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Roy Winters is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Roy is a Federal Agent of the ATF in Capital City. He has a history with Boss Hogg and Jesse Duke. He knows their history with moonshine and firmly believes Jesse is a man of his word.


Hughie Hogg Strikes Again[]

While in his office he gets a phone call. He answers the phone saying “winters’ and Boss greets him saying ‘Hello Roy’ and says that it’s J.D. Hogg over in Hazzard. Boss asks how things are in Capital City. Boss says he has a hot tip for him, asking how would he like the break up the biggest moonshine racket in the last 20 years. He asks if Boss is trying to tell him he’s up to his old tricks again. Boss says he’s talking about Jesse. Roy disregards it saying there ain’t no way Jesse would do that as he promised ‘me and the whole U.S. of A government’ that he’s quit. Boss says he has evidence to prove otherwise and he can have it in Roy’s office in a couple hours. Roy says he has a better idea and he will meet Boss halfway. He says if Boss really has a case, he’ll get a warrant out for Jesse, but if Boss doesn’t he will swear one out for Boss before hanging up.

On his way to Hazzard, he decides to save some time by taking a shortcut. As he drives down the dirt road, he sees Rosco come flying at him. He turn off the road to keep from wrecking and flips his car. He remarks every time he gets mixed up with JD Hogg he’s gotta double his auto insurance.