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Roy Landry is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard and Jamie Lee Hogg's boss.


Mrs. Daisy Hogg[]

He calls Jamie Lee’s car and Floyd answers. The phone is given to Jamie Lee who greets him. He asks if it is a go. Jamie Lee says it is and he made a deal on that grits mill. He praises him and tells him to get everything rolling and make sure nothing goes wrong. He says there is millions in this for them and for Jamie Lee to keep in touch before hanging up.

He goes to Hazzard County, greeting Jamie Lee at the grits mill. He asks if they have been working hard before going inside with Jamie Lee saying he wants to take a look around. He sends on of the men out to get a crate of ink he brought for Jamie Lee. Jamie Lee and Floyd show him how they are packing the bills in cases of grits. Hearing Daisy’s voice, Floyd quickly explains it’s Jamie Lee’s girlfriend and they hide the money. He hides as Daisy comes in. After she leaves he comes out. Annoyed, having heard Daisy find money on the floor, he pulls it from Jamie’s hand and goes to the window to watch Daisy leave. He tells Jamie that Daisy saw it and Jamie says she couldn’t tell they were phony to which he asks how do they know. He remarks they have a perfect set up and Jamie just has to start playing around. He gets angry saying all his life he’s waited for a deal like this and is not about to let it go. He says Jamie has to put her away. Jamie says he’s fallen in love with her and angry Roy snaps ‘look pretty boy’ saying he’s got millions riding on this and for Jamie to do something about her or he will.

He pulls out his gun and hands it to Jamie, telling him to take his gun and move it. Jamie says there is another way to shut her up and he remarks ‘sure you have’. Jamie proposes instead he will marry her. He says Jamie is flipping out but Jamie argues Daisy can’t legally testify against him. He says he knows the law but he doesn’t get it, asking that Jamie would really marry her. He looks to Floyd in disbelief.

While at the grits mill, he is with Jamie Lee when they hear a commotion. They run in to see Floyd and two men fighting Bo and Luke Duke. He fires a gun to get everyone’s attention. He tells them to hold it and to ‘get ‘em up’ as the two are captured. Jamie Lee admits to knowing them and when the boys badly lie, he turn to Jamie saying ‘you and your big fat ideas.’ He says he told Jamie Lee they should have just ‘knocked off’ Daisy. Upset, Bo asks what he is talking about. When Jamie Lee tries to explain to them he tells him to ‘can the soap opera Hogg’ and tosses over some rope, telling them to tie and gag the ‘rubes’ and they are moving out fast. Jamie Lee says that Daisy is coming at three and he says good, adding that is the first good thing Jamie Lee has done and they are taking her. Bo and Luke are furious, lunging at him and Luke saying he can’t do that and Bo demanding to know what kind of snake is he. He tells them to tie the boys up faster or he will. He then pulls Jamie Lee away saying ‘move lover boy, let’s go.’

Outside they watch the last of the grits being loaded and he says they are about ready to roll. They see Daisy arrive and he follows Jamie over. He listens to Jamie Lee lie to Daisy about the truck and says that it’s enough of the jiving before pulling out his gun again and telling Daisy she is coming with them. When Daisy asks why he has a gun, he tells her ‘you’ll soon fine out sugar’. Jamie Lee says to leave her out of this but he asks if Jamie Lee is kidding and that Daisy will guarantee them a safe passage. He tells them both to get in the car, shoving them toward it. When Jamie Lee snaps at him to keep his hands off of Daisy, he knocks him out. He gets in the car and they leave.

While he watches Daisy bring around Jamie Lee, he tells her to wise up as Jamie Lee was only marrying her to shut her up. Jamie Lee insists that it was real and tells him to let Daisy go and she will promise not to talk. Daisy refuses to promise that. They hear gun shots and realize someone has caught up. He tells Floyd to ‘open her up’. Daisy decides she is getting out and tries to jump out of the car but he grabs her arm across the seats telling her to sit back nice and peaceful or he’ll waste her there. Daisy fights him for the gun and he throws her back, saying she asked for it. Jamie Lee protests and he tells him to stay out of it or he’ll get it too. They are startled when a back tire is shot out by Bo and Luke while Daisy wrestles with him for the gun. She gets the gun and holds them at gun point until he is arrested by Rosco and Cletus.