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Ruben is a minor character from the series Enos.


Ruben lives at home with his father, who is implied to be abusive.


Grits and Greens Strike Again[]

While hanging out with Wheelman, Banjo comes and tells them that he got twenty dollars for the gold locket. Wheelman expresses concern about Doc finding out but Banjo says he doesn’t think so.

He goes with Wheelman to visit Banjo. As they get there he sees the door is boarded up and shrugs to show they can’t go in, but Wheelman shows him the secret entrance. As they climb up the stairs, Wheelman tells him to watch the alarm on the ninth step. When he trips the alarm, Wheelman turns to him, aggravated saying he told him it was the ninth step before saying to just leave it and Banjo will get it later. He greets Banjo, saying he likes his place. He comments it’s neat and that Banjo never has to go home. Banjo says it is home and he asks if Banjo is afraid of the rats, to which Banjo dismisses before asking what all the questions are about.

When they go to the roof to look at the car, he asks if he can live there with Banjo as his old man would never find him to kick him around. Banjo says no as he would run the rats off and then he would ‘t have anyone to talk to. Ruben says he could talk to him and Banjo says he can hide out there when his old man hits him. He agrees but Banjo cautions him that this life isn’t as good as it looks.

Doc’s foreman takes him to Doc, and he’s introduced as a friend of Banjo’s. The foreman says he wants to join the gang.

Ruben is told Doc wants to talk to Banjo and leads him to Banjo’s place. When he realizes they intend to harm Banjo, he darts from the car and flees.

He reaches Wheelman, who has finished detailing his car. He calls Wheelman, who says he’s busy and Ruben insists saying for him to listen as something is wrong and Doc is after Banjo. Wheelman says Banjo is safe as Doc doesn’t know where Banjo lives. Ruben gives him a guilty look and admits that Doc promised to let him in the gang and that he just wanted to talk with Banjo. They get in the car and rush to Banjo. Before they make it they are pulled over by two men. Wheelman tells Ruben to get out of there as he doesn’t know who the men are or what they want. Ruben flees.