and Enos in the cell together and she gets upset saying they promised her that if she arrested them fair and square they wouldn’t resist. Luke says she didn’t and she is horrified when Luke asks Bo if he’s got more matches. She yells that Bo will blow them up and Bo snaps that she isn’t giving them a choice as she is questioning their honor. Her and Enos huddle against the wall when Bo drops the match and are stunned to learn that she arrested Bo and Luke for transporting water. Annoyed she asks how was she supposed to tell and Luke says a revenue agent should be able to tell moonshine from water. Bo says she didn’t tell the difference the night before. When Bo and Luke leave she vows to get them no matter what and tells Enos that the boys were running a blind for Jesse.

Her and Enos get free and she arrives at the contest to arrest Jesse, Bo, and Luke. However Monroe will not hand over the evidence. Luke says laws can be changed and she agrees but says before they do it’s still illegal and they are under arrest. She says she will call her supervisor and Bo tells her to tell him they said hey. She goes to talk to Rosco and watches Rosco drop the charges after the boys offer to drop theirs for false arrest. Realizing that Jesse has whiskey in his gas tank she runs after them to arrest the Dukes. She catches up to Rosco in her car and Rosco and Boss try to wave her off. On one of the turns she manages to pass them and Rosco flips his car. She follows Jesse on the dirt roads and through a barn. She catches them when the tank runs dry, excited to arrest them. When they tell her that the gas tank is empty she becomes alarmed and checks, nearly knocking herself out again. Jesse tells her she needs to stop doing that as Bo catches her. She smiles and Bo picks her up and carries her back to her car.


  • Enos Strate appeared to have a crush on her, enough to trade information with Luke Duke in order to be introduced to her.
  • She is later transferred out of Hazzard County and her duties are given to Boss Hogg. (People's Choice)