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Ruby is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Ruby had a history with Luke Duke. They dated and it ended badly enough that she is still angry with him, refusing to look at him when they meet again.


Daisy's Song

Ruby is one of Ms. Mabel’s girls. She goes to get Ms. Mabel when she is being called on the C.B. Bo is surprised to see her and Luke rushes over asking what in the world is she doing there. Annoyed, she storms away telling him ‘Honey, after going with you, this was a step up in the world’ causing Bo to laugh hysterically. When they learn the cops are coming, they scramble to pack up. She gets in the RV with the other girls and they wave at the cops as they escape across the county line.

They arrive at the record plant to distract the record pirates. She pulls Starr to the side and while he is arguing with Boss and the syndicate leader she is playing with his hair. He tries to push her away but she ignores him. After Bo announces the cops and FBI are on the way, they flee. They are caught in a traffic jam and watch the buildings be blown up by Bo and Luke.