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Roy is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Luke's Love Story[]

Turk Foley’s friend. He goes with Turk to Hazzard County to watch Amy Creavy in the Hazzard Obstacle Derby. After Amy is announced as one of the racers, Turk goes to talk to her. Roy grabs his arm to stop him, telling him to give up on Amy. While Turk starts fighting a local, Luke Duke, he tries to pull them off each other until Rosco moves him aside.

Later he goes with Turk to Cooter’s garage and watches by the door while Turk messes with Amy’s car Lucifer. When Bo Duke comes in, asking what they are doing, he attacks Bo, hitting him. Him and Turk continue to fight Bo together. Bo throws him off and knocks him on a creeper, sliding him into a bucket of oil and covering him with it. They start wrestling and he grabs a tool to hit Bo with, but Bo ducks before throwing a bucket of oil on him. He and Turk manage to get up and tackle Bo to the floor. The three wrestle on the ground. When Rosco pulls up, Roy and Turk flee.

After changing, he walks with Turk asking what do they do now. Turk says they wait and he asks what for. He asks if Turk is going to try and mess with her car again and Turk says he doesn’t have to as it’s already done. He reminds Turk that Bo saw him and will easily spot the ‘throttle jimmy’ he did. Turk says that was just a decoy while throwing a few play punches. Confused and a little alarmed, Roy asks what did he do and tries to call Turk back when Turk ignores him.

After Turk crashes, he runs over to help him out of the car, asking if he’s alright and is unimpressed by Turk’s attitude. Rosco forces him away from Turk to arrest him.