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Rudy is a minor character who appears in the Dukes of Hazzard.


One Armed Bandits[]

Rudy is sitting on the orphanage steps watching Jill saw on the steps. Bo approaches them and he gives Jill money before asking ‘what’s that?’ and approaches Rudy. Rudy stands up and introduces himself and Jill explains he is her helper. Bo asks him if he wants a soda pop before sending him away to get one. After getting an orange soda he sits in the back of the General Lee, spitting soda on the back window. Upset, Bo asks what he’s doing and he tells him ‘squirting flies’ before continuing to do so.

He attends the Orphanage picnic on Saturday and gets into the General Lee with Luke and Daisy in the backseat while Bo and Jill are upfront, spitting on the back window again.