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Roy is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Return of Hughie Hogg[]

He goes with Hughie, Norris, and Barclay to Hazzard County, taking an additional car behind the fire truck.

Later when Hughie cheats Boss out of Hazzard, he, Barclay, and Norris re-name Hazzard to ‘Hughie Town’, nailing up a sign.

The next day he helps Hughie toss out people from their shops and help collect new rent. He puts a fake fire extinguisher by a car to give it a ticket.

Later he works at the Boar’s Nest behind the bar. After Hughie leaves with Daisy, he plays cards with Norris and Barclay. They hear a noise above them and Barclay tells him to go check it out. While he’s outside looking around, Bo Duke jumps on him from behind. Bo hits him in the stomach and then the face. He then sticks Roy in a barrel and tells him he’s going on a little ride before rolling him down the hill. Roy yells the whole times and tries to climb up the hill, dizzy. However Barclay rolls into him, having also been tossed down the hill and they both roll to the bottom. Later Norris joins them.

He manages to get up and the three of them run up the hill and into the same car. They pursue Cooter’s truck and the General Lee. They catch up to the General and Bo swerves all over the road. They follow the boys down to the creek bed, bumping into Hughie before following the boys along the top of the creek. Hughie tells them to take the bridge but they learn too late the bridge is out. Their car crashed into Hughie’s in the air.

Later they are taken out of town by Cooter.